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The Best Trellises for Privacy Planting

We’ve touched on privacy planting several times. To create much needed separation between you and your neighbor’s prying eyes, using plants is natural and visually appealing. If you’re not into the look of trees or dense shrubbery, trellises are a great way to create a green wall. In order to do this, however, you’re going to need a great trellis. We’ve gathered some of our favorite selections to help you find the best trellis for your space.

What is a trellis?

Even if you have never heard of a trellis, it is almost a guarantee that you have seen once. Typically used as an apparatus to hold climbing plants and vines, trellises can be found anywhere from gardens to patios. Trellises have the potential to be both functional and decorative.

A trellis can be made of a variety of materials including wood, metal, vinyl and plastic, or even a composite. While most trellises are purchased from retailers, they can also be customized and design or built for your space by a contractor. Custom trellises are more expensive and take a longer time to build. Luckily, there are a great number of accessible and affordable privacy trellis options on the market today.

Using a Trellis to Create Privacy

In the case of privacy planting, a trellis takes the form of a natural wall. Homeowners place trellises strategically around the perimeter of the yard or outdoor area they would like to conceal. Then, vining plants grow onto the latticework to fill gaps. This creates a dense green wall that blocks your space from prying eyes.

Choose from decorative ivy and rose bushes to functional plants like tomatoes and peas. No matter what greenery you choose to cover your privacy, you will be working to create a more insular, comfortable space.

Sometimes it is hard to create privacy in small spaces. Areas such as apartment balconies are subject to dozens of eyes from neighboring units. Thankfully, trellises allow renters to make the most of the outdoor space that they do have.

This garden land expandable trellis adheres and adjusts to most sized structures, including a balcony wall. Add height to an existing fence, or create a more definite feeling to patios and outdoor kitchens.

The adjustable element of this product makes it a great candidate for people struggling to make their outdoor space feel like their own. If you are working on a balcony, consider choosing plants with less weight to them. Thinner vines will place less stress on the framework and look less burdensome in a smaller space.

Are you looking for a heavy duty, all weather option? Try a vinyl construction. This model features PVC vinyl and a 20 year warranty. The 2x2” posts allow you to plant at will, while the synthetic construction offers maximum durability.

Even in colder weather, this Dura-Trel model offers support. While wood and metal look great in your space, snow and rain often rot or rust these materials. If long-standing privacy is what you’re after, a composite model such as this one is a great choice.

A composite option with a robust look. This New England Arbors model creates a freestanding wall anywhere in your yard. This trellis does take a bit of legwork to install if you intend for it to hold its own in your space. Posts holders should be placed into the ground to support the weight.

Once installed, care is simple. The composite make of this trellis allows it to be extremely low maintenance and weather resistant. Simple clean gently with a cloth and hose annually.

Many modern homeowners are looking for structures that do double duty in their space. Many trellises have adapted to fit these needs. To increase portability, trellises such as the Savannah Elevated Planter are a freestanding garden box and trellis all in one.

Not everyone has the time, resources, or space to dig supports for a freestanding trellis just to achieve privacy. This style of trellis allows you to avoid this problem. Whether you have hardscaping you would rather not disrupt, or are simply looking for a more flexible, modern option, this planter provides privacy and style in the same breath.

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