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5 Laminar Jet Design Ideas for Pools

Adding flair to your backyard pool doesn’t have to be invasive. In fact, something as simple as adding new lighting or a focal point of interest can change the entire energy of the space. Laminar jets are a simple pool deck jet solution that have made their way from luxury hotel pools to backyards across the country. But there is no one right way to incorporate laminar jets into your inground swimming pool. Here are a few of our favorite laminar jet design ideas.

Light Up The Night

One of the most popular ways to incorporate these glassy deck jets into your space is to pair them with LED lights. Because the stream of a laminar jet is unbroken and glassy, putting a color changing LED light at the base of the jet is transformative. The light will carry unbroken along the stream and create an arc of shimmering light above your swimming pool.

Modern LED pool lights allow users to change the color on demand. This means you can create a different ambiance in your yard every night. Create a laser-like, multicolored effect at your next pool party, or opt for a soft arc of white light during a quiet night in. Because LED lighting provides users with an unlimited range of options, design possibilities are endless.

High and Wide

There are two main aspects of laminar jets that homeowners can adjust for different effects. These aspects include the height of projection, and the distance of projection. Subtle visual interest can be created by installing a few short, low profile jets on your deck. As mentioned, lower profile jets create less noise pollution in your space. However, for those looking for a notable impact, bigger is better.

High, wide arcing laminar jets create a dramatic, elegant effect. Use them to accent an angular shape of your pool, or draw the eye around the space. Pool jets can be used to pull the eye toward other features of your pool. Allow them to cascade into water falls, or spring out from behind a baja shelf. Use the widest jets to emphasize the length of your pool. Remember, the higher the jet arcs, the louder the impact with the water will be.

Play With Symmetry

Design loves symmetry. Creating symmetry in design offers balance and a sense of order to your outdoor space. Sometimes, it can be hard to bring a sense of symmetry to asymmetric freeform, or even Roman or L-shaped swimming pools. Features like laminar jets can restore this organization without compromising the organic shape of your swimming pool.

Line jets up on either side and allow them to meet in the middle. Install along the length to emphasize the size of your pool, or at either end for a more dramatic effect. While it’s possible to make singular laminar jets look great, it is a more difficult task. For immediate impact, opt for even numbers of laminar jets on either side of your pool deck.

Laminar Jet Design for Noise Cancellation

Laminar jets aren’t only for visual aesthetics. While they are loved for their lower noise in comparison to features such as waterfalls, laminar jets are by no means silent. In fact, many consider these pool jets to be a great middle of the road option. This feature allows users to incorporate the sound of falling water into their space without creating noise pollution.

To achieve a volume that isn’t overwhelming, consider aiming for a small stream. The smaller the laminar jet, the less impact it will have when it hits the surface of the water. The less impact the jet has, the quieter the overall sound resonance will be. Low, short range arcs such as those shown below are great options for homeowners looking to provide some pleasant white noise.

Less Is More

It can be tempting to go all out when installing laminar jets on your pool deck. However, that’s not always the best, or most practical option. Laminar jets may be more affordable than other pool features, but they are not cheap. A great quality jet with LED lighting can run up to $1,000 per jet. But not only will choosing tons of jets come at a high price, more is not always better when it comes to design.

Too many laminar jets on your pool deck can lead to a crowded, or even messy appearance. One of the best aspects of laminar jets is their glossy, glass like, laminar appearance. This effect is best emphasized by giving each jet enough room to breathe.

This is why you will rarely see designers incorporate criss crossing or otherwise intersecting jets. Keeping designs simpler will not only save you money, but create an elegant and uncrowded design in your pool space.

No matter which style you prefer, every pool owner can find a way to incorporate a laminar jet. Whether you prefer low profile and understated, or colorful and dramatic, laminar jet design for backyard pools has come a long way in recent years. Talk to a contractor about finding a configuration and style you’ll love for years to come.

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