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The Best Pool Float Loungers and Floating Chairs (Under $50!)

When it’s time to relax in your swimming pool this summer, don’t settle for the same old same. It’s time to retire that old floating lounge chair that keeps sinking, doesn’t have a spot for your drink, and is simply not as comfortable as it once was. If you want to treat yourself to a new pool float lounger this summer, you don’t need to break the bank to get something great.

We took it upon ourselves to compile our top pool lounge floats of the year, so you can relax in style this summer season. Read on to discover our favorite pool float lounge selections for this swimming season.

One of the worst feelings when you’re trying to relax is realizing that you’re overheating. A great pool lounger design helps with that by keeping just enough of your body in the water to keep you cool, without sinking in too deep. This SwimWays model has a perfect balance to help keep you at a good temperature. The built in ottoman lets you dip your feet in the water, or keep them elevated on the footrest.

Comfort is prioritized with this floating lounger’s inflatable, fabric-covered backrest. The headrest provides support and cushioning, while the cupholder lets you keep your cold drink at your fingertips.

This model measures 56"L x 38"W x 16"H, and is large enough for most adults up to 250 pounds. Even with this larger profile, the SwimWays lounger folds down into three simple compact circles for storage.

Looking for a design that's a little bit less practical, and a little bit more retro? We love this bubble-style design from Intex. While the contoured designs screams early 2000’s aesthetics, the construction is surprisingly comfortable. Intex is one of the leaders in pool toys and we’ve discussed products of their on lists we’ve created in the past, including inflatable swimming pools.

This intex floating pool lounger includes a curved headrest and built in cup holder. At 74" x 39", there’s enough room to spread out and get comfortable. This product inflates with two separate air chambers and comes with a repair patch to fix any inconvenient holes. However, if overheating is a concern, it may be better to opt for another selection on our list.

Looking to add some color to your next pool party? This floating lounger is the perfect blend of bright style and premium comfort, all at a price you can actually afford. Also made by Intex, this floating pool lounger has all the accommodation you need. A comfort headrest and armrest, as well as a place to keep your beverage.

If overheating was a concern with the last selection, this option may fit the bill better. Unlike the Rockin’ Inflatable Lounge, this model has a place for you to dip your feet in on especially hot days. Intex floats are made with fade-resistant, UV proof vinyl that will last more than one season when looked after properly.

Dimensions of this model are 15.88" L x 20.32" W x 23.37" H, which make it a more streamline option than some others on our list thus far.

Want to entertain a crowd? Have a handful of kids who are constantly fighting over the lounger? Thinking bigger is better. This pool lounger takes things to the next level, providing an oversized amount of float space that comfortably fits a few people at a time. At four feet wide and over 6 feet tall, there’s room to spread out.

This inflatable tanning float has integrated, removable pillows and a custom ribbed air cushion base for added comfort. You can relax and catch some sun, read a book, or just float the day away. This is a great on the go option, and can be used anywhere additional comfort is needed. Whether you’re in your pool, at the beach, or in your own backyard, this pool lounge float is up for the job.

The edges of this float incorporate a wrap-around rope for maneuverability, making it easier to pull around and remove from the water, or secure to decks and other floats. This float is constructed of heavy duty raft-grade non-phthalates material, and is easy to wipe down

Ever wish you could get the laid back comfort of a hammock in your swimming pool? This floating hammock style lounge chair fits the bill. Comfortable mesh keeps your body cool in water, while the head and foot rests inflate to cushion and support you.

If you’re on the go or storage is a priority, this is a great compact and portable model. Light weight, quick to inflate and deflate, and built with convenient handles, you can pack up this floating hammock in seconds and store or be on your way.

If you’re looking for a pool float lounge that you can take from the swimming pool to the lake and back, this Kelsyus model is perfect. Designed with a lightweight shell, the Jet Valve technology allows this float to be inflated and deflated in minutes.

Like the first model on this list, this is a pool float built for partial submersion, keeping you cool while allowing you to soak up the sun at the same time. This Kelsyus model features backrests, armrests, heatrests, and an ottoman footrest. The size and construction of this pool lounge float makes it a better choice for adults. Children may be too small to sit safely.

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