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What is in-lite outdoor lighting?–Plus, Reviews and Notable Products

Outdoor lighting is the finishing touch on any outdoor living space. Even the most beautiful backyard will become unusable when the sun goes down without the proper outdoor lighting. Done well, lighting can add ambience, functionality, and safety to your outdoor space. But finding a reliable brand of modern, energy efficient outdoor lighting can be tough. in-lite outdoor lighting is an outdoor lighting brand that claims to excel at all of the above.

There are a lot of outdoor lighting brands on the market. So what makes in-lite lighting special? What are their most notable products? And what are in-lite lighting reviews saying about their performance? Read on to find out.

What is in-lite Outdoor Lighting?

As the name implies, in-lite Outdoor Lighting is an outdoor lighting company that provides lighting solutions for modern outdoor living spaces. In-lite focuses on modern, Dutch inspired lighting design. This influence is notable in their product design.

Like a lot of young brands, their focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Climate change is a big topic, and companies hoping to win over a conscientious customer base are prioritizing this with their development and business practices. In the case of in-lite, this means prioritizing reusability and recycling.

According to their website 70% of raw materials used to create their fixtures are recycled materials. 80% of the final lighting product is recyclable, with an aim to hit 100% recyclability in the future. The second cornerstone of this is their focus on LED lighting.

Known as being more energy efficient, most great outdoor lighting is LED based. In-lite is no exception. They state that their lighting uses 80% less energy than traditional bulbs, and lasts up to 10 times longer under standard conditions.

Stand Out in-lite Products

In-lite has a wide product range. No matter what lighting solution you are looking for, it’s likely that in-lite has something to pick from. From path lighting and hardscaping to spotlights and recessed lighting, this young company has quite a bit to pick from. Here are a few of our favorite designs.

This sleek wall lighting option is great for homeowners looking to add more visibility and modern ambience to their outdoor living space. This rounded light is designed to illuminate in both upwards and downwards directions, and is versatile in a wide variety of spaces. Place along fencing on an auxiliary patio, or bring some style to illuminating your garage.

One of the most important areas to light correctly in an outdoor space are stairs. After dark, poorly lit stairs can become a true safety hazard. In-lite offers a range of lighting solutions for illuminating stairs, seating walls, and railings.

This model is sleek and subtle. The length provides great coverage and can be used around water features as well as dry spaces.

Path lighting is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be boring. In-lite has many options to choose from. This model is tall, sleek, and perfect for modern-minded spaces. The downward light is bright enough to provide functionality without competing for attention. Pick from a range of five colors and finishes to match your space perfectly.

Sometimes you need to go big or go home. This spotlight from in-lite takes that commitment seriously. The big scope is height-adjustable and can illuminate trees up to 6 meters tall. Play with casting shadows, add dimension, or just show off your favorite corner of your outdoor space. What you choose to highlight is up to you.

In-lite Reviews

With young brands, it can be hard to feel confident before purchasing. Everything may look great online, but without a wealth of reviews you can’t be too sure what you’ll get. Diving deep for in-lite reviews is not as illuminating as you may hope, but encouraging signs exist.

On the brand’s Facebook business page, they sport a good handful of exceedingly positive reviews from what appear to be valid accounts. Customers note the performance and modern design of the product, as well as appreciating their 5 year warranty. However, leaving this page and information seems to be lacking. It’s important to note that this is Dutch company, not based out of the United States. While we can’t give a definitive green light without trying the product ourselves, we generally like what we see. In-lite products can be seen in action on their website, or on their Instagram.

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