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Why You Should Hire a Swimming Pool Consultant

There are many reasons to want a pool. Maybe your kids are eager for a way to pass the time on those hot, summer days. Maybe you dream of hosting pool parties on your block. Or maybe you’re looking to skip the gym pool and do laps at home. Whatever your reason, the first step toward your dream pool is figuring out if a pool is possible in your space. To do this, you need your questions answered. The best way to accomplish this is to talk to a swimming pool consultant or designer.

There are a lot of reasons to talk to a professional designer or swimming pool designer before you get started on your project. Let’s talk about some of the reasons you should schedule a consultation with an industry professional before you break ground. 

Reasons to Hire a Swimming Pool Consultant

Expertise and Experience:

Before you commit, having the right information will help you avoid mistakes in the building process. Swimming pool consultants have specialized knowledge and experience in pool design, construction, and maintenance. They can provide valuable guidance before you even reach out to a contractor or commit to a design. From planning and feasibility to design and materials, a swimming pool consultant is an expert in answering your swimming pool questions.  

Cost Efficiency:

A swimming pool is a significant investment. Unfortunately, some homeowners get caught up with designers or contractors who are only in it for the money. This means they sit down with individuals who are trying to make a sale, no matter the sacrifice. There is no objective perspective in these situations. This can lead to false promises, oversights, or poor planning all for the sake of selling you on a design.

Swimming pool consultants don’t have this conflict of interest. They give objective feedback without the end goal of selling you on any finished product. They can warn you if your dream pool isn’t realistic, or if your yard can’t support your preferred design. Alternatively, a swimming pool consultant can advise you on the most cost effective ways to make your ideal swimming pool a reality. Hiring a consultant is an investment that is cost effective down the road. Getting objective insight early helps prevent errors, disappointment, and potential financial setbacks.

Customized Design:

As stated, a swimming pool consultant is hired solely to design something that you’ll buy. Instead, they can give you personalized design advice that is the best fit for you and your lifestyle. They can help translate your general ideas into custom, realistic design directions, give you insight into trends, and make you aware of any cautionary items before work even begins.

Regulatory Compliance and Permits

Building a swimming pool isn’t always as easy as digging a hole. In fact, not all neighborhoods will allow certain kinds of pools or features, or pools at all. But getting the right information can be difficult for the standard homeowner. Hiring a swimming pool consultant means that you don’t have to do this research yourself. They can tell you exactly what compliance rules you must meet. A swimming pool consultant can advise you on local building codes, regulations, and make you aware of the permits you need. This knowledge saves you time up front and could even help you dodge legal issues or setbacks in the building process later on down the road.

Vendor Selection and Project Oversight:

One of the hardest parts of outdoor design is finding a designer or contractor in your area that you trust. Wading through Houzz or Google listings can be confusing and exhausting. If you don’t have personal connections or a trusted word of mouth source, knowing who to turn to is hard. A professional consultant can make the process a whole lot easier. Without the pressure of expecting a design, homeowners can ask a consultant for industry names they trust. From contractors and designers to material suppliers, they can make recommendations that hold up, saving you a potential headache and a whole lot of indecision.

Hiring a Swimming Pool Consultant is Worth It

Building a swimming pool is stressful. From choosing a contractor to approving a design, to acquiring the right paperwork, some of the hardest parts occur before work even starts. Avoid the headache by hiring a swimming pool consultant. A professional swimming pool consultant can provide you with expert advice, an objective opinion, and insider industry information that will help your pool building process go smoothly from start to finish.

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