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The LAZE Pillow by Ledge Lounger–What is it? Is it worth the money?

Summer is nearly here, and we’re just about ready to jump back in the pool. But long summer days require a certain arsenal of tools, and a great pool float is one of them. For those of you trying to up your pool float game this summer, Ledge Lounger has thrown their hat in the ring with their new LAZE pillow.

We’ve talked about Ledge Lounger many times on this blog. From their classic pool chairs and accessories, to analyzing their competitors, they make a frequent appearance because they engage such a specific market. Ledge Lounger as a company seems to want to corner every side of the in-pool product market. The LAZE pillow is their newest venture.

What is the LAZE pillow?

The LAZE pillow by Ledge Lounger is a new take on the classic backyard pool float. Many pool floats on the market are cheaply made of plastic blends and are great at floating, but less great at keeping you comfortable. Not only does traditional material heat up, but it doesn’t exactly mold to fit your body. Ledge Lounger solves this problem by posing the question: what if you could simply put a giant pillow in the pool?

The LAZE pillow is a bean bag style float that prioritizes comfort. The cloth shell and soft packing material create a float experience that is more reminiscent of lounging in bed than hanging out in the pool. Still, this product is waterproof and meant to be taken with you wherever you’ll be spending time in the water. From the backyard to the lake, the LAZE pillow is a great way to get more comfortable in the water.

How much does the LAZE pillow by Ledge Lounger cost?

Hold onto your hats. If you’ve never purchased a pool float, you’re probably assuming that no product in the category could cost you an arm and a leg. And while you won’t be breaking the bank for pool noodles or traditional panel-style floats, Ledge Lounger is nothing if not a luxury brand.

The LAZE pillow will cost consumers a whopping $449–$599.00.

Not exactly the same as a discount float from your local vacation roadside stand. However, with this price tag you are getting a luxury grade product that you can assume you will have for as long as you have your pool. Compare this to regular floats that pop, get holes, and need to be replaced every season and you might just find yourself breaking even with time.

Things we like.

As with every new product, there are aspects of the LAZE pillow that we love, and things we could leave.


One of the largest advantages to this product is its versatility. Due to its bean-bag style design, this pool float is not just functional in the pool. The pillow is great for everything from relaxing in the yard or on your pool deck to throwing on the boat during your next water skiing or tubing adventure. A multi-purpose product is key to getting your money’s worth, and that is captured with the LAZE pillow.

No Assembly Required

The next advantage to purchasing the LAZE is the inherent ease of use. Blowing up floats is a pain. At best, they come with a less than perfect air pump. At worst, you’re stuck blowing into a tiny hole until you’re light headed and ready to give up. But because the LAZE is not an inflatable float, you get to skip the hassle. Simply unbox, shake out, and it’s ready to use.

Care and Cleaning

Additionally, a huge benefit to the LAZE is its ability to be cleaned. While you can wipe down a traditional plastic pool float, you’re never going to be able to deep clean it. The LAZE shell is different. While it does well with spot cleanings, you can actually unzip the entire shell and throw in your washing machine for a deeper clean when necessary.


Other aspects of the LAZE that we like have to do with its constructions. Not only is it more comfortable than traditional floats, but it’s large enough for anyone who wants to use it. From kids, to adults, to your furry friends, there’s enough space to fit any individual comfortably.


No product is perfect. While there’s a lot for us to like about the LAZE pillow by Ledge Lounger, there are a few aspects that do give us pause.

Limited Design Selection

While looks aren’t everything, they do count for something. The LAZE pillow is less garish than some other cartoony style pool floats. However, their pattern selection leaves something to be desired. There are 8 patterns and styles to choose from.

Out of these eight, six selections are rather loud patterns that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Even the remaining neutral selections are less refined than many people’s taste. For a luxury brand, we think the design choices leave something to be desired.

Bulky to Store

It’s annoying inflating your standard pool float. But, this process does allow for one important advantage–ease of storage. At the end of the season, you can deflate and store your float in nearly any closet or cabinet. The LAZE does not have this capability. Instead, you will need space to store this large pillow during the off-season to protect it from inclement weather. Not everyone has this extra storage space. For those of us with limited square footage and no outdoor storage, this can become a major problem of practicality.


Finally, while you may be able to justify the cost, there’s no question that the LAZE pillow by Ledge Lounger is simply more expensive than most other pool float options. This cost may be the most obvious barrier, and could easily dissuade interested parties from ever trying the product. Still, we doubt the cost will come down any time soon.

LAZE Pillow Reviews

Before buying or recommending anything, we always try to check out what other consumers are saying about the product. In general, Ledge Lounger has a positive reputation. Though many acknowledge the cost of their products, it’s generally agreed upon that most of what they produce prioritizes quality. When it comes to the LAZE pillow, real reviews are rather limited.

Of course, the site has their own set of reviews, which consist of only 5 star evaluations. We encourage readers to pause when they see something like this. A complete lack of critique is sometimes an indicator that reviews are not genuine. Leaving the Ledge Lounger site, it’s hard to find much of a trail of reviews.

Is a LAZE pillow worth the money?

We encourage you to use your best judgment, and decide whether or not this product is worth your money. Considering the increased durability over a traditional float, enhanced comfort, and versatility, having a LAZE pillow in your summer pool arsenal could be a game changer. However, if you’re simply looking for a float that will keep your kids happy for a few weeks out of the year, we think you could probably skip this one.

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