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Polywood Outdoor Furniture–Our Top Picks

Summer is edging closer and closer by the day, and we’re dedicated to helping you get your outdoor living space in tip top shape. Part of this is finding the best outdoor furniture for your patio or deck. We’ve discussed a few different brands of outdoor furniture on the blog before. Today, we will be covering outdoor furniture selections from the brand Polywood.

Polywood is an outdoor furniture brand started in the 90’s with an ambitious idea to produce beautiful, quality furniture products from recycled materials. From their classic Polywood adirondack chairs to full dining sets, we’ll talk about what makes Polywood unique, and what pieces we think are worth looking into.

What is Polywood?

Polywood is a premium outdoor furniture brand that creates high quality recycled plastic patio and deck furniture. Started in 1990, the founders of the brand recognized a need for recycled materials to be turned into something with new life.

From there, the brand began working to design and produce outdoor furniture for the modern homeowner. The first product they sold was their classic adirondack chair, a model they still have in product today. Over the years, the brand expanded and their collections grew with them.

Today, Polywood offers everything from dining sets to pet feeders, all made from recycled plastic material.

What sets Polywood apart from other outdoor furniture brands?

The main thing that sets the Polywood brand apart from other outdoor furniture brands is their materiality and process. While other brands we’ve covered, like Outer, have kept sustainability in mind, Polywood was a brand that came about as a direct result of sustainably minded design.

Polywood uses only high high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic to create their furniture pieces. Most of this is sourced directly from materials such as recycled milk cartons, of which they claim to recycle 400,000 of per day. It’s exciting to see brands that begin with a mission to create more eco-friendly, low waste products, and Polywood is a big name behind that movement.

Polywood Furniture Cost

If you heard “plastic furniture” and started envisioning low cost price tags, now is the time for you to reconsider. Polywood furniture may not be real wood, but it certainly is not cheap. Pricing for Polywood pieces vary depending on the size, style, and even color selected.

For example, a classic adirondack chair will cost you around $240 each, while a four person dining set will run you around $1,500. This isn’t the most expensive furniture on the market (see Ledge Lounger), but it isn’t bargain bin pricing either. Still, we want to remind our readers that no matter what you’re shopping for, quality does not come cheap.

It is true that you can buy similar styles of outdoor furniture on big online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair. For families or people looking to temporarily furnish a small space on a budget, this can be a good solution. However, long term durability, and overall quality and aesthetic appeal is hard to get without a higher price tag. Add Polywood’s eco-friendly production to the mix, and the price tags begin to make more sense.

Our Favorite Polywood Furniture Products


First up, we want to call out the piece that started the Polywood brand. Beloved for decades for its relaxed and classic design, a good adirondack chair is great on patios, pool decks, and under shady trees. The Polywood iteration features contoured seating and folds flat for easy transportation and practical storage.

Like all Polywood products, the frame is built to withstand all weather, including those homeowners who experience snowy winters or rainy seasons. The adirondack chair is a great beginner piece for those interested in Polywood material, and it really allows you to get a sense for how much you like the finish.

While we won’t say it looks exactly like wood, the quality construction and weather resistance is enough to sell us, anyways. The classic adirondack is available in 15 colors bright and neutral, and has 4.5 stars with over 150 reviews.

As a brand that made a name for itself selling adirondack chairs, it only makes sense for them to have put a few spins on the classics over the years. If your style is a little less laid back, but you still want the comfort and relaxation of this classic design, Polywood presents to you their modern adirondack chair. 

The straight line back and wider slats give this classic an updated sleek feel, while the contoured seating and waterfall front keep you comfortable. Again, this style is great for by the pool, or around your patio fire pit, and holds up great to wind, water, and daily wear.

To clean your Polywood furniture, the brand recommends a gentle soap and water mixture, applied with a soft-bristle brush. The modern adirondack chair is available in 14 neutral and bright colors, and maintains a 5 star overall rating, with nearly 300 customer reviews.

Now, if you’re really looking to get comfortable, or need to fill more space, then a patio sofa is the way to go. Modular outdoor furniture is great for those who want flexibility in their purchase. The Polywood EDGE modular set gives you this flexibility with a simple, stylish design. 

Each section of this seating arrangement can pull apart to become three different chairs and an ottoman, or come together to create several other functional styles. Create a long chaise and a chair with an ottoman. Style into a loveseat with an accent chair. Or, keep together and use as pictured above.

Polywood covers their cushions in weather resistant fabric that is UV and mold resistant. This EDGE seating model is available in 7 frame colors and a whopping 42 fabric finishes. We’re pretty confident that with a range that wide, the perfect style fit for your space is just a click away.


