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Scooter Storage Ideas for The Backyard & Garage

Push scooters are just as popular as ever with kids. However, these small toys can easily become backyard clutter if proper storage is not introduced. But how do you create functional backyard storage that works for scooters without making your space less aesthetically pleasing? Here are some of our favorite scooter storage ideas for the backyard and garage.

Scooter Docks

Create a problem and eventually, someone will design a solution. When it comes to backyard scooter storage, you can now purchase specialized scooter docks specially designed to solve your scooter clutter dilemma.

This small, simple circle attaches the ground and holds scooters upright by their wheels. This allows you to create storage solutions anywhere, no wall required. Stow a fleet of scooters, or create a single docking station.

Bike Racks

Multipurpose storage solutions? Sign us up. Create backyard scooter storage for both your childrens’ scooters and your own bikes by installing your very own backyard bike rack. Bike racks are an age old solution to compact and streamlined storage. Keep yours in the open for a more modern, kid-friendly approach, or stow away in utility areas.

Bike racks can be purchased in a variety of sizes and finishes. To increase durability, opt for a stainless steel finish to your rack. Bring inside during winter to avoid moisture from damaging both your bike rack and your child’s scooter.

Opt for a lower profile option, like this Amazon pick. Or, go heavy duty with the below bike rack from Uline.

Waterproof Bins

If your child’s scooters are small or have the capability to fold, then there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to stow them completely out of space. Purchasing waterproof bins can help you solve your backyard scooter storage problems quickly and easily.

Bench style storage can both provide enough space to stow scooters, while also adding seating opportunities to your outdoor living space.

If you’re looking to move bins inside during winter, or relocate storage into the garage, traditional locking plastic containers can do the job.

Whether you’re looking to hide scooters away completely for the season, or just stow them out of sight, a waterproof bin can do the job.

For our UK readers, there is a product designed to specifically address the issue of push scooter storage. Taking the DIY wall mount to a new level, these wall mounting scooter pegs hold the push scooter by the handles. This minimal solution allows scooters to maintain a floating illusion while keeping them up off of pathways and out the lawn.

Scooter pegs are available for online purchase, and come in a variety of bright and neutral colors. Scooter pegs ship internationally and are affordable at under $20.00 per unit. To attach, simply mount to any wall or flat space that gives the scoot enough room to hang.

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