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A Closer Look at the Life Saver Pool Fence

Pools and small children are not a great combination. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 350 children under the age of five drown in pools every single year. This is why if you are the owner of a backyard pool with young children in the household, a pool fence is always a smart choice. There are many pool fence products on the market. Today we’re going to take a closer look at one of them called the Life Saver Pool Fence.

What is the Life Saver Pool Fence?

The Life Saver Pool Fence is a removable pool fence designed to offer enhanced security to inground pools. Life Saver offers four iterations of their pool fence: The original Life Saver Pool Fence, the Pool Barrier Fence, Pool Corral, and the Life Saver Pet Fence. All products are constructed from the same materials, but vary in size and specifics.

Life Saver claims to offer the highest quality product, and uses a highly durable mesh to create a barrier between your child and the pool. This mesh is then reinforced to metal hardware.

How is Life Saver Pool Fence Installed?

One of the unique features of this pool fence is its ability to be removed, yet remain an inground feel while set up. This is because of a unique installation process. The fence is placed into aluminum holes or plastic sleeves which are drilled into your pool deck surface. Aluminum support poles are then placed into the holes, and the fence remains upright.

Each section of fencing is about 16 pounds, and each removable section is around 15 feet with the ability to roll for storage purposes. Bilateral tension keeps the fence upright.

Installation can be performed by a Life Saver representative, or by homeowners in some cases.Most reviewers confirm that the fence is sturdy, and report installation takes very little time.


The cost of the Life Saver varies by case. Factors such as desired height, color, installation, and even local markets can affect the overall cost. Still, Life Saver’s fences generally cost between $16-$25 per square foot. For a pool requiring 100 feet of fencing, you may pay anywhere between $1,600 and $2,500.

Price may be higher if customer configurations or additional features are added during the installation process.

Standard Features

The Life Saver Pool Fence features multiple safety accommodations that increase its durability and ease of use. Their “Snap Safety Latch” is a stainless steel spring that is designed without sharp edges.

Most notable is the design of their special Textilene mesh which creates the fencing barrier. Life Saver mesh uses a polyvinyl basket weave claimed to have a tensile strength rating of over 387 pounds by square inch. The mesh can expand and reform to avoid damage due to pinpoint punctures by sharp objects.

All fences include a self-latching pool gate which minimizes the chance of accidentally leaving your pool unlocked. The latching mechanism is out of the reach of children, giving additional piece of mind. This gate can be upgraded from a classic to arched variety depending on your preferences.

While each of Life Saver’s products vary slightly in design, they all include their classic materials and warranties.

Other Considerations

While the Life Saver isn’t the ugliest fence on the market by far, most removable and portable fencing isn’t exactly prioritizing aesthetics. Talk to your contractor if you are interested in a fully integrated fencing option. It is often possible to include safety fencing in the design for an integrated pool.

The Life Saver can only be set up on level ground and inserts into holes bored into the pool deck. This means that, while it may work well for most standard inground pool designs, above ground pools with atypical hardscaping or decking may not be compatible.


So, what does the general public think of Life Saver products? From reviews hosted on their website, feedback is overwhelmingly positive. While there is no true way to confirm whether or not hosted reviews are genuine, more reliable Amazon and Google reviews remain positive as well. 

General remarks cite great customer service, functionality, and durability from the product. In all, if you are looking for a way to add safety to an existing inground pool, the Life Saver brand is well established. Online, it seems to be generally well regarded.

However, if you have not already begun construction on your new in ground swimming pool other options are available. Planning a fully incorporated fence can help achieve the peace of mind you are after with more regard for aesthetics.

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