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Zaterre: A New Online Design Consultation Service

We live in an ever increasingly virtual world. From ordering food, to virtual doctor appointments, so much of what we do now is done online. So why should redesigning your backyard be any different? We’ve previously discussed other online design services, including Shrubhub, Tilly Design, and Yardzen. But what if you’re just looking for advice? What if you’re looking for a professional consultation from a trusted, expert designer, without all of the strings? Zaterre is here to help you solve that problem.

There are a slew of virtual design services out there. It can be difficult to discern which companies are providing professional design experience, and which might be a scam. Is paying $100 dollars for a design from someone you’ve never spoken to really worth the money? Zaterre figures that if you’re going to get advice, you might as well get it from someone you can trust.

What is Zaterre?

Zaterre is a virtual landscape design consultation service. Clients pay a fee to speak with expert designers about their dream outdoor space. During this consultation, clients will receive custom advice for their individual outdoor living space.

Consultations range from 25 minutes for $250 to 75 minute calls for $600 dollars. Zaterre encourages their clients to come into meetings with an idea or goal for their consultation. For example, you may want an expert opinion on how to use a complicated backyard space. Or maybe you need ideas on how to refinish your old wood deck. Knowing exactly what you want to address will help you get the answers you need, and make the chat worth your time and money.

How to use Zaterre

Using Zaterre is pretty straightforward. Clients select from a list of designers according to their personal style and needs. Then, Zaterre will have you pay a fee in accordance to the length of consultation chosen. You will fill out a pre-meeting form including information and photos of your outdoor space.

From there, Zaterre sends clients a Zoom link, and your call is scheduled. The time is yours to use how you see fit, but is most practical when you have a good idea of what items you would like to address.

Zaterre’s Designers

Zaterre is currently working with a set of highly respected designers to provide clients with design advice that is truly insightful. With nods in publications like Architectural Digest, Vogue, and The New York Times, among others, clients are going to feel comfortable picking up the phone.

Featured designers include:

Matt Daly

Matt is the owner and principal designer at Water and Earth Landscape Design. His work is largely modern and forward thinking, and is a good fit for clients looking to push boundaries in traditional layouts or materials.

Keith Williams

Keith, ASLA, of Nievera Williams Design Incorporated is a residential and commercial designer who has worked on everything from neighborhood homes to historical and landmarked renovations. His designs are centered around respect for the environment, and maximizing enjoyment of every client’s outdoor space.

Andrea Scharff

Andrea Scharff is a designer with enhanced expertise in gardening. Her style of landscape design strives to be timeless, and works to meld home architecture with garden space.

Elevate By Design

Run by Paul Wrona and Chris Turner, Elevate by Design is an outdoor architecture studio that has trained its focus on residential urban spaces. From rooftop gardens and pool design, to hardscapes and outdoor structures, they can advise clients on how to navigate every step of the outdoor renovation process.


The Manscapers team is James DeSantis, Mel Brasier, and Garrett Magee. The three best friends started landscape design a decade ago in New York, and have gone on to design premium landscapes across the county. They believe their clients’ interior tastes should reflect how they live in their outdoor spaces as well.

Is Zaterre worth it?

If you are simply looking for some sage advice from an expert who knows the ins and outs of landscape design, then Zaterre may absolutely be worth the money for you. It delivers guaranteed consultations with premium designers who have seen it all and know how to problem solve almost any outdoor space.

However, if you’re looking for more than that, Zaterre is probably not the best fit for you. It is admittedly pricey. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking to achieve, then a $600, hour-long consultation may not get you very far.

Still, if you have a good idea of your problems, and an idea of what you want for your space, this service may be right for you. Check out Zaterre here.

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