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Outer Brand Outdoor Furniture–Our Top Picks

We’re always trying to make our readers aware of the latest product lines that make living in your backyard more enjoyable. Today, we’re covering Outer brand outdoor furniture, a sustainably minded outdoor furniture company that offers classic designs in timeless materials. Learn more about the company, and see our favorite Outer brand outdoor furniture picks.

What is Outer outdoor furniture?

As the name would imply, Outer furniture is a fairly new outdoor furniture brand that is aiming to up the game of outdoor patio furniture. Outdoor living spaces have been the focus of attention as people have spent more time in their homes in the last few years, and Outer saw room for improvement.

The Outer line focuses on simple, classic designs in three signature materials: Teak, Aluminum, and All-Weather Wicker. From seating to other functional furniture like tables, fire pits, and rugs, you can furnish your deck or patio all in one place.

What makes Outer furniture different?

Besides the focus on upscale designs and a limited, but classic run of materials, it’s Outer’s focus on sustainability that set it apart from other brands. Outer is focused on sustainable practices in both sourcing and the distribution of their products. They claim to utilize a circular approach to their designs, thinking past the items used to how it will be disposed of. This approach means that Outer’s products are made to be recyclable.

Outer is a Climate Neutral Certified company, and is a good alternative for those who are looking to shop greener both inside and outside their homes. They place a lot of emphasis on materiality as well.

We’ve discussed some of the most popular materials used in outdoor furniture cushions. Outdoor has engineered a recycled polypropylene blend that they state is UV resistant, durable, comfortable, waterproof, and offers a hand crafted aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, Outer has directly confronted the issue of covering cushions for bad weather or seasonal storage. They designed an attached, roll over cover they called the "Outer Shell". When you need to cover, carry, or store, simply unfurl and move along.

Outer Furniture Cost

Now, this all sounds great, we’re sure. However, you do pay a price for quality. Upscale design and materials demand higher prices, and that is certainly the case with this brand. For homeowners looking to furnish a patio, you could be looking to spend nearly $10,000 dollars.

Of course, prices will vary depending on how much furniture you need, the size, and the type of material you choose. For example, an aluminum or wicker outdoor sofa from Outer will cost you $3,550, while the teak variation of their styles are more expensive, with a sofa costing $5,290. If you’ve shopped for furniture before, you’re probably aware that natural wood commonly costs more than other, man-made materials.

To build confidence with consumers, Outer does offer a 10 year warranty on their outdoor furniture.

Our Favorite Outer Furniture Products

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Outer products in seating, tables, and accessories. Options include choices for spaces of all sizes and styles.


Look, it’s hard to beat the basics. And whether you’re looking to add more seating to your current outdoor living area, or need something cozy for a smaller space, a well built loveseat is the perfect fit.

Great as a stand alone or to pair with other items you already own, we love the natural wood finish of this piece. Paired with the modern gray material, this neutral palette can be dressed up or dressed down. Add pillows, pair with a brighter ottoman, or place between two side tables. Most Outer pieces are available in two shades–the gray, shown above, and a bright cream.

A great, midsize outdoor piece is functional in any space, and the Outer loveseat style fits the bill.

If you’re looking to fully furnish a new patio or deck, then your best bet is buy a set. Not only is this more cost effective than buying separate pieces, but it also does some of the design legwork for you. Sets take the guesswork out of matching so you can focus more on what matters–relaxing.

Of course, the more furniture you have, the more unrealistic it becomes to store it in the off-season. For our readers in colder climates, this presents a problem when it comes time to pack up for a harsh winter. Materials like teak, though durable and beautiful, don’t also do so well when left outside in long periods of inclimate weather.

This is why we prefer aluminum for those looking to buy matching sets. This Outer set seats four, and can be kept outside all year long. For extra protection, the brand offers specially designed seating covers.

Have a large space to fill? You need a sectional. Not only do sectional sofas fill larger spaces without much effort, but they also provide ample seating. Many sectionals, including the one in question, are modular. This means you can break them apart and reconfigure them to best fit your space.

Of course, the larger a piece of furniture, the more material matters. Outer offers their corner section in all their classic finishes. For a modern space, we love their classic black aluminum. Teak looks great, but is more expensive and difficult to store. For a similar natural feel, we love Outer’s All-Weather Wicker finish, seen above.

Working with a really small space? Perhaps you’re renting and have a postage-stamp sized balcony you’re trying to make work. While you probably won’t fit a large chair or sofa in a space that small, an ottoman can be a great way to create additional seating in limited square footage.

The Outer Teak Ottoman is an upscale version of the basic piece. Use it as a jumping off point, and then pair it with a chair or sofa if you find yourself with more room to work with down the road.


Outer offers a small line of three coffee table options, all currently priced at $1250. While all designs feature a teak wood finish and rectangular shape, they each offer a distinctly different aesthetic. Additionally, Outer sells a unique table-style item they call the “Fire Pit Table”.

If you’re looking for something a little different, this is the right pick for your space. A teak frame is inlaid with a concrete base, blending traditional and modern industrial styles for a sleek finish.

If you’re a fan of minimal, more mid century inspired designs, the narrow tapered legs and simple finish of this Outer coffee table are perfect. At 55.1" L x 27.6" W x 15.7" H, this table is a good size without adding too much extra bulk.

Teak naturally has low thermal conductivity, meaning your table top won’t be burning hot in the summer sun. Functional and aesthetically beautiful, it’s hard to go wrong with the basics.

It’s a fire pit; it’s a table; it’s…a cooktop? Well, if you buy Outer’s full Fire Pit Table set up, you’re buying all three in one specially designed item.

Outer’s Fire Pit Table is a multifunctional piece designed to transition in accordance with your needs. If you’re looking to cook with friends, the cooktop surface attaches to the fire pit allowing you and your friends to gather round.

After dinner, remove the cooktop to share campfire stories and watch the flames as you would around any outdoor fire pit. The next day, cover the fire pit surface with the insert, and use it as a regular coffee table.


The Outer product line extends beyond just furniture. Their site also includes a few fun accessories that we’re interested in trying ourselves.

Outdoor rugs have been growing in popularity as we begin to treat our outdoor living spaces with the same consideration as our indoor spaces. The rug offered by Outer is an outdoor rug made entirely from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. The result is a durable and high quality product that is also more eco-friendly than cheaper options from large online retailers.

The 1188 rug is available in three colorways, including Sand Dune Beige, seen above.

We could all agree that the worst part of summer is the mosquitoes. There’s nothing that ends an evening outside faster than bugs biting at your ankles. Outer aims to address this concern with their Bug Shield Blanket.

This blanket is coated in a bug-repellent Insect Shield coating, that deters bugs and other insect pests without irritating skin. Available in neutral and classic colors, we love the plaid, seen above, for a touch of coziness in any modern outdoor living space.

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