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5 Outdoor Furniture Companies to Try in 2023

We’re starting 2023 by reflecting on some of our favorite things. That includes great outdoor furniture, and the companies that create great outdoor furniture. We’ve talked about outdoor furniture brands and companies we love on the blog before. But today we’re diving deeper in five of our favorite outdoor furniture companies that are making waves in 2023. 

Keter Outdoor Furniture

Affordable meets quality. Our first brand on the list of our top outdoor furniture companies of 2023 is Keter Outdoor furniture. Keter’s offerings span the gamut, including options for seating, dining, and relaxing by the pool.

Keter is not new to the outdoor furniture business and has been producing products for over 70 years. Their team is based in North America, and they are primarily known for their innovative approach to resin-based outdoor products.

While they aren’t as eco-friendly as some other picks on this list, they are definitely making an effort. A note on Keter’s website states that they have been steadily increasing the amount of recycled material in their furniture. They pledge to hit 55% percent recycled material by 2025.

Shop funky seat sets, or keep your kids’ toys out of sight with a sleek storage container.

Tropitone Outdoor Furniture

For a high quality, luxury look, look no further than Tropitone outdoor furniture. Regarded in the industry as a leader in innovative outdoor furniture design, Tropitone has styles for every aesthetic and every space.

Started in 1954, Tropitone was a mainstay in hotels and resorts before expanding into residential offerings. They prioritize ethical manufacturing while maintaining high standards of production across their vast offerings.

Tropitone offers classic furniture pieces such as chairs, sofas, and dining tables. However, they have some other fun items in their catalog as well.

Shop their Basta Sole cabana, or take a peek at their huge line of accessories including everything from lighting to pillows.

POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture

Polywood is no newcomer to the blog. Last year we featured the brand in its own dedicated article. However, our love is continuing into the new year. Polywood is a premium outdoor furniture brand that creates high quality recycled plastic patio and deck furniture.

Started in 1990, the founders of the brand recognized a need for recycled materials to be turned into something with new life. From there, the brand began working to design and produce outdoor furniture for the modern homeowner. The first product they sold was their classic adirondack chair, a model they still have in product today. Over the years, the brand expanded and their collections grew with them.

Today, Polywood offers everything from dining sets to pet feeders, all made from recycled plastic material.

Check out favorites such as the Newport 18″ End Table or the Classic Folding Adirondack Chair.

Trex Outdoor Furniture

Speaking of Polywood, it turns out they supply their custom material to other companies as well. Trex Outdoor Furniture is one of these brands. Using Polywood’s stand out custom material, the brand creates modern takes on classic furniture pieces. From rocking chairs to cozy chairs and couches, they have a design for every outdoor space. 

Trex is notable for their commitment to creating durable pieces you only need to buy once. Both planet friendly and budget friendly, Trex pieces have a 20 year warranty and are made in the USA.

Nobody likes a high maintenance set of furniture. Trex is constructed to be a low-zero upkeep option for busy homeowners.

Shop classics like the rocking chair or even outdoor swings for classic front porch seating you’ll love.

World Market

Rounding out our list is a contender that maintains more than an online presence. World Market is a marketplace best known for its selection of indoor furniture and home decorating products. However, they’re making a splash in the world of outdoor furniture as well.

If you’re looking for a trendy take on classic outdoor furniture designs, then World Market is worth a look. Classic wood finishes meet sleek, mid century designs. Wicker gets new life in chairs and sofas. And if you’re looking to add some fun to your outdoor space, World Market is ready to be your one stop shop.

Browse their outdoor furniture, and take a meander through their line of planters and other accessories. If you don’t need something now, you will by the time you’re done scrolling.

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