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9 Best Fire Pits For Small Spaces

Everybody wants a fire feature in their backyard. Whether it’s a built in outdoor fireplace, or a portable fire pit, there’s nothing better than gathering around a bonfire with friends on a summer evening. 

However, those with small spaces may find it challenging to find fire pits that fit their space. Whether you’re dealing with limited patio real estate, or are limited to a table, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the dream of roasting marshmallows with your kids.

Today’s market has provided homeowners with a wide range of options for every backyard. From classic wood burning round fire pit designs to slick, square fire pit tables, here are some great picks for your next backyard bonfire.

1. Sand Stone Colis Concrete Wood Burning Fire Pit

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Many stereotypical fireplace designs don’t fit into a finished or contemporary backyard. Thankfully, companies have been hard at work resolving that problem. Materials like concrete come together with a seamless design to offer your space function and style.

At just over two feet, this pit is big enough to entertain around without monopolizing your space. Benefits of concrete include exceptional durability and weather resistance, though it still may be a good idea to pull it into the garage come winter.

This pit is woodburning and includes a fire poker, though the firescreen is sold separately.

2. Outland Living 401 Series - 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table

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For homeowners with a little more space who are looking for something understated to tuck in a corner or alongside some outdoor furniture, Outdoor Living provides an updated take on the firepit. For many, the appeal of integrated fire pits comes in their ability to be hooked up to gas, meaning a clean and smokeless burn.

This pit offers the same appeal with the added benefit of mobility. Simply push the ignition button and enjoy a night by the fire. Made from aluminum and resin, this option holds up fairly well outside, though consistent or lingering moisture may cause rusting. For extended longevity, cover while not in use.

3. JHY DESIGN Tabletop Fire Bowl Pot

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Most renters will agree--when outdoor space is limited, it’s actually limited. For those with postage stamp yards, or no yard at all, incorporating a firepit into what outdoor space you may have can feel impossible. Enter table top fire pits.

This JHY Design fire bowl model is small enough to fit on balcony tables and is a great accent at parties. Spend a long night talking with loved ones, or just enjoy watching the fire bowl burn. As with many table top models, this pit or fire bowl burns Bio Ethanol, which is sold separately to the kit.

Those with children should keep a watchful eye, and items on tables tend to be knocked over. Combining fire with a glass cylinder can be a recipe for disaster for curious toddlers.

4. Solo Stove Bonfire Pit

Shop on SoloStove.

Coming in at just over a foot in diameter and under two feet tall, this is a great, compact, no nonsense, unique fire pit option for homeowners looking for a firepit with no protruding edges or tripping hazards. The Solo Stove is woodburning, but boasts a cleaner burn with less smoke.

When used with a heat resistant barrier this outdoor fire pit can even be used on wooden decks, a benefit for those with little to no grass. The stainless steel construction of this pit is sleek and easy on the eyes, but stored during winter or wet seasons.

5. KingSo Fire Pit

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You know it, you love it. Here’s an affordable and classic fire pit design that won’t consume significant space in your yard. This KingSo design is lightweight and compact, and comes fully equipped with both fire poker and screen.

This style of firepit is popular as it is incredibly portable and easy to store. However, some may complain of a smokey burn. A good all-purpose option, this style of firepit is a true workhorse. Functional for campfire cooking, and safe for kids to roast a great marshmallow, the biggest concern may simply be the longevity.

As with most outdoor items, you get what you pay for. Expect a few great seasons of wear, but after time even the classics need some replacing.

6. Landmann Savannah

If you love the look of metal but are searching for something with a little more flair than your classic bowl construction, this fire pit features offers a woven steel look with a domed safety lid.

If a challenge of many small pits is limited depth or space for burning, this Landmann model offers more than a foot of space to burn. The cutouts are lined with metal meshing to prevent flying sparks and keep bare feet safe during the summer.

Like with most metal constructions, keeping it dry will help prevent rusting and allow your family to enjoy bonfires for more than a few seasons.

7. Fire Sense Portable Fire Pit

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Those looking to maximize the portability of their pit should look to foldable, lightweight designs like this Fire Sense model. At under two feet, the bowl is big enough offer good burning space, but not big enough to become obstructive.

This model features foldable legs that make set up and take down easy, and it’s sold with its own carrying bag. For families whose hobbies include camping or RV trips, this pit can serve double duty as a carry-along campfire.

8. Heininger Portable Propane Fire Pit

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Another compact, portable option, this little Heininger number offers the best in clean burning and traveling appeal. Perfect for camping, tailgating, and of course your backyard, this gas fire pit checks boxes for those looking to avoid wood burning options without compromising a classic firepit design.

Of course, as with all portable gas options, it’s important to keep your propane tank stocked so you don’t run out of gas mid-evening.

To store, wipe clean and cover.

9. Caier Steel Mesh Fireplace

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If you’re pressed for space, storage, and are simply looking for a functional way to roast a marshmallow in your own home or during your next camping trip, this Caier folding fire pit may just fit the ticket.

Uniquely designed with steel rods and mesh, this pit more closely resembles a folding table than a fire feature. What this pit lacks in form it makes up for in function, weighing under three pounds, but holding up to 26 pounds of wood.

Find The Right Fire Pit For Your Backyard

Incorporating a fire feature into a small space can seem daunting, but the reality is much more optimistic. Today’s demand for multi use spaces, even for those working with little to no yard, has sparked the creation of more compact, and in some cases portable fire pits. A small fire pit doesn't mean you need to compromise on overall effect. You can sit around a warm fire, or enjoy everything a traditional fire pit offers with a state of the art fire table.

Whether you love the smell of burning wood, or are looking for a small, natural gas option, there’s something on the market you and your family will be sure to love.

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