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The Best Landscape Companies in Austin, TX

When it’s time to hire a landscaping company, the last thing you want to do is waste time vetting dozens of potential options only to be disappointed by your final decision. After all, it’s one thing for a landscape company to get something done. It's another for a landscape company to get something done well

But unless your friends or neighbors are ready to give you suggestions, separating the good landscaping companies from bad landscaping companies can feel impossible. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the best landscaping companies in Austin, TX.

From creating beautiful outdoor landscapes to the ins and outs of lawn care and lawn maintenance, your outdoor space deserves the best. So don't trust your front yard, back yard, or any other future projects to just anyone; the following landscaping companies have you covered.

The top five Austin landscaping companies.

Austin Native Landscaping considers themselves a one stop shop for all of your Austin landscape design needs. They provide assistance with every step of the process, from design to lawn care. The owners of this Austin based company met while working for a small organic farm. They came together with a vision for a business that improved the ecology and beauty of the city. This reflects in their approach to design.

In their own words,

Austin Native Landscaping is "focused and specialized", in both Xeriscape Landscape Design and Installation. They drought resistant landscapes that lean heavily on Texas native perennials. One benefit of using native plantings is their resilience and lower maintenance requirements for homeowners.

In additional to planting, Austin Native can install decks, patios, pergolas, masonry, fencing, landscape lighting, and other services. They have a focus on serving the Austin area while using locally sources plants. This means your yard has a lower carbon footprint. Native plants leave a more positive impression on the surrounding area as well.

Online reviews for this business indicate excellent workmanship. Several repeat customers report that Austin Native has delivers on their services offered in a timely fashion.

Our second pick, Cutters Landscaping, describes themselves as a "cut above the rest". Services offered include everything from design, to landscaping and hardscaping, and even decks and irrigation. This makes them another one stop shop service on our list.

Working with Cutters starts with an initial landscaping consultation. From there, representatives guide you along as the design and installation process continues.

In their own words:

Cutters Landscaping are a team of "nature people". They have "a shared passion for serving (their) community and caring for our planet". Cutters focuses on creating unique outdoor environments that improve the quality of life, and increase the value of your home.

In other words, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of your yard. But you'll also know the new design will help you resell your property later on down the line

Aesthetics are Cutters first priority. They seek out leading industry designers to provide Austin and its surrounding areas with eminent landscapes that are both beautiful and sustainable."

This focus on sustainability is of growing concern in both Austin, Texas and many other surrounding areas. Drought and climate change continues to effect south western and western states.

Wellspring Landscape Services depart a bit from the prior companies serving Austin. The previous two selections whose landscaping work begins with design and ends with the final installation. Wellspring is less of a one stop shop. What they do offer, however, is incredible lawn care.

From trimming and mowing, to debris removal and more, Wellspring can both maintain and upgrade your existing plants and landscape. They may not be involved in the entire design process. Still, they are among the top services to call if you are invested in keeping your yard looking its best.

In their own words:

landscaping services in Austin tx

Wellspring "knows how important landscaping is to the value of a property. Nothing affects the appearance of a property more than a great looking landscape."

lawn mowing and grass cutting service

Wellspring offers services including general lawn care maintenance. Services include items such as "weekly mowing, trimming, blowing, and debris removal". They also can perform plant removals, replacements, add seasonal color, and help maintain the health of your overall landscape.

Terra Duna's motto is "where nature meets craftsmanship". This Austin, TX based company has been serving Austin for years. They guide customers through the process from design, to build, to maintenance. Thankfully, Terra Duna does all three steps extremely well.

We love their extensive project portfolio that's full of serious backyard and front yard inspo.

Image via Terra Duna

Terra Dura Landscapes LLC mission is based on using native Texas plants, and the principles of Xeriscaping. Their goal is to bring ecological solutions that don't skimp on aesthetic value, making the common feel extraordinary.

In their own words:

Image via Terra Duna

Terra Dura Landscapes is a company founded on the principles of restoring Austin, Texas. They value the environmental process of smart landscaping as much as they do the aesthetic quality of the work. For them, this means working with nature instead of against it, to create "beautiful, inviting, and useful surroundings."

Terra Dura also offers "customized maintenance packages to maintain Xeriscaped beds and automate the rest. (They) focus on the gardening while robotic mowers address the grass to promote ecological and technological solutions for our clients". There are a lot of landscape companies in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. But not all of them are using the same level of technology.

