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Meet Mike Pyle: Landscape Designer, Business Man, and Star of HGTV’s Inside Out

Great talent rarely goes unnoticed for long, especially when the person behind the talent has the work ethic to back it up. Mike Pyle is a landscape designer and consultant based out of Orange County, CA. A man of many talents, Pyle has been making waves in the landscape design space for over a decade. From designing incredible outdoor spaces and his own line of custom fire pits to starring in a brand new HGTV television show, Mike Pyle is an industry force to be reckoned with. Read on to learn more about everything he’s doing to make his mark on the industry.

Pyle has been in the landscape design industry for a long time. In the last 20 years, he’s done it all. From landscape construction and furnishing to design, he was well versed in all things outdoors when he started Mike Pyle Design. Operating out of Orange County, CA, Mike Pyle Design is the culmination of everything Pyle has learned over the years.

Pyle’s business employs designers and engages clients from all over the US. Working on such a diverse range of projects means that Pyle is deeply knowledgeable about what makes every space unique. Working in a variety of climates, he is an expert in drought-friendly and drought tolerant landscapes. This makes him an easy choice for California clients who are looking to create eco-friendly spaces that look great and are better for the planet.

Mike Pyle Design

Manhattan Fire Pit

Throughout his many years designing outdoor spaces, Pyle began to notice gaps in the industry. Namely, he took notice of what was and was not available in the world of fire pit designs. While there are many prefab fire pit options on the market, there aren't many that fit the high-end, streamlined, modern design aesthetics of Pyle’s clientele. With expertise in both form and function, Mike set out to solve this issue.

Santa Cruz Fire Pit

The result is his very own line of fire pits. Simple, sleek, and sophisticated, Pyle’s fire pits merge aesthetics with practicality. Since their release, they have proven successful and he has begun to expand his horizons to other outdoor products and fire pit accessories. In addition to fire pits, he offers propane tank enclosures and has his sights set on future releases.

Mike Pyle and Carmine Sabatella

Still, Pyles impact doesn’t stop at design, consulting, or even product design. As stated, exceptional talent rarely goes unnoticed. The most recent group to take notice is a household name. Two years ago, Mike joined a new program on HGTV called Inside Out. In it, Pyle competes against Carmine Sabatella, a realtor and interior designer. Using his skills as a landscape designer, he works to convince clients to invest more of their budget in their outdoor space as opposed to their home’s interior.

Whoever wins the additional money has more flexibility to spend on their area of the home. However, losing doesn’t mean Pyle's job is over. Inside Out sees both designers renovating their given spaces despite who has the extra cash. The result is a show of resourcefulness, skill, and know-how.

Great Design Requires a Great Designer

When you’re investing in something as time and cost intensive as a full backyard renovation, you need to be sure you’re getting good advice. Searching the web for conflicting information on spaces that look nothing like yours is time consuming and unproductive. Reaching out to an industry expert like Mike Pyle ensures that you get the advice you need from a source you can trust. Even better, any advice and insight is custom to your backyard, your climate, and your lifestyle. There are a lot of players in the landscape design field, but Pyle is undeniably one of the best, and will continue to make waves in the industry for years to come

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