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Benefits of Remote vs Local Landscape Designers

In person design consultations have their merits. It’s always nice to be familiar with the person you hire on a face to face level. There is certainly something to be said for a designer who is familiar with your area. But if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that there are distinct benefits to remote work. This is true for most industries, including landscape design. 

Working with a remote landscape design consultant can unlock doors and design potential you may not have previously had access to. On a broader level, remote designers can help you from anywhere. These professionals are equipped with the tools needed to bring your backyard from dud to dream living space. 

Here are some of the most unique benefits to working with a remote landscape designer over your area’s most popular company.

Remote Consultants Have Broader Knowledge

Local knowledge is great to have. It can be extremely comforting to work closely with someone who has lived in your area for many years. However, the truth is that any good landscape designer will take the time to consider the rules, regulations, and unique considerations of your area. So why not opt for a remote landscape design consultation?

A remote consultant has seen it all. From small, downtown backyards to sprawling properties, east coast to west coast, and everything in between. This means that when you reach out to a remote design consultant, you are accessing a breadth of experience. The more varied a designer’s work is, the more likely they are to bring a unique perspective to your space. And they do so while keeping the specifics of your area in mind. 

Remote Consultants Aren’t Focused on Local Trends

Depending on where you live, different design aesthetics can become very trendy, very quickly. From sleek and modern in Southern California, to rustic hardscapes and lawns in the Midwest and Northeast. General style can vary hugely between areas. Local designers are more likely to rely on and lean into these trends. The easier it is to replicate what is popular next door, the faster they can deliver you a design.

Unfortunately, the result of this is a space that looks like every other backyard on your block. Maybe your goal is not to stick out–but if you’re spending a considerable amount of money on outdoor design, shouldn’t your dream backyard be a reflection of you? Remote landscape designers are handling a wide variety of projects year over year from all different areas. This means that they are less likely to propose a backyard that looks exactly like the one your neighbors have. And if you’re looking for a custom space, that’s a serious advantage.

Find The Style You’re Looking For

If you’re not sure what you want, then a landscape design consultant is there to guide you towards the right aesthetic for your space. A local designer is more likely to guide you towards aesthetics that they feel they can design and construct quickly, without taking your deeper aesthetics leanings into consideration.

Working with a remote landscape design consultant means you can count on your designer to really listen to your likes and dislikes. They can help find the style of space you’re looking for, not the style of space they can build the fastest. View portfolios of designer work on Instagram or Houzz, and get a feel for how styles vary between designers.

Take Meetings From Anywhere

The next benefit is one of the true perks of the rise of remote work. That is, remote work means you can meet with your landscape design consultant from anywhere. Whether you’re on your lunch break at work, have twenty minutes before the kids’ soccer game, or you’re away at the cabin or the weekend, you can schedule a meeting with your remote design consultant.

This is a huge advantage for busy homeowners who don’t have time or the desire to meet in an office. The flexibility of remote work has risen to prominence in the last few years, and for good reason. If you don’t have to leave the house to get a new backyard designed, then why would you?

Wider Selection of Designers

Looking for designers in your local area can be limiting. After all, there are only so many companies working in your neighborhood. Chances are, one or two companies are likely to have a monopoly over many of the current projects. Looking outside of your bubble puts you in the driver’s seat.

Working with a remote landscape design consultant means you can dive deep, and find someone who you truly see eye to eye with. Browse collections of work, compare portfolios, and find peace in knowing that once you remove geographical constraints, your options are almost limitless.

Find a Consultant Who Specializes In Your Style

In keeping with previous points made, the last benefit to working with a remote designer is the opportunity to find a landscape designer who specializes in creating the kind of space you want. Most of us find ourselves drawn to one style or another. Chances are you have a general idea of what you want your backyard space to look like. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on having someone design it, then it makes sense to look for a designer who specializes in your aesthetic.

Maybe your top priority is a custom, gunite pool. Maybe you’re looking to build a brand new deck. From modern, to retro, to rustic or traditional, you can find a remote landscape design consultant who is an expert in that aesthetic space.

Remote Landscape Design Consultants, Limitless Possibilities

Local designers can be a good option for a lot of people. But for those looking to expand their design horizons or find a more convenient way to work, remote landscape design consultants offer limitless possibilities.

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