Rounding out our list at number five is Austin Landscape Pros. Like Terra Duna, they do more than just simple landscaping upkeep. They go beyond landscaping, with services offered including everything from mowing and irrigation to design and installation.

Is your yard is in need of some TLC? Do you value a great customer service experience? Austin Landscape Pros prides themselves on putting customers first. The best services are complimented by excellent company-client interaction, and that is put first at Austin Landscape Pros.

Image via Austin Landscaping Pros

In their own words:

"At Austin Landscape Pros, we do much more than just mowing, irrigation and turf. We’re a full service landscape design, installation and maintenance company, with a staff of designers who are experienced and trained in all aspects of landscape design.

We were founded with one idea in mind: creating tranquil, beautiful Austin landscapes that enable our customers to get away from the stress and hustle- bustle of their everyday lives. Austin Landscape Pros knows what it’s like to have a space where you can find peace and tranquility, right outside your own door. We like to imagine our clients enjoying a lush garden, basking in the sunlight with a cold drink nearby, or thinking about the day ahead while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning sunlight on their deck or patio.

Those are the thoughts that inspire us to do the best job we can for our clients. Between our trained designers and hardworking, experienced landscape crews, we have a level of commitment to our customers that’s unmatched by anyone. We want to be the Austin landscape company you turn to for your needs and idea"

What To Look for in a Landscaping Company

What landscaping services do they offer?

The key to choosing the right landscaping business is having an idea of what your final landscape should look like. What services matter most to you? Are you interested in a full service landscaping business that provides a full service process? Or, are your needs more specific?

For example, some landscaping companies may do a great job providing ongoing maintenance. Some may specialize in tree service, or sprinkler systems. Whole some may place an emphasis on using native plants, others may consider flower beds the most important element to making your property shine.

Full Service Landscaping

A full service landscape company will take you from design to installation, while others only plant or do a more selective set of services. In some cases, you may receive a design, and then find yourself reaching out to a construction company to build a suggested deck. Some companies will have contacts with a specific construction company, but are not inherently doing the job of installation themselves.

Before you commit to any one company, make sure you ask more than a few questions. Determine if their landscaping services offered match the service required for your job. One landscaping company may do an amazing job at say, stump removal, but if the rest of their landscaping work is sub par, there isn't much point in reaching out.

Do they offer landscape maintenance?

A major of the best landscaping companies will see your outdoor space as a long term investment. They believe the job continues long after the last of the landscape lighting is installed. Be it in Austin, TX or anywhere else in the country, it's important to know if the end of your working relationship with a company coincides with the completion of the landscape design.

Image via Terra Duna

Don't want to spend time tracking down someone to help you with lawn care, tree trimming, or other yard services? Choose local businesses that can do all of the above!

Without proper lawn care, your new front yard or backyard will only stay looking great for a few weeks or months. When work is needed, it's awesome to turn to the same trusted team for lawn service. Most of the top landscaping companies in Austin and the surrounding areas offer lawn care as part of their package.

Are they considerate of your time?

Time is money, and your time is worth protecting. All of the best landscaping companies in Austin know this. Thus, they make it their priority to do quality work that is also respectful to your schedule. If a representative talks big about making your dream landscape a reality, but waits weeks to return a phonemail after an initial meeting, that's a big red flag.

Trust Your Gut

Out of respect for your time, money, and the landscaping project itself, trust your gut. The design process is a lengthy process as is, don't draw it out unless completely necessary. If you feel like you are becoming a last priority, you probably are. Even if they've done a wonderful job for someone else you know, someone else will do an equally great job on your space without making you wait months to hear back about a landscape design.

Image via Terra Duna

Are you getting a fair price?

Paying a bit more to know you're getting quality landscaping services and lawn care is one thing. Finding out you've been paying way more than what is standard to your area is another. We never want people to cheap out on their new front yard. But we also don't think it makes sense to overpay. Make sure you're getting a fair price for your space. Compare your company with other central Texas businesses, and other nearby locations.

Modern Lueder Patio

Other Landscape Companies Serving Austin, TX

While this list encompasses our personal top five picks for your future landscaping project, it is by no means exhaustive of all of the great landscaping companies in Austin. Other notable names serving Austin include Native Edge Landscape, G's Landscaping, 512 Landscaping, and more.

Explore the best landscaping companies serving Austin, Texas.

Don't struggle to find landscapers to turn your back or front yard into the great outdoor space you've been dreaming of. The best services in Austin, Texas are just a phone call away when you choose to work with any of the above companies.

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