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Where To Buy Your Next Outdoor Water Feature

Creating a beautiful outdoor living space is about creating a functional space that is also beautiful. Somewhere that feels like a retreat without ever leaving your own home. Incorporating the right elements can help you achieve this. One such element is an outdoor water feature.

Adding both sonic and visual interest, water features create an aesthetic feast for both the eyes and ears. However, getting a water feature such as a pond or fountain custom made and installed can be pricey and time consuming. But don’t despair. There are plenty of convenient places to purchase your next fountain, birdbath, or backyard pond.

Local Home and Garden Stores

For a local and perhaps more curated stop, the first place to visit in your hunt is your local home and garden stores. Depending on their focus, most nurseries or garden centers will also have a stock of outdoor fountains, ponds, and birdbath installations. Smaller scale or privately owned centers can provide you with practical advice tailored to fit the demands and restrictions of your area or climate.

As with any item, quality and price are likely to vary. Staff should be able to guide you through the logistics of your purchase and answer any pertinent questions you may have. Great things to keep in mind are weight, size and shape, and impact. By impact, we mean how loud or soft the splash of your feature is. While the sound of running water can be incredibly relaxing, there is a fine line between white noise and an annoyance.

Going to a local garden center will allow you to ask these questions and see the product first hand. While the next options on this can be great, there is nothing quite like being able to touch and see the piece you are interested in before you take the leap.

Hardware Stores

We understand that not everyone has access to niche garden centers or shops. If that is the case, don’t despair. A resource may be much closer than you think. If you’re still looking to shop things out in person, there are more resources available to you. If you’ve ever been to a national chain hardware store such as Home Depot of Lowes, then you’ve been to a great place to shop for outdoor water features.

From fountains, to ponds, to maintenance tools like tubing and mesh most of these large scale stores have stock. Still, it’s important to realize that stock has seasonality. That is, stores such as Lowes or Home Depot are likely to rotate what they carry in accordance to the season. The best time to shop for fountains is in early spring and summer. Occasionally, items will go on sale as the season ends. If you are anticipating an outdoor project in your future, planning ahead and picking up a fountain or birdbath on a clearance is definitely possible.

If you are unsure of what your local hardware store carries, it never hurts to call ahead! Staff should be able to give you information about what is available in-store, pick up and delivery options, and online vs in-store stock.

Big Box Stores

Increasing accessibility even more, you may not have to go to a hardware store or garden center at all to find what you require. As outdoor projects increase in popularity, some of the largest national big box retailers are taking note. Hugely prevalent retailers such as Walmart are now stocking plenty of options.

From circulating fountains to water pumps, you can take a DIY route or simply purchase a ready made option. Across the board, costs will depend on the size, quality, and type of water feature you are buying. While smaller local retailers may cost a bit more, it may be easier for you to find a suitable option for less at your local Walmart.

Do keep in mind that staff as general retailers are likely to be less available to help answer you questions. Rather than coming in to browse, it may be easier to do research ahead of time. Having a good idea of what you’re looking for or what items you need will reduce the stress of the trip to the store.

Online Retailers

If the idea of taking a trip to a physical store sounds like too much for you, we understand. The past year has been transforming in the way that we approach purchasing. From clothing to renovation materials, if it can’t be found online, it may as well not exist. Thankfully, when it comes to outdoor water features, there are plenty of places online to find what you’re looking for.

Unsurprisingly, the largest online marketplace also sells water features. Browse Amazon for access to hundreds of different fountains, ponds, birdbaths, rain chains, and more. Other home decor centered retailers such as Wayfair have also paved new ground.

WIth such a wide selection of options, you’re likely to find something that fits the style and direction of your space. These retail options tend to vary greatly in price. While it is very possible to find extremely cheap items on Amazon, keep in mind that you may get what you pay for.

Though shopping online makes it difficult to get a holistic idea of what you are purchasing, it does come with inherent benefits. Not only will your outdoor water feature be shipped directly to your door, but you can browse reviews at will. Instead of taking a chance on a unit you’ve found in store, you can hear feedback from real people who have tried the piece for you.

Of course, shopping online can make things such as repairs, returns, and even warranties more difficult to contend with. Returning an ill-fitting outfit is one thing. Shipping back an entire water fountain in another undertaking altogether.

Work With A Contractor

At the end of the day, it is entirely possible to find an outdoor water feature that suits your needs without consulting a professional. However, some people are craving a custom experience. This is something you simply can’t buy at Home Depot or from Wayfair.

Working with a contractor to design an outdoor water feature for your space will result in an option that blends seamlessly into your space. From integrating a waterfall, upgrading a pool, or building a natural fountain, what you pay for in costs you receive in value and quality.

Other reasons to contact a contractor may simply be informational. It can be difficult to know exactly what is a good fit for your yard. Local contractors are more likely to know the codes and regulations for your area. While some neighborhoods may be fine with you building a koi pond in your space, others may prohibit it.

Do What Makes Sense For Your Space

Ultimately, there is no wrong or right way to find the right water feature for your space. It is entirely possible to get a great look for your space that fits your needs and your budget no matter where you head to shop. Whether you’re heading into a small local garden center, or scouring Amazon, knowing what you need and what you’re looking are the main tools you need to make your shopping experience successful.

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