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The Best Inflatable Pools of 2021

Installing a permanent inground, or even above ground pool is expensive. It’s also a big commitment. Whether you’re breaking ground or surrounding an above ground structure with decking, you’re in it for the long haul. Not ready to make that jump? No problem. Inflatable pools are the budget hero of your next summer pool party. We put together a list of the best inflatable pools for summer, no shovels or long term commitment required.

Why buy an inflatable pool?

When it comes to temporary pools, a great inflatable is one of the only options on the market. Metal frame pools can be utilitarian, but they are infinitely more difficult to put up and take down. If you aren’t inclined to commit a day, (or more), to the project of deconstruction, it’s likely a good idea to pass on the hard frame.

Inflatable pools allow you the flexibility you’re looking for in temporary pool solutions. They offer assembly and disassembly on the same day. They are widely uncomplicated to construct and tear down. And though they may not look terribly chic, they do retain a certain kind of charm.

If your kids have been begging you for a pool for months, pick up any of the following models to really make their day.

Size and durability take precedent in the Airso model. Nearly 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, there’s plenty of room for both you and the kids to take a dip. The sides are made from a thick, UV resistant material meaning holes are unlikely. The special three chamber stacking design means that if deflation does happen, it’s unlikely to spell disaster.

This model has all the bells and whistles. Get as close as you can to the traditional pool experience with this model. The diameter spans 18 feet, giving you and your pool party patrons plenty of room to relax. It’s 48 inch depth means kids can enjoy underwater swimming, searching for rings, and other classic pool games. The Intex comes with an easy to inflate system, and claims to go from assembly to “ready for water” in just 30 minutes.

Of course, an 8 person pool comes with a notable price tag. At $450, this is the most expensive swimming pool model on our list. The extra money buys you extra space, depth, and a portable pool that will provide you and your family with a few summers of fun.

Looking to break from tradition? Maybe you’re bored of the monotony of a simple inflatable pool option. Or perhaps you’re simply tired of hearing your kiddo beg you for a day at the water park. Whatever your reasoning, this Bestway inflatable set provides hours of fun in the sun.

Included is a 9 foot slide, water sprayer, and a good amount of room to splash around. While it is remarkably sturdy for a model of its kind, there is a 120 pound individual weight limit, and a 600 pound total weight limit. To assemble, simply stake, attach the air hose, and watch an afternoon of fun come to life in just a few minutes.

Inflatable pool and chic together in the same sentence? MYLLE makes this seemingly ridiculous proposal a reality with their collaboration with Slowdown Studio. At only a little over $100, this model is a bare bones approach to inflatable pools. Perfect for kids and Instagram alike, this pool may not boast any remarkable stats, but it is pretty nice to look at. And sometimes, that’s all you can really ask for.

Hot tub, anyone? Inflatables aren’t just for basic splashing anymore. This Intex innovations allows you to bring the joy of hot tubbing to your yard, without the legwork of installing an at home spa. Complete with jets and a water filter, this model has room for up to 4 people. Users can adjust heat and jets setting from a control panel just like a permanent spa installation. Of course, luxury does come at a cost--a little over $600, to be exact. 

Elevate the classic kiddie pool experience with this model. Two pool wells connect with an adorable slide perfect for toddlers. At its maximum fill, the main chamber holds only 10 inches of water. Connect your garden hose to activate a continuous sprayer, or join your little one in a game of ring toss. The depth and accessibility make this Intex model perfect for a supervised summer splash. While the bright coloring of the vinyl may not be everyone’s cup of tea, if it makes your kids happy, it’s probably well worth it.

Intex is one of the most popular inflatable and temporary pool brands on the internet. So it should come as no surprise that it rounds out our list with another great inflatable selection. This incredibly simple model is the standard for small but accessible wading pools. Holding less than a foot of water, toddlers can easily navigate. When the season or afternoon is over, simply drain, deflate, and wipe clean with a cloth. And at only $12.00, your bank account will barely notice.

Whether you’re looking for room to swim, a place for your little one to splash, or a convenient way to bring the luxury of hot tubbing to your own home, there’s something on the market for everyone. Understanding what you need from your pool will help you make the choice that is best for your family.

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