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Why You Should Work With A Landscape Design Consultant

The process of creating your new outdoor living space can seem overwhelming. If you’re entertaining the idea of a full backyard landscape redesign, then you probably have a lot of questions. For anyone starting from square one, then the very first step in the process is gaining enough information to feel empowered to take the next steps toward your dream backyard. This is where a landscape design consultant can make a huge difference.

Whether you’ve made up your mind about investing in a new outdoor living space, or you’re just toying around with the idea, Google searching can only get you so far. Talking to a real, live expert in the field can be invaluable. If you’re wondering why you should work with a landscape design consultant, here are six compelling reasons to reach out to one today.

You Have Questions, They Have Answers

Unless you’re a buff in landscape design, you probably have some questions. Creating a custom outdoor living space is more complicated than you might think. What works in one backyard might not be possible in another. Trying to figure out what is and is not in your budget can seem like an impossible task. 

At the end of the day, the internet can only get you so far. Talking to a landscape design consultant gives you access to a real-time wealth of expert information. Instead of reading an article and trying to absorb information, you can have an in depth conversation. From covering your most pressing concerns, to addressing the questions you never thought to ask, a landscape design consultant helps you get started, putting you on the right path toward a custom outdoor living space.

Learn What is Possible In Your Space

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent a lot of time browsing various outdoor design inspiration pages. From Instagram, to Houzz, to Pinterest, there’s a lot of breathtaking design work out there. However, what is possible in a backyard in Southern California might not be possible in your downtown Chicago condo, or your Austin, TX suburban home. 

Reaching out to a landscape design consultant will help you sort through what is and is not possible for your outdoor living space. In a consultation, you have a chance to show your design inspo, talk about wish list items, and hear direct feedback about viability. Afterall, nothing is worse than having your heart set on a pool style, or landscape concept that just won’t work in your space. Landscape design consultants are experts in managing your expectations, and showing you how you can get the most out of your budget and your square footage.

Understanding the Industry

If you’re not in the world of landscape design, then understanding how the industry works can be confusing. Unfortunately, having this knowledge gives you a leg up. A solid understanding of the landscape design industry will help you navigate bids and secure you the best deals. It also helps you to avoid projects that stall. All of us might like to think we have the time to learn the ins and outs of a new industry. The reality is, most of us do not. That’s where an expert landscape design consultant can help. 

It’s a landscape design consultant’s job to close those knowledge gaps. Good consultants point you in the direction of great contractors, but that's just the start. They can also help you understand pricing, and prevent you from getting ripped off. They say knowledge is power, and the world of landscape design is no exception. 

Landscape Design Consultants Have Connections

If it’s not what you know, then it’s got to be who you know. Luckily, landscape design consultants have you covered on both fronts. Not only can design consultants answer all of your questions, but they can also set you up for success. By accessing their network of connections, a consultant can point you in the direction of the best team for your project.

A good recommendation can save you time, money, and heartbreak. An expert consultant will have a list of go-to names, from contractors, to carpenters, to masonry teams. This means you can spend less time wringing your hands about who to choose for your next job, relax, and watch your space come together.

Get Expert Advice from the Beginning

A DIY attitude can be great for smaller projects. If the extent of your outdoor ambitions is a new concrete driveway, or a simple deck, then you're probably safe to go it alone. But if you’re looking for a custom, beautiful outdoor living space that fits all of your needs, then a misstep early on in the process can cost you valuable time and money.

A landscape design consultant is there to guide you through the earliest steps of the process. They help tune your compass, keep you conne

cted, and make sure you have your heart set on design ambitions that can be fully realized. Reaching out to a landscape design consultant can be the difference between months of stressful confusion, and an easy path towards your custom backyard living space. At the end of the day, good advice is priceless and landscape design consultants have plenty to share.

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