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The Best Pool Alarms of 2021

If you have a pool and you have a house full of kids, then you're no stranger to the importance of pool safety. It seems like common sense to kid-proof your house before your first baby comes along. Child-safety gates, cabinet locks, corner guards...but what about the outside? If you have little ones running around, then child proofing your swimming pool and pool area is essential. A pool alarm system is just one way to do this. We rounded up a list of some of the best pool alarms of 2021 and 2022.

Why invest in a pool alarm?

Pool alarms help to prevent accidental drownings. Among accidental deaths, drowning is all too common of an occurrence. In fact, every year over 3,000 people die in accidental drawings. 10 people drown every day! And many of those happen in backyards across the country. The swimming pool can be a source of joy, but it can also be a source of danger.

How do pool alarms work?

Even when watching kids closely, accidents can happen in a matter of minutes. Swimming pool alarms help prevent these random accidents. A pool alarm works by alerting homeowners when something or someone makes contact with the water of your pool when you are not expecting it.

The alarm's sensor is triggered by waves created when something breaks the surface tension or falls into the water. For example, say you and the kids have been swimming all day. You decide to call it quits and head in for the night and you set your pool alarm once.

Later that evening, you are in the bathroom. and you think your kiddos are in the living room. All of a sudden, you hear your pool alarm go off. Even though you are not in sight of the pool, you know immediately something or someone has made contact with the water of your swimming pool.

Do pool alarms work for above ground pools?

Pool alarms are not just for in ground pools. Many options on this list will work for both an inground and above ground pool. The type of alarm you buy depends on many factors, including the size of your pool, frequency of use, and style.

Types of Pool Alarms

There are several different types of pool alarms on the market. The best pool alarm is the one that makes sense for your home. When you're looking for a pool alarm, you will generally be able to choose between three types for your pool area.

Standard Pool Entry Alarm

The first type of pool alarm is a standard pool entry alarm.These pool alarms use an underwater motion sensor or sensors that mount to the walls of your swimming pool. They work in conjunction with surface sensor alarms floating on the surface of the pool water.

If anything passes through the surface of the water on the pool, this movement will trigger the floating pool alarm, alerting you immediately.

Pool Gate Alarms

The next type of pool alarm is a pool gate alarm. Unlike pool entry alarms, these do not attach or monitor the surface of the pool water itself. Instead, these alarms attach to the pool gate or pool fence. Attach a magnetic sensor to any entry gates or doors after everyone has left the pool deck or pool area.

User Entry Alarms

The final kind of pool alarm is not permanently mounted in the pool area. Instead, it is worn by swimmers. Entry alarms are wearable, and can be ideal for homes with small children who love to swim.

Entry alarms work by sounding when wet. You will be alerted immediately if a child or pet falls into the pool. Wearable alarms will sound when it makes contact with any kind of water, so it is perfect for trips to the beach or lake as well.

Our Favorite Pool Alarm Picks

There are a lot of different pool alarms on the market. We rounded up the best pool alarms that will help keep you and your family safe, so you can spend more time enjoying the water, and less time worrying.

The pool patrol PA 30 pool alarm is an incredibly sensitive pool alarm that enables a water motion sensor. It is compact in size, and packs a pretty good bang for your buck. This pool alarm floats on the surface of the water, and patrols the entire pool area. This means pool owners can feel confident that they are keeping their pool safe even when their eyes are elsewhere.

Once set, the siren on the pool patrol PA 30 can be heard up to 200 feet away. Just one is enough to cover the surface area of most residential pools. For larger pools, you may need to pick up two alarms to account for more surface area.

With most pool alarms, homeowners are understandably worried about being annoyed or upset by false alarms. If your sensor is set to too high of a setting, then you run the risk of a false alarm every time it drizzles. That's why adjustable sensitivity is important. The Pool Patrol allows users to adjust the sensitivity of the surface wave sensors easily.

The pool patrol features an in house receiver, and weighs only 1 pound. This makes it easy to move, and easy to install. Simply adjust the settings, and top in the water. We think the best pool alarms are the ones that are both hassle free, and effective, and the Pool Patrol does both.

The lifebuoy pool alarm system is a smart pool alarm that uses an advanced electronic sensor system and modern technology to help you feel safe and confident with both kids and pets. The Lifebuoy pool alarm system uses the Lifebuoy app. The alarm system is controlled remotely from your phone.

When set, it sounds both indoors from the remote receiver, and on the pool deck. This alarm system can be used with pool covers, meaning you can double up on the protection for in ground pools or above ground pools. Use a pool cover as a first line of defense, and the Lifebuoy as a reliable backup.

The Lifebuoy also features a Swim Mode that you can activate when you enter the swimming pool. This means you don't have to take your pool alarm out to enjoy the water. And when you leave, you don't need to worry about reactivating. If you forget to turn your alarm on, the Lifebuoy will reactivate after 10 minutes of no movement detected.

