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9 Best Outdoor Solar Lighting Solutions

The transition to outdoor solar lighting can be exciting. Many homeowners go solar because finding electrical outlets that will allow you to light your entire outdoor space can be tough. Solar lighting gives you the freedom to light any area of your yard. Pair this with the reduction of your carbon footprint, and choosing solar can be great for you and the environment.

However, you’ve made the choice, knowing what to pick can be tough. Not all solar lighting is created equal. From poor brightness, to low battery life, the wrong solar light can be a bad investment. And with so many areas to light, not all products are one-size fits all.

We put together a list of some of the best solar lights on the market to make your life easier. From steps, to wall lighting, and even color changing options, we’ve made it easier to find your perfect match.

The Best Solar Lighting For...

1. Ground Lighting

The Agoist Solar Ground Lighting

Ground lighting is essential to illuminate your entire outdoor space. From highlighting your favorite landscaping to brightening up the corners of your yard, a great ground light makes a difference.

The Aogist Solar Ground lights are incredibly simple to install. Simply stake into your yard and forget about them! They have a waterproof design, and the charge typically lasts at least eight hour. Price wise, you won’t be breaking the bank. A set of 8 runs only $26, a great bargain for an easy to use lighting solution.

2. Step Lighting

Jackyled Solar Step Lights

Part of outdoor lighting is safety. Keeping your space illuminated will prevent trips, slips, and missteps. An area where this is incredibly important is on and around outdoor steps. This set of lights charges automatically, and turns on and off on a timer. The screw securely into your steps, making them a great choice for decking.

Jackyled claims up to 10 hours of light on a single charge and recharges daily to ensure you’re never left in the dark. With over 3,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, this product is sure to impress.

3. Color Changing Lights

B BOCHAMTEC Solar Flame Flickering Torch

For those looking to have more fun with their outdoor design, colored lighting can be exactly what you’re looking for. These B Bochamtec Solar Torches allow you to control your ambience from your phone. Change the mood in your yard with the touch of a button, or switch to a classic tiki torch feel for more fun.

These torches are largely waterproof and stand up well in changing climates. The lithium battery is charged by the sun and can provide up to 16 hours of illumination. Though the price on this set is higher, you’re paying for versatility and fun. For those who love to entertain, adding an easy, solar powered lighting element to your space can be a game changer.

4. Pathway Lights

MAGGIFT 6 Pack 25 Lumen Solar Powered Pathway Lights

Pathway lighting is important throughout your outdoor space. Pathway lighting guides you at night, and directs the eye towards focal points in your space. Investing in pathway lighting will help your yard become more navigable all year long.

The MAGGIFT Pathway Lights cast warm, white light over your space. They operate at 25 lumens, which is an exceptional brightness for solar lighting. Those in wetter climates may take note that they are made from stainless steel. Left in poor conditions, metal can begin to erode. For longevity, cover in winter.

5. Wall Lighting

Hampton Bay Black Solar LED Outdoor Wall Lantern

For patios and outdoor living spaced, wall lights are a must. They create the ambient glow that brings typical indoor living to your outdoor space. Finding solar options that are efficient without being ugly can be a challenge, and these lights from Home Depot manage to merge style and function.

These Hampton Bay lights give off a soft glow, and are set to emit at 10 Lumens. While this isn’t the brightest option on the market, it allows you to navigate your space in a gentler glow. A set of two will run you around $22.

6. Flood Lights

LINK2HOME Outdoor Solar Light

Flood lights are great safety features to install outside of your home. Finding solar powered options can be challenging. The best flood lights are motion censored and are bright enough to really light up a space. These Link2Home lights deliver.

Emitting at 350 Lumen, these mountable lights flood your driveway or yard with bright light when the motion sensor is triggered. After 30 seconds without motion, the light will go out. On a full charge, these lights will last up to 12 hours. For motion sensor devices, this can result in months of regular use.

7. All Season Lighting

URPOWER Solar Lights

Thanks to battery packs, solar powered lights can work in almost any climate. However, you need to make sure the materials are built to last. For those enduring winter weather or precipitation, metal can be tricky. Stainless steel may look great, but it can degrade with time.

These URPower lights are built to be waterproof. This means through snow and rain, you can set them and forget them. The large solar panels result in a quicker charge, and they have a low and high light setting. In traditional solar fashion, installation is as simple as staking them into the ground.

8. Best Value

Signature Garden 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights

If you’re looking for solar lighting, but not interested in breaking the banks, options still exist! This Signature Garden set offers six high performance stainless steel lights at under $50 dollars. These function best as pathway or garden lights to illuminate your space from dusk until dawn.

9. Hanging Lamps

pearlstar Solar Lantern Outdoor Hanging Light

Solar lights are often lauded for their functionality. While indeed practical, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise style. These pearlstar Hanging lights are a beautiful mobile option that merge modern technology with classic lantern-esque design. The portability of these solar lights is exemplary. Without wires, you can have fun moving them around your outdoor space. Think of them as string lights, without the string!

Considerations Before Choosing Solar Lighting

Before you choose your next set of solar lights, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. All solar lights are not created equal. Because of this, knowing exactly what to look out for can prevent a headache later on down the line.


When it comes to solar lighting, you want to ensure that your set can hold a charge. Find lights that can provide you the length of illumination you need for your space. Ideally, you should find options that promise between 8 to 16 hours of light per charge.

The smaller length of time your lights hold a charge, the more the battery will be taxed. Lights holding short charges will result in a more exhausted batter. As a result, this can result in a shorter lifespan of your product. As a rule of thumb, look for LED lights. Solar or not, these energy efficient bulbs will give you the best bang for your buck. Additionally, homeowners should be aware of how long it takes for a set to fully recharge.

If you know your space experiences limited sunlight each day, opt for units that need less sunlight to recharge.

Color and Design

Before picking a set of lights, it’s important to know what color of light they will emit. While white light can be brightening, it’s also very harsh. Thus, looking for warm, or yellow toned lighting can help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

Furthermore, understand what design you are looking for. While many options can provide great function, some solar panels can be attached to unsightly, or cheaply made designs. Breakable plastic, or units that are not watertight are likely to give you trouble. Save yourself money later on by spending a little more on a great design.


One of the most common complaints about solar lighting is their brightness. Few solar lights can achieve the brightness of electric bulbs, but modern technology means many come closs. To understand how bright your lighting will be, look for the Lumen grading. Most solar lights are graded on a scale of 1-30 Lumens. The higher the number, the brighter the light emitted will be.

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