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The 9 Best Countertop Pizza Ovens

Everybody loves pizza. If you’re like most Americans, frozen pizza is a staple in your weeknight dinner rotation atleast once a month. However, when you want the at home version to taste just as good as the restaurant, you’re going to need special equipment. That’s where a countertop pizza oven comes in.

While simple convection ovens may do the job, it’s hard to parallel the cook and overall experience of a traditional pizza oven. Countertop pizza ovens are specifically designed to give you the results of a pizza oven without occupying the space in your kitchen. Great for indoor weeknight meals, or outdoor entertaining on the weekends, pizza is always a crowd pleaser.

If you’re looking to level up your next at home pizza night, here are our favorite countertop pizza oven picks.

For home pizza enthusiasts, Ooni Karu is currently the brand to beat. This outdoor countertop pizza oven provides everything users need to get a great pie in no time. Much of the challenge of making great pizza in a traditional oven comes down to lack of heat. Conventional ovens simply don’t get hot enough to make great pizza, and heating can be uneven.

This oven heats in just 15 minutes to over 900 degrees F. If you’re on the hunt for the right tool to create a great Neapolitan pie, reviewers appreciate this ovens exceptionally even cooking. Crust done in this oven take on a characteristic leopard spotting and cook in about 60 seconds.

Also notable is the Ooni’s attention to design. While many models on this list more closely resemble a toaster oven, we appreciate the slick look of the Ooni brand. This model is a champion of summer gatherings. And weighing only around 20 pounds, it is exceptionally lighter than other models on our list.

The stainless steel construction makes this oven a sleek addition to an outdoor kitchen. While not completely weatherproof, a little rain is nothing to worry about.

If this model looks familiar, don’t worry. You aren’t seeing double. Our second pick is also a Ooni production, with a twist. The Ooni Fyra is specially designed for families looking to achieve a woodfire pizza taste from the comfort of their own home. Unlike the multifuel, this model is designed specifically to cook with either a hardwood or lump charcoal fuel source.

This means you can achieve restaurant quality flavor without leaving home. Like the Ooni multi fuel, the Fyra reaches temperatures of over 900 degrees F, and heats quickly. Only 15 minutes are needed to bring the stone up to temperature.

Due to its fuel source, this model utilizes a chimney for ventilation. This removable feature is adjustable and helps to vent air for additional temperature control.

Users also enjoy the Fyra for its versatility. While best for pizzas, this oven also offers a great environment for cast iron cooking. Chicken, steak, fish, veggies, and more can all be flash cooked for an authentic grilled flavor.

All Ooni products offer buyers a three year warranty. While pricier than some options on our list, this is a great investment for those looking to bring the authentic italian pizza kitchen experience to their own backyard.

The look and convenience of a toaster oven with the power of a pizza oven. This Breville model may look like your standard countertop toaster oven, but don’t underestimate it. Reaching temperatures of up to 750 degrees F, this oven can handle everything from a frozen pie to a fresh Neapolitan.

The Breville oven features a removable cordierite stone deck that provides classic spotting to your pizza crust. Reviewers appreciate the variety of built in settings that make this model especially user friendly, and a two year warranty offers buys some peace of mind

While the double-paned front window is heat resistant, we would resist the urge to press your nose against the glass. Unlike some other models on this list, this countertop pizza oven should be used solely for pizza.

This model includes a stainless steel pizza peel and a carbon steel pan with a removable handle. Buyers should be aware that the Breville is designed to accommodate no larger than a 12 inch pizza. However, with a cook time of about two minutes, making multiple pies shouldn’t be a problem.

There’s nothing worse than finishing up cooking and realizing a long, laborious cleaning process lies ahead. The Ronco Countertop Pizza Oven stands out for its ability to easily deconstruct. Both the warming tray and pizza pan are fully removable. When it’s time to clean, simply remove and place in your dishwasher.

This oven cooks up to 13 inch pizzas, giving you a little more room to work with than some other models. While other options on this list may be a little bulky for your preference, the Ronco is compact enough to live on your counter. When not in use, easily lift and stow below.

If you’re serving large parties of people, the warming tray allows you to keep food warm while you work on the next dish. Reviewers have enjoyed the durability of this oven, although it is not weather safe. Outdoor kitchen users should be careful to shelter from the elements.

If you’re not great at handling a pizza stone, the Goplus has you covered. This easy slide-in, slide-out option makes retrieving your pizza simple. This option cooks a 12 inch pizza easily, and cleans fast with a removable crumb tray. Other great features include an auto shut off and heat proof handle to prevent burns.

While traditional ovens can fail to cook evenly, the small space paired with 360 degree air circulation makes this a better choice. Better for frozen pizzas, from-scratch dough is better off in other countertop pizza ovens. However, for a lightweight and convenient choice, the Goplus checks important boxes.

