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Meet Matt Hiner from Hiner Outdoor Living

Social media allows people from around the world to find inspiration and information on almost anything you can think of. Landscape design is no exception. Matt Hiner, owner of Hiner Outdoor Living, knows this better than most. A superbly talented landscape designer in his own right, Hiner’s reach in the landscape design world extends beyond his company’s clients. From the backyards of Colorado Springs, CO to the global audience of Instagram and TikTok, Matt has been carving out his own niche in the landscape design industry for years. 

Hiner Outdoor Living

Black Forest Backyard Paradise–Hiner Outdoor Living

In 2008, Matt Hiner was living in Colorado Spring, CO with his wife. Like most people at the time, the recession was a major source of stress in their lives. As Hiner tells it, he and his wife would sit outside on their back patio at the end of a long day and feel their anxieties ease. It was during one of these times that Hiner realized that other people would also hugely benefit from a beautiful backyard escape. Thus, Hiner Outdoor Living was born.

Originally dubbed Hiner Landscapes, Hiner Outdoor Living has become a leading outdoor design firm in Colorado over the past decade. Known for their unique approach to landscape, Hiner’s spaces embrace the natural environment. From organic shapes and forms to modern tile, Hiner’s designs work with the Colorado climate and topography to create a space that pays respect to its surroundings while capturing the functionality and style of his clients.

Hiner Outdoor Living specializes in unique, custom water features. From waterfalls to streams and ponds, he is able to create water features that feel like they’ve always been there. Using natural stone, boulders, and careful planting design, the finished product looks as though it may have been shaped by years of natural elements.

The Yardist

As the years went on and social media continued to develop, Matt Hiner realized early on that his work no longer had to operate on a local scale. Instead, he decided to leverage his social platforms to inspire tens of thousands of followers using his designs. From the spirit, The Yardist was born. The Yardist is an exceptionally popular Instagram blog where Hiner shares his designs with over 100,000 followers.

There, he unveils stunning before and afters. An empty lot is transformed into an outdoor oasis. A field of craggy dirt becomes a perfectly groomed bubbling stream. Modern design intersects with natural vistas and gives followers of the account equal parts inspiration and envy. But those looking to replicate Hiner’s design in their own space need not worry.

As part of his business, Hiner offers several opportunities for homeowners to pick his brain. Even without hiring his team to renovate your backyard living space, you can still get advice and information directly from the source. Hiner offers consulting appointments as well as membership in a closed Facebook group, a Yardist Podcast, Youtube, and even TikTok.

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