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The Best Classic Animal Swimming Pool Floats of 2022

Summer is the best time to let loose and have a little fun. If you’ve got a backyard swimming pool and a sense of adventure, then you’re probably looking to step up the fun factor and find the best pool floats on the market. If you’re looking for a theme that’s sure to please kids and adults alike, then the classic animal pool float is a sure bet for your family.

The best animal pool floats can be hard to hunt down. To make things easier, we put together a list of our top 5 favorite animal pool floats. Affordable, and easy to purchase on Amazon, these pool float picks are sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next pool party.

Nothing says summer like the classic giant pink flamingo pool float. A staple of celebrity pool pics, these giant pink pool floats are instantly recognizable. You can bring this classic favorite to your backyard this summer.

This JOYIN Giant Inflatable Flamingo pool float is large enough for both kids and children. At 5 feet long, even taller adults will be able to get comfortable. And at over 3 feet high, this model is sure to make an instant impression.

This pool float is made of a durable PVC vinyl that’s likely to last more than a season. Reviewers have also noted that the float is simple to fill, but due to size an air compressor is helpful for assembly.

One of the best parts of this giant flamingo pool float is the bang for your buck. Even if your float doesn’t last you more than a season, ordering a new one will not break the bank. You can purchase this JOYIN flamingo model on Amazon now for only $23.99.

Bring your Jaws dreams to life with this Great White Shark animal pool float. If pink flamingos are quite your speed, throwing a shark in the mix is sure to liven things up. Created by Intex, this float is huge. When fully inflated, dimensions measure 68” X 42”.

This float includes dual handles to help you get a grip while floating. This Intex product is lightweight and weighs under two pounds. This makes it easy for kids to transport around the pool. To inflate, simply use an air compressor on each compartment until fully inflated. To increase safety standards, this Intex float includes three separate air chambers for added safety.

Add this animal pool float for your collection for under $20.00 today.

Who says you animal pool float has to be a creature that really exists? Channel your Mother of Dragons energy with this huge GoFloats brand inflatable pool dragon. This fire breathing float design is big enough to fit two adults. From tip to tail, this float is nearly 8 feet long, and holds up to 500 pounds. To us, that makes this float pool party approved.

This dragon float is made of a premium, UV treated vinyl that won’t fade with long hours in the sun. It’s 25% thicker than comparable vinyl floats, so you should be able to break it out year over year. With 4.5 stars from over 1,400 reviewers, this is a great pick to add to your summer pool float line up.

Keep the fantasy going and up the magic factor with this giant inflatable unicorn pool float. A perfect companion to the above dragon, this inflatable animal pool float is sure to thrill kids and adults alike.

One of the largest floats on this list, the seller cites dimensions of this float to be 114” X 55” X 47”. This toy is large enough for two adults or multiple children, and is constructed of a durable, UV resistant vinyl.

Assembly of this float is easy. While some models of pool floats need air compressors, this model can be inflated using a standard hair dryer as well, making it cost efficient. This is one of the most popular floats on this list, with over 8,000 people leaving an average of 4.5 stars.

If you have little kids, the giant pool floats might seem a bit intimidating. For the little ones, we decided to include some smaller scale options for kids looking to get in on the animal pool float fun. This group of three smaller scale animal pool floats include a turtle, dolphin, and a dinosaur.

These floaties are kid-friendly, and made of a soft, durable PVC that is color and fade resistant. All floats are two feet in diameter, making them the perfect size for kids who may be intimidated by the larger floats on this list.

Unlike the other giant selection on this list, these do not require an air compressor to inflate. Though this can expedite the process, these floats can be inflated by blowing into the spouts. At only $24.99, it’s hard to beat the price as well.

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