We understand if you’re not looking to break the bank. For those on a budget, the Presto Pizzazz clocks in at just over $50. This pizza oven cooks with blazing hot air, rotating your pie for an even cook. This device is more environmentally friendly than heating your traditional oven, and uses 60 percent less energy.

Presto claims that this oven cooks fresh or frozen, though we recommend airing on the side of caution. The non-stick tray removes and makes for a relatively easy clean. This option is not weather resistant. So, if you’re using it outside be sure to stow or bring it in. While not the fanciest option on this list, in a pinch it’s bound to do the trick just fine.

For sleek, gas powered countertop cooking that does more than just pizzas, this Camp Chef option is perfect for pizza, breads, and slow roasting meats. Like the best countertop pizza ovens, it get scorching hot reaching upwards of 700 degrees F. The stainless steel gives a modern look, and makes it easy to wipe clean. It’s important to note that this oven requires a propane tank to operate.

Additionally, the Camp Chef isn’t the lightest oven on this list. Coming in at 47 pounds, moving it between your outdoor kitchen and indoor counter may be a challenge. Users have compared the experience to that of charcoal grilling. So if you’re looking for an all around workhorse for your next cookout, this may be a contender.

If you’re looking to cook a larger pizza, the Luby Countertop Toaster Oven is here for you. While not a traditional countertop pizza oven, this multipurpose option is a great all around addition to your indoor or outdoor kitchen. This oven has room for up to a 14 inch pizza, though it heats only to around 450 degrees F.

Not necessarily the greatest choice for pizza from scratch, but a better alternative to the oven for frozen pies. And, you can use the Luby for more than just pizzas. Cook or toast a wide variety of food, or keep dishes warm for longer. This oven has a special feature that allows you to cook at two different temperatures. Because the bottom and top rack have separate heaters, you can bake at two different settings at once.

Futuristic design meets exceptional function in the Gozney Roccbox. This is a great choice for any modern outdoor kitchen, and will be the focal point of your next pizza party. Heating up to 950 degrees F, this oven can cook a pizza in as little as 60 seconds when fully heated.

Like the other multi-fuel options on this list, the Gozney comes with propane as the standard fuel. However, you can purchase a wood burning attachment if desired. The unit is also sold with a complimentary pizza peel. This means taking your pie out of the oven is no longer a headache.

There’s no difficult assembly required with this oven. You simply unpack, and pull out the legs. When you’re finished, collapse the legs and stow. Use in your own backyard, or bring with you to your friend’s next bonfire. Just make sure you have some friends to help you move it, as this oven weighs over 50 pounds.

What To Consider Before Purchasing a Countertop Pizza Oven

Even the nicest model of countertop pizza oven can be the wrong purchase if it doesn’t fit your family’s needs. Before buying, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Those looking to simply have a better frozen pizza experience may not find value in a more expensive model. However, those looking to achieve restaurant-style pies from scratch will need more elaborate ovens. Understanding what you want from your oven will help you make the best choice for your family.

Location, Location, Location

Location is important when it comes to more than property. Knowing where you intend to use your pizza oven is key to helping you select the right model. Some countertop pizza ovens service indoor kitchens only. However, many are solely built for an outdoor experience.

Ovens such as the Ooni line are best for outdoor use (venting a wood fired stove into your kitchen is a generally bad idea). However, when selecting an outdoor model you have more freedom in terms of where your oven is set up. While these ovens look best in an outdoor kitchen, they really only need a solid concrete or hardscape surface to perch on.

Fuel Source

The performance of your countertop pizza oven is in part dependent on the fuel it uses. Propane powered pizza ovens may not need a chimney, but they also will not be able to truly achieve a wood fired flavor.

Similarly, ovens powered by charcoal or wood will always produce smoke or a strong smell. Users will need to continue to stoke the fire as they cook. Adding more wood is simple to a well designed oven. Ultimately, both of these styles are for outdoor use only. This means all of your pizza parties need to be assisted by plenty of outdoor living space.

Alternatively, electric powered ovens are better suited for indoor kitchens. While they score big points for convenience, they rarely get as hot as their gas or wood counterparts. This means a longer cook time, and a less authentic flavor.

Weight and Portability

If you’re looking for a countertop pizza oven you can take anywhere, then portability matters. Unlike some other countertop appliances, pizza ovens can get bulky quick. Models like the Camp Chef and Roccbox are top of the line, but weigh over 50 pounds. This can make transport a pain.

For those looking for pizza ovens they can take anywhere, paying attention to weight is critical. Ooni brand ovens are easy to set up and take down, and are under 26 pounds. Some indoor electric models may be lightweight, but are less powerful.

Overall, making a choice that fits your intended use will result in the highest customer satisfaction. For an oven that can host a great outdoor party, look for a heavier propane option. For those dreaming of a perfect pie while camping, saving space could matter. Before purchasing a pricey appliance of any kind, know what specs matter most to you. Keeping these points in mind, it’s hard to go wrong.

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