The Polywood brand extends beyond seating. Using the same recycled lumber material, Polywood now sells coffee tables, end tables, and accent tables to complete your space. If you’re looking to anchor a seating arrangement, then we love the simple design of the Newport coffee table featured above.

Polywood material comes in a range of finishes, including classic wood hues like deep browns. But unlike regular wood, the legs of this table will not rot or crack. Polywood promises that homeowners will never have to reseal, paint, or waterproof their furniture. This is a huge plus for tables, which often have finishes that are prone to wear over time.

The Newport coffee table is available in 7 different neutral shades, and currently maintains a nearly 5 star rating on the Polywood website. 

Is any outdoor living space complete without an end table? If you’re really looking to tie your seating arrangement together, then a matching end table never hurt anybody. The matching pair to the Newton coffee table featured above, the Newton end table is a match made in recycled plastic lumber heaven.

Pair with a couch or deep seating option, or use it as a plant stand. Either way, this is a low maintenance way to add functionality to your outdoor living space, while looking great. The Newton end table is available in 7 shades that match the Newport table.

In our review of Outer brand furniture, we mentioned their take on the multi-tasking fire pit style coffee table. This is Polywood's answer to the cultural desire to gather around the fire with friends. Unlike the Outer model, the Polywood version does not feature an attachable cooktop. Rather, this is better suited to roasting marshmallows with the kids than putting together dinner with friends.

This fire pit table includes a stainless steel burner bowl with glass wind guard, and a table cover that can be placed when not in use. This table comes with its own propane tank, but is also able to be hooked up to your home’s gas line for a sleeker look. It is safe for use on a wide variety of surfaces including wood and composite decks, concrete, and in the grass. 

This table is available in Polywood’s 7 classic colorways, and is currently rated at 4.5 stars on the brand website.


Let’s talk about outdoor dining. If you happen to have an outdoor kitchen, or simply love enjoying a cozy outdoor dinner party, or summer birthday party for the kids, then a large outdoor dining table is a must have.

This Lakeside model from Polywood seats 6, and is large enough to squeeze in a few extra makeshift chairs, if need be. Again, Polywood tables are weather resistant, and will not peel or rot in cold or wet weather. This means that, while this set is an investment piece, it will stand the test of time.

HDPE plastic is UV and color protectant, meaning the finish and overall look of your dining set will hold up. This model is outfitted with a center hole, making it umbrella-compatible if you’re in need of some shade.

Looking for something a bit smaller? This round dining set seats four comfortably and looks great in smaller spaces. We love the slight arc to the chair backs, as well as the compact legs of the table. There’s nothing worse than compromising on leg room.

Like the Lakeside model, this dining set is available in 7 neutral finishes. Dress it up with a pop of color through seat cushions, or keep it classic and streamlined. The Vineyard table also is umbrella-compatible, but does not come with one included.


Finally, what is an outdoor space without a few accessories. As a rule of thumb, furniture needs cushions. And while there are a lot of cushions on the market, Polywood’s line is simple and geared towards long term performance and comfort. Their high performance fabric claims to be stain repellent, quick drying, and water, mildew, and dirt resistant. Available in a whopping 42 different colors and patterns, you can play it safe or go crazy with color.

The line includes many different pillow sizes to mix and match, including lumbar pillows and seat cushions, and the 22 inch pillow seen here. The fabric on Polywood’s cushions is not machine washable, which can be a downside. To clean, spot treat and lay flat to dry.

We love when brands branch out. Polywood may be a furniture brand first, but their emphasis on outdoor practicality has pushed a few more interesting offerings into their marketplace. Take this planter, for example! The 16 X 16 inch Polywood planter is large enough to house your perennial flowers, or act as a forever home for annual plantings.

The benefit to a planter that won’t mold or rot is significant, as watering and soil can take a toll on wooden planters. Choose from 7 natural wood and neutral shades, including the green seen above.

Before we sign off, we thought we’d take the time to really explore everything that Polywood has to offer. And that includes, apparently, their take on a pet feeder. At first glance, you may not understand the need. But for anyone whose dog loves long summer days in the backyard, keeping an outdoor water and food dish on hand is a must.

The Polywood version isn’t cheap, but it will probably be with you forever. It is also water resistant, and easy to clean. The elevated height is great for senior dogs or pets with more limited mobility. Stainless steel dishes are included. The Polywood pet feeder is available in 12 neutral and bright color options, and is good for indoor or outdoor use.

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