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15 Amazing Struxure Pergola Designs

We’ve written about Struxure before. In the world of smart pergola design, they are a clear frontrunner. Their mission is to take the standard backyard pergola and turn it into an outdoor living centerpiece worthy of the modern age. From automated closure, to weather sensing technology, the Struxure brand has left their mark on landscaping projects across the country.

Today, we decided to take the time to round up some of our favorite Struxure installations. Whether it’s a seating area next to the pool, or a beachside retreat, Struxure pergolas are making their debut in landscaping projects large and small.

Relaxing Next To The Pool

PLA Design Studio turns this Florida backyard into a luxury tropical escape. The Struxure pergola provides all season coverage, while the built in fan throws a much needed breeze during the hottest days. Beneath the pergola, comfortable seating and an organic fire pit finish this indoor-outdoor living space.

The Modern Bar

Sark Custom Awnings takes this outdoor kitchen and bar area to the next level. The Struxure pergola is installed in white, matching the finish of the kitchen bar and privacy wall on the property. Recessed lighting illuminates the space long after the sun goes down, creating a destination spot for guests after dark.

Struxure and Stone

One of Struxure’s strong suits is the versatility of the product. Fireplace Stone and Patio blend the modern finish of a Struxure pergola with the natural finish of tone retaining walls. This elevated patio is just a step outside the home, acting as a natural extension of the indoor living space. In the corner of the frame, you can see a TV has been mounted to the roof of the pergola, meaning game days are no longer limited to the living room.

Outdoor Kitchen for All Seasons

Traditional coastal style is within reach in the Struxure line. Above, this Coastal Construction design comes together with a large, covered outdoor kitchen and bar. Detailed beams give this Struxure pergola a more traditional feel, keeping it in line with the traditional look of the home. Two fans are suspended from the room in a contrasting black, creating ample air flow.

Clean, Bright, and White

Love the all-white look? So do we. Struxure provides the finishing touch to this all-white, indoor-out living room space, complete with a unique pendant light fixture and white brick fireplace.

A Treehouse View

Modern day treehouse, anyone? Mom’s Design Build takes Struxure into a lushly landscaped backyard space, bordered on all sides with green. From the smart pergola slats above, to the automated bug screens, this installation blends the line between indoor and outdoor living, and looks great doing it.

Modern Spanish Pool

Custom pool, custom tile, custom pergola–what could be better? Sark Awnings puts a modern twist on a traditional Spanish style backyard. Clean lines of a Struxure pergola offset the gentle curved railing of the elevated pool deck. Below, a custom water feature wall spills into a luxury pool.

Streamlined Steel

Sometimes the best things in life are simple. This KC Outdoor Structure design proves that minimal doesn’t have to be boring. A streamlined deck looks out over the property. The pergola is anchored on two walls by the home, while the remaining walls open up to the air. Above, a fan circulates air, while inlaid lighting takes the deck from day to night.

Elevated Awning

Struxure goes beyond full scale pergolas for patios and decks. Have a small space you’re looking to upgrade? A smaller scale model might be exactly what you’re looking for. In this Sawk Awning design, a smart pergola provides just enough coverage for a modern entrance area.

Dreamy Deck

The perfect deck isn’t complete without a great pergola. Here, a Struxure model casts just the right amount of shade on an elevated wood deck. A suspended fan keeps air moving, while smart slats adjust to fit the weather. Homeowners can perch on the deck, and enjoy the tranquility of their space.

Backyard Spa

A custom spa is always great. What’s better? A custom spa you can use, rain or shine. KC Outdoor Structures layer two pergolas to create a dynamic roof above this home’s custom outdoor spa. Relax on a warm summer evening, or cozy up during a rainy afternoon–weather be damned.

Beachside Retreat

Struxure has been featured in designs across the country. This beachside property makes use of a long, linear Struxure model to provide coverage to an outdoor grilling and dining space. With a view like this, the design allows the space to remain low profile. Homeowners can block harsh, beach side sunshine while looking out at the water.

Blue and White

A built in pergola? It’s possible! Home Expressions by JDR takes the classic Struxure model and adds its own custom twist. Built into a larger room, the all white overhead provides additional functionality while matching the overall aesthetic. Relax and enjoy the view, or spend the night talking by the fireplace. No matter what your preferred scenario is, this space has a spot for you.

Old Meets New

Old world charm meets modern design in this space. Interlocking pavers create a rustic and colorful patio underfoot. The modern steel of a Structure pergola creates an outdoor living experience fit for the 2020’s. Finished off with a fan, contrasting beams, and wrought iron furniture, this blend of styles comes together for beautiful overall finish.

Multi-Level Modern

Let’s take things up a level–literally. In this Drew J Holmgren design, Struxure hits another level. Incorporated in a second-story deck, the pergola serves as an extension to a raised outdoor living space. Guests can enjoy a break from the backyard, and watch over the party below, rain or shine.

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