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The Best Outdoor Rugs of 2022

When it comes to making your outdoor space cozier, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. One of our favorite ways to add some additional comfort to your deck or patio space is with a great outdoor rug. Just as adding an indoor rug to tile or hardwood floors in your home adds warmth and comfort, an outdoor rug on a wood deck or concrete patio makes an outdoor living space more inviting. To make your shopping easier, we’ve compiled our picks for the next outdoor rugs of 2022.

These top outdoor rug selections are not only compatible with the great outdoors, but are stylish, functional, and come at a variety of price points. We have selections for homeowners on a budget, and those who are looking to spend a little more money. Here are our selections for best outdoor rugs on the market today.

Dash and Albert Diamond Geometric Handmade Flatweave Indoor / Outdoor Area Rug

Starting in the very affordable price range, our first pick is available on Wayfair for under $65.00. Great outdoor rugs easily go for hundreds of dollars, so finding a budget pick that performs like a higher price piece is a big deal.

This outdoor rug is made of polypropylene, a plastic that is exceedingly common in outdoor rug construction for its durability and water resistance. However, unlike some other cheaper outdoor rugs, reviewers have repeatedly noted how soft and natural this rug feels underfoot.

Another huge perk of this outdoor rug selection is the wide variety of colors and sizes. The brand offers everything from bold greens to soft neutrals. Fill your entire outdoor space, or buy a small accent rug. No matter what your outdoor rug dreams look like, you can get close to making them a reality with this option.

Ruggable Outdoor Juneau Rug

Our next pick is for a homeowner looking to make a larger investment in their outdoor space. Popular retailer ruggable is a great source for indoor and outdoor rugs. Not as expensive as luxury rug dealers, ruggable offers higher end, washable outdoor and indoor rugs for purchase online.

The Ruggable Outdoor Juneau Rug is an outdoor rug option that offers elevated style and comfort to your patio or deck. We love the cozy colorways and wide variety of size selection. Made of polyester, this outdoor rug is protected from the elements with a polyurethane, water-resistant barrier.

One of the biggest perks to purchasing a rug on Ruggable is that it comes with both the rug itself, as well as the rug pad. Rug pads offer additional cushion underfoot. When placing your rug on top of surfaces like concrete, this extra comfort can really make a difference.

The best part of the Juneau rug is that it is fully machine washable. With so much shoe and foot traffic, outdoor rugs get dirty quickly. The convenience of throwing your rug in the washing machine should not be overlooked.

Outer 1188 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rug

If you’re feeling like treating yourself, there are some truly great luxury options when it comes to outdoor rugs. Making its second appearance on our site is a truly great rug from Outer. At over $1,000, you are paying a good amount–but you are getting notable quality in return.

Made from 100% recycled PET bottles, this eco-friendly choice manages to be both soft and extremely durable. The unique, multi-color colorway makes it a neutral-friendly choice for any space, without making it boring. In a world where outdoor furniture can change every season, having an outdoor rug that is a bit of a design chameleon is a perk. This design choice also makes it a champion at hiding dirt and debris.

The recycled PET construction is not only eco-friendly, but ensures your Outer rug will be fade, stain, and spill resistant. If your patio gets beating sun all summer, then you don’t have to worry about your rug becoming sun-bleached or discolored.

To clean, vacuum thoroughly, or spot treat stains. The entire rug can be rinsed with cold water and left to dry outdoors.

Safavieh Courtyard Jonell Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics. For those of you looking for a wholly neutral, workhorse rug for your outdoor living space, this model from Safavieh is perfect. Made from water-resistant polypropylene, you can leave this rug outdoors through mild morning dew or heavier downpours.

This same construction makes it stain resistant and easy to clean. And if it does get wet, it dries quickly. This outdoor rug comes in a variety of sizes and dimensions. From traditional rectangle to longer runners, there’s an option that will fit your deck or patio space perfectly. And at right around $100, it’s an affordable option for most.

Nicole Miller New York Patio Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Funky patterns, flexible colorways, and a hoard of positive reviews? This is our pick for a great outdoor rug available for purchase on Amazon for well under $100. From a design standpoint, rugs can often be exceedingly traditional. It can be hard to find a geometric, modern take that doesn’t cross the line into tacky.

The slanted checkerboard pattern of this model is an updated take on a design classic. Made from polypropylene yarn, this pick is water-resistant, low maintenance, and won’t scratch your deck. It’s comfortable underfoot, and is easy to clean. Shake out, vacuum, and blot any spots or stains. All in all, what more could you want?

Urban Outfitters Mona Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Who knew Urban Outfitters could be your next destination for outdoor rugs? Well, it’s 2022 and anything is possible. This Mona rug from UO is a great choice for younger homeowners looking to escape the traditional designs of many other rugs on the market.

The brand is offering colorful, bright, and retro pattern designs that make a statement and draw the eye. The best part? They’re fully reversible. Flipping the Mona rug over will give you the same pattern, but with the colors reversed. Not only does this give you more design leverage, but it allows you to put off cleaning for a bit, which is always a bonus in our book.

Urban Outfitters advertises this rug as mildew and weather-resistant, perfect for patios or indoor entryways. The only downside in our book is that the reversible design means there is no non-slip base to this rug. If you’re placing it under a heavy outdoor sofa, this may not be a problem. But as a small runner, or an accent under a table or small chair, you may find yourself slipping.

IKEA Morum Outdoor Rug

When you need affordable home furnishings like yesterday, and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, look no further than Ikea. This home furnishing giant has been keeping us in affordable bookshelves, bed frames, and lighting for decades. So why should the love stop inside?

The Ikea Morum rug is a highly versatile, neutral rug that is great for any outdoor space. Made to withstand rain, sun, snow, and dirt, we love the plain style that makes it a chameleon in any outdoor room. Flatwoven from polypropylene, this rug can stand up to heavy foot traffic and makes it easy for furniture like dining chairs to glide across its surface.

And true to its brand, this rug is affordable. Available for around $65 on the Ikea website, the Morum rug is accessible to anyone who wants to add some comfort and warmth with a great outdoor rug.

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