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What is Yardzen? Digital Landscape Design

In the ongoing quest to live in our backyards, it’s not unlikely that we’re going to need some help along the way. Some homeowners may have an eye for design, but many may need some help. If you’re not sure where to start in your backyard design process, there’s now an app for that. Actually, there’s several. One of those services is called Yardzen.

Among other digital landscape design tools we’ve discussed, Yardzen remains one of the first and most prominent in the industry. But what is Yardzen, exactly?

What is Yardzen?

While other digital landscape tools have since arrived, Yardzen was one of the first to make the model work. Started in 2018 by couple Allison and Adam Messner, Yardzen offers users virtual design services. Like Shrubhub and Tilly, users make an account and proceed to pick their design package.

Yardzen packages offer more variety than some in the space. Prospective clients can currently choose from five design packages: Botanical, Front or Backyard, Full Yard, Curb Appeal, or Outdoor Transformation. Once selected, Yardzen will pair clients with a designer who will help users measure and photograph their backyard space.

From there, the process is similar to that of other services. Clients take a series of quizzes and answer questions to give Yardzen’s contractor insight into style and wants for your yard. Yardzen claims designers will be in touch with customized designs for your space in three to four weeks. Their website also details a customized “house model” featuring a 3D rendering of your existing space. This is said to be sent after about a week.

All communication happens virtually. For many, this is part of the appeal of a digital landscaping tool. However, for those hoping to get physical eyes on their property, it’s likely a smart idea to skip digital landscaping services and reach out to a more traditional local company.

Yardzen Services Overview

Off the bat, review of the Yardzen website will reflect a larger scope of options than many other digital landscaping services. As mentioned, the company offers 5 different models. These models are described by the Yardzen site as follows:

  1. Botanical-“Custom planting design for your entire property. Plants hand selected by a talented landscape designer (up to 1/2 acre)”

  2. Full Yard- Custom planting + hardscaping design* for your entire property. *Selected by a team of landscape architects, designers and horticulturists”

  3. Front or Back Yard- “Custom planting + hardscaping design* for your front or back yard. *Selected by a team of landscape architects, designers and horticulturists

  4. Curb Appeal- Custom exterior + planting + hardscaping design for your front yard. Exterior paint, windows, doors, and roof selected by a team of exterior designers (only available for front yard projects)”

  5. Outdoor Transformation- “Custom exterior + planting + hardscaping design for your entire property. Exterior paint, windows, doors, and roof selected by a team of exterior designers”

All design packages include one free revision, and allow users the option to access and use a Yardzen contractor. Designs are provided in 3D renderings, unlike the 2D designs provided by sites such as Shrubhub. Yardzen claims to tackle most design problems including items such as “deer resistant planting” and typical items such as working around existing pools or trees.

Still, there are items they do not offer insight into. Drainage and irrigation solutions, as well as construction details for common structures such as pergolas and decks are not provided by the company. Users are also responsible for notifying designers on any restrictions that may exist in relation to local codes or ordinances.

How much does it cost to use Yardzen?

While still likely cheaper than a on-site, local landscape designer or contractor, Yardzen is more expensive than some competitors. The price depends on the package you choose, running from $649 for a Botanical Package, to $2,395 for an Outdoor Transformation package.

Unlike Shrubhub, Yardzen makes no mention of daily design limits. Users should be able to select any package at any time with a promise for a standard 3-4 week design return. The company is undoubtedly a bit pricier than others, but they also boast higher industry recognition as well as perks such as detailed 3D renderings. Though they function as a digital service, Yardzen has some very real partners you can likely find a stone’s throw away from your own backyard.

Is Yardzen Legit?

We can confidently report that Yardzen will not rob you of your money for no return. Users can expect to receive a legitimate service in return for their money. This is further supported by Yardzen’s partnership with several other major industry players. Their partners include indoor/outdoor homeware and furniture giants like Crate and Barrel, CB2, and Article.

All this to say, client experience with the site may vary. Like competitors, direct site reviews are glowing, while other forms express a more mixed experience. While we can confidently report you will not be ripped off, your satisfaction with the service may vary based on your initial expectations.

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