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What are OUTDECO Privacy Screens?

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ll try just about anything to achieve a little bit of extra privacy in your outdoor living space. While there are countless ways to do this, among the simplest, lowest maintenance, and most popular are privacy screens. However, finding a privacy screen that is both beautiful and effective without paying a contractor for customization can be tough. OUTDECO is an attempt to solve that problem. But what is OUTDECO, and what are they offering that other companies do not?

What is OUTDECO?

OUTDECO, or OUTDECO USA, is a design brand offering customers a wide range of privacy screens for outdoor or indoor spaces. The company focuses on bringing a myriad of screen patterns and styles to the market place in an attempt to help homeowners find a privacy solution they’re happy with.

OUTDECO screens are made from a blend of sustainably sourced hardwood and fibers. The company offers clients a 10 year warranty against material rot, bloat, or delamination. Also notable is the range of designs. Not only can customers choose between many perforations or patterns in their screens, but OUTDECO also offers a choice in privacy level.

Those looking for more complete shielding from prying eyes can opt for tighter patterns. Those looking to simply create a barrier can choose from looser patterns that still offer a bit of openness to the space.

OUTDECO sells screens in two standard sizes. However, all screens can be trimmed and cut down to fit your space as needed. This offers more versatility. Put screens to use blocking off an outdoor seating area, or hide a backyard shed with smaller screens.

The company is striving to be one of the loudest voices in the more recent push for indoor-outdoor living. Many enjoy the DIY sensibility of screen install, while benefiting from the finished effect of the pre-perforated screens.

Where to Mount

OUTDECO screens can be used to create privacy anywhere that you have the resources to anchor them. This means they can be effective in creating a perimeter along the outside of your backyard, but can also be cut down and mounted to block outdoor storage.

Privacy screens can be used to create outdoor rooms by mounting free standing walls. Other applications include traditional fencing applications, framing of pools and gardens, and even simply using screens to divide up your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for inspiration, OUTDECO maintains a design gallery. Here you can browse by project design to see how others are using their screens.

How To Install OUTDECO Screens

It is important to note that while OUTDECO offers screens, they do not offer finished privacy solutions. It is on customers to construct the frame to mount the product on. Additionally, they may need to cut their screens to size.

Still, this is a relatively simple process. If you are struggling to achieve your desired look, a local contractor or home improvement store can help build you a frame to suit your needs. Most Lowes and Home Depot stores will cut screens down to size. If you have a power saw, the job can be done in your own backyard.

Once sized and framed, customers can mount their screens with simple nails and screws. OUTDECO advises that their products can be painted, stained, or left plain, but that modifications should occur prior to mounting.

Screen Designs

One of the biggest draws toward OUTDECO screens in particular are their range of designs. Not only do they offer a very wide variety of patterns, but the opacity of patterns is also varied. This means homeowners can amp up or dial back the amount of blocking they desire in their space.

Currently, OUTDECO offers three screen or panel sizes in two different colors. Within these parameters, customers can choose from a whopping 22 patterns. Whether you’re looking for something with organic lines, or are embracing a more modern, geometric feel, it’s unlikely you’ll leave their online store room without at least some inspiration.

Where can you buy OUTDECO Products?

OUTDECO privacy screens are also appealing to customers by making their product extremely accessible. It does not appear that customers can purchase directly from the company's website. However, they can browse the full range. Once decided on a product, the company will help source with their partner closest to you. 

Even if you cannot find a physical location, OUTDECO is readily available through key third party sellers. While you may be able to find their product in a store near you, online shopping offers the widest range in size, color, and pattern. OUTDECO’s most notable partners include the outdoor design giant Wayfair, as well as Home Depot and Lowes.

Are OUTDECO Screens worth it?

If you’re looking to create low maintenance privacy in your outdoor space, screens are one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to do so. OUTDECO offers customers an approachable, easy to install product in a wide range of designs and patterns. Still, money is money, and OUTDECO screens are not necessarily the cheapest screens on the market.

Depending on size and the quantity of product needed, homeowners can expect to spend several hundred, or up to a thousand dollars to achieve their dream space. Reviews of screens seem to vary by design. Most users agree that the panels look beautiful and are easy to install. Critics express frustration in the density of the panel relative to the price. 

Overall, if you are looking for a readily available solution to an ongoing privacy struggle, OUTDECO is worth looking into. With so many styles and designs available, you may find exactly what you’re looking for. At the very least, you’ll likely walk away with some valuable design inspiration.

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