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Where to Buy Olive Trees for Landscaping

Olive trees are hot right now. From west coast California yards to Texas landscaping projects, the olive tree is especially popular in areas experiencing significant drought. But as with any plant or landscaping trend, it can be challenging for newcomers to figure out how to partake and where to buy olive trees.

Today, we’ll talk about where to buy olive trees, as well as review some of the basic information you should know before making your purchase.

Picking the Right Type of Olive Tree

If you’re looking to buy an olive tree, then the first step is to ask yourself a basic question. Where are you looking to plant them? There is a difference between olive trees that are great for everyday backyard use, and those popular for commercial purposes.

Due to their invasive properties and the hassle of cleaning up fruit that is constantly dropping, olive trees used in landscaping are typically non-fruiting. Popular non fruiting olive tree varieties include the Swan Hill, Wilsonii, or the ever popular Majestic Beauty. To deduce which variety is right for your property, it is best practice to consult a landscape designer. Their knowledge of zoning, structure, and care will prevent you from making a choice you regret.

Once you’ve picked the variety of olive tree that is right for your needs, it’s time to shop around. There are several places you can find a great tree, but some may be more cost effective than others.

Where to Buy an Olive Tree

Local Nurseries

The first option, and the one we recommend the most, is to find a local nursery that carries the variety of olive tree you are looking for. Local nurseries are smaller operations that often have well-known reputations. Simply by asking around, you’ll likely be able to deduce the quality of plants sold.

To find local nurseries near you, check sites such as Nextdoor, Yelp, and Houzz for recommendations. For more direct advice, a landscape consultant can help connect you with nurseries they trust.

Wholesale Nurseries

The second option is to shop at a wholesale nursery. What is a wholesale nursery? Simply put, a wholesale nursery is a nursery that sells plants in larger quantities for a lower price per unit. This is a good option if you are looking to plant a large quantity of olive trees around your property.

Many of these nurseries will allow you to save further money by purchasing other plants as well. Homeowners who are looking to completely redo their property might benefit from a wholesale approach. However, if you are looking to plant only a few trees, we suggest sticking with a traditional nursery.

Online Distributors

In the modern age, you can buy almost anything online. Plants are no exception. If you’re in the market for an olive tree, but do not have access to nearby nurseries, then online distributors can come in handy. Most online plant retailers will ship your purchases to your home. There is a clear convenience factor to this type of exchange. However, this convenience can come with a few notable drawbacks.

Unlike a visit to a local farm or nursery, items purchased online are a big of a mystery. You will not be able to see the tree in person. This means judging the quality, size, and look of the plant can be nearly impossible. When purchasing an olive tree online, be sure you are buying from a reputable distributor. The only thing worse than receiving a poor quality tree is receiving no tree at all.

Olive Tree Farms

Finally, the last option of where to buy an olive tree is to reach out to an olive tree farm. This is a great option for homeowners looking for larger, more mature trees. This is because farms are more likely to not only have the product you are looking for, but the supplies to move it as well. Mature olive trees can grow up to 30 or 40 feet tall. Plants that big are going to need professionals, and tree farms are well versed in transporting and installing.

Caring for an Olive Tree

Because of the olive trees natural affinity for hot, dry climates, caring for an olive tree is a fairly low maintenance task. Once they are established, olive trees need very little human care or intervention. However, after first planting, they will need a bit of additional TLC.

To establish, plant in an area that receives full sun. Ensure soil is well draining, and water deeply once a month until the tree has become established. Make sure the area has decent air circulation, and treat for pests as needed. Most of the time, olive trees stand out as star candidates for easy upkeep trees to have in your landscape.

Explore Your Options

If you are wondering where to buy an olive tree for landscaping purposes, you have several options. Local nurseries offer high quality products and a personal touch, while wholesalers can help you save money for bulk purchases. Those looking to prioritize convenience or access more mature trees can look to online distributors and olive tree farms.

When installed correctly, olive trees can be a drought-effective way to bring beauty and shade to your yard. For more information about whether or not an olive tree is a good choice for your outdoor space, reach out to a landscape consultant.

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