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Youtube Landscaping Influencers You Should Know About

You can find just about any kind of content you’re interested in on Youtube these days. From cooking, to science, to vlogs and how-to’s, there’s a niche for everything–including landscape design. In the last few years, several landscape designers have become Youtube Landscaping Influencers. 

Here are three of the most notable landscape design influencers that are popular on Youtube, and across social media, today.

Mikes Andes

Next up on our list is Mike Andes. As the founder of Augusta Lawn care, Mike maintains an international lawn maintenance franchise. However, his pursuits extend beyond simple landscaping and lawn care. On his Youtube channel, Mike has amassed nearly 54,000 follows as a landscaping influencer. His content ranges from informational videos to behind the scenes looks at a day in the life.

In his most popular video, Mike shares his interaction with a particularly difficult customer. His no-nonsense approach and compassion for his employee struck a chord with viewers who have resoundingly responded with positive feedback.

Mike continues to expand his business ventures, and has a hand in real estate, social media, and of course, landscaping. Check out his channel to follow his next move as it happens.

Stanley “Dirtmonkey” Genadek

Talk about getting in on the ground floor! Our next landscaping influencer has been posting videos to Youtube for years, slowly and steadily garnering a loyal following. Today, the Dirtmonkey channel boasts over 800,000 subscribers, and is one of the largest contracting and landscaping presences on the platform.

Stanley started his landscaping enterprises in college, paying his way through school. After graduating, he used his talents to build one Genadek Landscaping and Excavating, which operates in and around the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. Though his company has fewer than 15 employees, the Dirtmonkey brand continues to grow and make a splash in the online sphere.

Check out the Dirtmonkey channel for time lapses, advice, story times, and inside looks at the life of a landscaping and excavating expert.

Tigran Girtz–Goat Gang

We’ve talked about Tigran before, and even partnered with him to bring our viewers a discount on his content. So it’s only natural that he appears on this list. With thousands of followers, Goat Gang is a paid community that was created by Applewood Landscaping’s very own Tigran Gertz.

Here,Tigran offers members access to a number of perks and benefits including live meetups, Facetimes, live calls, and weekly giveaways. Membership is $97 a month, and has become a popular community for those looking to learn from an industry expert. Giveaways range from small to large items, sometimes including heavy machinery or tech equipment.

In addition to his membership network, Tigran offers a free way to benefit from Goat Gang content as well. That is, his Youtube channel. Tigran’s Youtube channel began four years ago as a way to show time lapses of landscaping projects his company had underway, but quickly evolved.

Today, it includes all things Goat Gang, and documents Tigran’s adventures navigating the landscape design and contracting industry. Storytimes, vlogs, giveaways, and more are all available to views for no cost.

Sean Collinsgru–Premiere Outdoor Living

Love watching a project come to life? Our next landscaping influencer is bringing project timelines to the Youtube space all for the publics’ enjoyment. Sean Collinsgru, the mind behind Premiere Outdoor Living, has over 260,000 subscribers on the platform, and is growing his reach every day.

Sean’s content is varied, but includes inside looks at the construction process and timeline on his latest projects. Whether you’re in the industry yourself, or simply looking for some outdoor inspiration, Sean’s channel is a great place to start.

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