Though it is a smart swimming pool alarm, it is not WIFI-enabled. It is connected using bluetooth. All basic controls can happen from your smartphone, allowing you to monitor from anywhere, even if your WIFI goes down.

The Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm is made in the USA and is NSF certified. It features a battery powered, dual alarm system and multiple sensors. Like other picks on our list, the alarm sounds both from the pool sensor and the remote receiver. It uses sub surface wave detection to deliver the most reliable protection possible.

Poolguard creates many of the best pool alarm systems on the market. As is the case with many of their products, the PGRM-2 is optimized for in ground pools. Though, the company makes models that are great for above ground pools as well.

Poolguard boasts fewer false alarms than comparative companies. Nearly all of their systems come with multiple alarms, and beat other pool alarms in sensitivity and ease of use.

The PoolEye Pool Alarm is specially designed for those of you with an above ground pool. Inground pool alarms are great, but their surface alarms are sometimes calibrated differently than those required to be effective in an above ground swimming pool.

This PoolEye is a battery powered wave detection pool alarm. It is designed to measure water disturbances. When triggered, it sounds a loud siren to anyone within proximity of the swimming pool.

The PoolEye features a design using an underwater rudder wand, cutting down on false alarms. The rudder is triggered when something enters the pool, and more so when something enters the pool and stays there. This means that you can worry less about false alarms.

The HENDUN Outdoor Pool Door Alarm is the best pool alarm for those who want to really make sure they can hear their system. This is an alarm system meant to attach to pool gates. Its siren sounds at a whopping 140 dB. That's a loud siren if we've ever heard one.

So, whether you're outside with the kids, or inside while the dog runs in the yard, you'll hear if something makes it past the pool gate.

This alarm is fully waterproof and uses a remote receiver control to switch between a chime, an alarm, and an off mode. Chime mode is great when the pool is in use, to alert you of people entering and leaving the pool area.

This pool door alarm can be attached using ultra-strong adhesive, or screws and straps. Because this alarm is only activated by the motion of your pool gate, false alarms are unlikely.

Looking for a pool door alarm that works as well on a sliding door as it does on a hinged one? The Wsdcam Wireless Door Alarm is perfect for either. Gate alarms are great for inground pools, as well as any above ground pool because they are meant for the perimeter rather than the swimming pool itself.

As an added bonus, this model can be used for more than just pool safety. It sounds up to 105 dB, and is completely wireless. If you have a larger pool with multiple entry points, you can sync multiple alarms to a single remote control. We love this model for its flexibility and convenience.

PoolEye Inground/Aboveground Immersion Pool Alarm

The PoolEye Inground/Aboveground Immersion Pool Alarm uses a water motion sensor to alert you when anything enters the pool without your permission. It can be used with above or inground pools. This alarm acts as a security system that you can trust, and works for pools up to 20' x 40'.

This model is easy to install. Simply fix the PoolEye to the deck or top rail of the pool using the provided hardware and ensure that it cannot be removed. This should not be treated as a permanent installation. In the winter, make sure to remove the pool alarm with the rest of your winterizing measures.

Nothing screams pool safety measures like a traffic cone. The universal sign for caution, the PoolGuard Safety Buoy is a bright read, easy to install, and comes with a one year warranty. It works for inground pools or above ground pools.

This model comes with a silent installation and removal feature. Activate these features by using the red safety key that is provided with the product. Without these features activated, the alarm will activate every time that the buoy is removed from your pool.

What to Consider Before You Buy

There's a pool alarm out there for everyone. Whether you have an in ground pool or are on the hunt for an above ground pool alarm, there's a model that will be perfect for your family. Before picking one out, consider the following factors to see if the alarm is right for you.

Ease of Use

Any alarm you buy should be one that you understand how to use completely. If you do not understand how to operate your device, you cannot rely on it giving you accurate readings. Always be sure to check reviews for products to see what other buyers are saying about their personal experiences.


We live in the age of technology. If you want your alarm to be hooked up to your smartphone, you now have that option. However, if you don't like the idea of your model being attached to a phone (batteries die, apps malfunction), that is something to take into account now.

Distance or Range

If you have an in-house receiver on your unit, consider how far that signal needs to reach. The larger the distance between your pool and home, the bigger this range should be on your alarm.

Type of Pool

As discussed, some alarms only work for specific styles of pools. If you buy an above ground device for your inground pool, then your purchase may as well be useless. Be sure to double check that the model you buy is meant for your swimming pool.


Do you have a big yard? Are you worried about hearing an outdoor alarm from inside your house? You should always consider the distance or range you need in order to feel safe putting your trust in your alarm. The higher the decibel, the louder the alarm will be. Adjust your purchase accordingly.

Safety First

If you keep all these factors in mind, you can be sure that your purchase is money well spent. Pool safety is not optional. And if you have kids or pets, it becomes even more important. Protect the ones you love most and allow yourself to relax by investing in a good pool alarm system for your backyard swimming pool.

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