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Who is Tigran Gertz? And What is The Goat Gang?

New to the landscaping game? You might be wondering what resources are out there to help you diversify and broaden your network. Afterall, for those who are just starting out, accessing the information you need to grow your landscaping business is critical. And who better to provide that information than other people already paving their way in that industry, right? That’s exactly the thought behind Goat Gang, a paid community created by Applewood Landscaping’s very own Tigran Gertz.

Read on to learn a little more about how Tigran is innovating the landscaping space, and for an exclusive offer, only for our LIYB readers!

Who is Tigran Gertz?

Though Tigran has made a very profitable name for himself today, his beginnings are humble. Tigran wasn’t born in the USA. His family immigrated here in 1999. He found adjusting to life in America difficult, and according to an article published by ThisDayLive, endured bullying while growing up.

While in high school, Tigran began mowing lawns to help make extra money for his family. This transitioned into a full blown landscaping business. Today, Tigran owns Applewood Landscaping, a full service landscaping company based out of San Jose.

While that business is doing well, Tigran himself is best known for something else. He runs a YouTube and Facebook empire known in landscaping circles as The Goat Gang.

But what exactly is the Goat Gang? And why has it continued to grow in popularity over the last few years?

What is the Goat Gang?

In simple terms, the Goat Gang is a community and paid monthly membership created by Tigran. For a price of $97 a month, members get access to a number of perks and benefits. Among these perks listed on the Goat Gang Website are live meetups, Facetimes with Tigran himself, live calls, and weekly giveaways.

It’s not uncommon to see heavy machinery or tech equipment being given away on the Goat Gang Facebook community or Youtube channel. But among all of these listed perks, the biggest draw is simply the network of information and resources that exists when people in an industry gather in one place.

There’s a common saying that it’s not “what you know”, but rather, “who you know”. Tigran’s goal seems to be to merge these two saying into one business venture. Bring people with knowledge and ideas together, and let them share. Let this knowledge and connection provide resources, motivation, and inspiration.

Afterall, it’s a whole lot easier to figure out how to succeed with a network of hundreds of people willing to give you informed advice.

The Youtube Channel

While access to the Goat Gang, Tigran, and its member network is behind a paywall, there is a way you can access Goat Gang content for free. Tigran’s Youtube channel began four years ago as a way to show time lapses of landscaping projects his company had underway.

Today, it is a catch all for all things Tigran, and by extension, all things Goat Gang. These videos are free to watch, and document Tigran’s adventures in the landscaping business.

From tales of contractors getting ripped off by homeowners, to giveaways, vlogs, and timelapses, this content is a great way to get a feel for Tigran Gertz’s style before paying for his community.

An Exclusive Offer for LIYB Readers from Tigran and The Goat Gang

If you’re just starting out in the landscaping business and are looking to talk to others who are in your shoes, or have been in your shoes, Tigran Gertz has created the corner of the internet you’re looking for.

And starting today, we're excited to offer an exclusive discount our LIYB readers. Sign up now and get 30% off the first month of your own Goat Gang membership! You won't find this deal anywhere else, so act now.

For more from Tigran, check out the Goat Gang website here, or find free content on Tigran’s Youtube channel.

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