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Digital Landscape Design: What is Tilly Design?

We’ve explored digital landscaping websites a few times before. If you are unfamiliar, digital landscape designers are the tech world’s answer to those who need some extra help pulling their outdoor space together. Many of these services are purely virtual, and offer clients designs at a lower price than many local, more personal services. Another one of these services is Tilly Design.

What is Tilly Design?

Tilly Design is a digital landscape design company offering online landscape design services to clients nationwide. Founded in 2019 by four college best friends, Tilly Design now operates with contacts in nearly all 50 states. The process is similar to that of other online landscape design services.

After deciding to use Tilly, homeowners choose a package they feel best suits their needs. They then complete a profile for their project and upload details of the space they are updating as well as taking a style quiz and assessment. This helps the assigned designer get a feel for your personal style and tastes.

In comparison to other services, Tilly presents themselves with more personal approach. Instead of a phone consultation, clients meet their designer through video call. Tilly encourages homeowners to walk their designer through their space and create a dialogue about their wants and needs. 

After that, TIlly seeks approval for what they call a “basemap”, and begin designing. They claim homeowners can expect their designs delivered via email within 2-3 weeks. However, they caution that timelines may change during busy seasons.

Once all is said and done, clients can use the designs to contact local contractors who put the project into action.

Tilly Design Services & Pricing

Tilly Design offers a few different packages for prospective clients. Options vary in price depending on extent of design and optional add on services. Packages break down into three basic offerings. Packages are described on the Tilly Design website as:

  1. The Front, $375- “ Improve your front foundation and enhance the value of your home with a custom landscape renovation.”

  2. The Back, $525- “Need a better play area for the kids? Partner with Tilly to help your backyard reach its full potential.”

  3. The Full, $775- “Whether you have a clean slate or an overgrown jungle, you’ll get a master plan to install at once, or phase in over time.”

Tilly also provides the option for add ons to each package. Tilly delivers all standard design packages in a 2D rendering format and do not include lighting or side yard design. Users can pay an additional fee for any of these services. 

3D rendering will cost homeowners between $250 and $350 dollars, while lighting and side yard designs will cost an extra $100 to $150 respectively. Tilly reports that they do not include specific quantities or materials for construction of suggested structures such as pergolas or decks. Unlike services such as Yardzen, they do not provide a listicle of direct to purchase links for design items, either.

Finally, while Tilly serves most of the United States, they do not have specifically partnered contractors. However, they maintain connections with a network of contractors, and can help get clients connected if need be.

Is Tilly Design legit?

Tilly Design is a legitimate service offering digital landscaping services to clients nationwide. They have been featured in such media as Realtor Magazine and HGTV. Users should not feel worried about paying for a fake service when signing up for Tilly.

Though, like other virtual design services, experiences may vary. Unlike platforms such as Shrubhub and Yardzen, Tilly Design’s website focuses less on reported customer reviews. The attention appears to be on examples of design and work.

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