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Solar Fountain Bird Baths–Best Models & What You Should Know

You Should Know

What if you could combine the natural and sonic appeal of a water feature with the joy of birdwatching? Water feature bird baths fulfill both of those needs while adding visual appeal to your backyard as well. But running water features can be a pain and can jack up your electric bill. The solution? Solar fountain bird baths!

Solar fountain bird baths are practical, cost-effective, and low maintenance options for homeowners looking to add visual appeal and attract wildlife in their outdoor living space.

What are solar fountain bird baths?

If you’ve never heard of solar fountain bird baths before, you’re likely wondering what they are. A solar fountain bird bath is a birdbath that features a running water fountain that is powered by the sun, instead of a corded power source. They feature solar panels that charge on sunny days and keep the birdbath running. There are many benefits to a solar fountain birdbath over a traditional eclectic hookup.

What are the benefits to a solar bird bath?

There are many benefits that make a solar fountain birdbath a smart selection over traditional fountain-featuring birdbaths.

  1. Cost Effective

Running a traditional, electric powered fountain pump is not free. Fountain bird baths featuring electric power sources are just another item to add to an ever growing electrical bill. Solar fountain birdbaths get their power for free. If you have a sunny day, you have everything you need to keep your birdbath fountain running. This makes them a long-term cost effective solution.

  1. Low maintenance

Without cords and wires to look after, solar fountain bird baths are incredibly low maintenance investments for your backyard space. Simply clean a few times a month and the rest takes care of itself!

  1. Attracts birds and other small wildlife

Moving water is one of the best ways to attract more birds to your backyard. Bird baths on their own are effective ways to attract more birds to your outdoor space, but adding a running water element will take things up a notch.

  1. Creates Ambience

Birds aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the sound and look of running water. Fountains create a great ambience for you as well!

  1. Sleeker than a corded fountain

Cords are bad enough inside your home. Why bring them outdoors? Solar powered bird baths have the added benefit of keeping pathways and patios clear of cords.

The 5 Best Solar Fountain Bird Baths of 2022

Here are our varied picks for the five best solar fountain bird baths to add a splash of fun to your backyard living space this year.

Our top pick for the best solar fountain bird bath is the SmartSolar Solar bird bath. Solid enough to stand up against wind, bright sunlight, and strong, gusting winds, durability is no problem with this pick. This durability is thanks to its construction. SmartSolar’s solar fountain birdbath is made from concrete-inforced fiberglass giving it a classic look.

At 1.3 inches deep, the bowl is ideal for most birds. The patented underwater integral solar panel and low voltage water pump keep your fountain running reliably. To clean, simply wipe down, rinse, and refill.

Want to add fountain functionality to your existing birdbath? That’s an option. You can turn your regular birdbath fountain into a solar fountain birdbath with this affordable tool. Buying a completely new birdbath can get pricey, but current prices list this model on Amazon for under 30 dollars.

Viajero’s solar fountain is designed to continue to operate and flow even when many of the solar panels are blocked by debris. If you miss a weekly cleaning, your birds won’t pay the price.

The pump on this model has been designed to shut off automatically if water levels become too low, or if the pump is blocked. This prevents idling and protects the device. If you’ve been looking for a low commitment way to level up your outdoor space, this is a great, affordable option.

If you love the look of a two-tiered fountain for your bird bath, we’ve got you covered. This model by Best Choice Products has a classic, geometric look while putting function first. The solar panel is built directly into the fountain, meaning there is little to no assembly required. Simply fill and refill the water tank so that your fountain continues to circulate.

The design of this model is kicked up a notch with fully integrated LED lights, which can be turned on when it gets dark. Not only will this help your bird bath pop, but it will compliment the other lighting in your outdoor space. Check Price on Amazon

If you’re worried about the repeated chore of wiping solar panels, then you may not love the idea of panels that are fully incorporated into your fountain bird bath. There are solutions for this! Models like this two tiered bird bath from Sunnydaze include a solar power that plugs directly into the model.

Now, this does mean you compromise the wireless appeal of other solar fountain bird bath models. However, you gain access to an easier and less frequent cleaning routine. It takes more diligence and effort to drain and wipe clean solar panels inside your fountain. The plug in solar panel means dirt and grime will collect less frequently, and the process of cleaning is even easier.

The cord on this model is 16 ft, meaning that you can stash your solar panel out of sight. The bottom basin is just under two feet wide, while the entire model stands at nearly 3 feet tall.

Another option for an unintegrated solar panel bird bath fountain is this one from Accent. Designed to resemble natural fieldstone, it is great for more rustic backyard living designs. This model is made with a polyresin and stone powder material blend and stands a little over two feet high.

Unlike some solar powered fountains, the batter on this model allows the birdbath to continue to run even during periodically cloudy days. Like the earlier Best Choice Products bird bath, low voltage LED lights bring this solar fountain to life at night. This model comes fully equipped with a solar panel, and even is sporting an electric adaptor if you anticipate a long streak of cloudy weather where the panel will not be able to charge. Check Price On Amazon

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