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The Best Outdoor Hanukkah Decorations

Happy Hanukkah! The holiday season is almost upon us. Enter food, family, friends, and the yearly excuse to shop for outdoor holiday decorations being sold at far too high a price. And while a large majority of your neighbors may be decorating for Christmas, not all of us celebrate the holiday season the same way. For our Jewish friends, we know that the desire to decorate for the season transcends across many cultures and religions. Help your family feel the holiday spirit this year with some festive and fun outdoor Hanukkah decorations for outside the home!

If you've been waiting for a sign or a green light to join in on the fun, let us be that for you. We're answering all the questions you've ever had about how to shop decorations for Hanukkah, including the how, the what, and the "Should I add this to my cart?". From inflatable lawn dreidels to blue and white lights, we're helping to end the search. Here are some fun Hanukkah decorations you can break out this year to bring the indoor decorating outside.

Hanukkah Decorations Ideas:

It can be hard to find quality products or items that don't feel gimmicky, and we feel it's our job to remind you that most holiday decorations are gimmicky. Still, that's not a good excuse to shop indiscriminately.

Whether you're shopping exclusive offers on Halloween decorations, or getting a good price on Christmas lights, many of us have been lured into picking up decorations we don't necessarily want, and definitely don't need. Sort through the masses of options and give your holiday selections a positive review year over year by following these tips:

Buy According To Your Style

When shopping or decorating for any holiday, including Hanukkah, make sure you're only buying the decorations that you feel fit your style. If you're an understated family, consider buying a quality set of white and blue led lights to brighten the front of your home.

Trust a Good (or Bad!) Review

Some things, like electronics or clothing can be objective. But when it comes to holiday decor, it's unlikely that the reviews will lead you astray, and bad quality is bad quality. When you shop in-store, you can see exactly what you are buying, and this is a big perk.

Still, an online shop doesn't give you the same sort of transparency. This is where a bad review is something to pay attention to. If you're shopping on platforms like Etsy, contact the seller for more information on a product. If the account is reputable, then you should have your questions answered.

A few minutes of extra attention will help you sort through the bad apples from the real gems, and help you find items that are worth the search.

Consider Assembly Times

For easy assembly and less of a time investment, opt for decorations that don't demand much install legwork. Signs are affordable to purchase, easy to stow, and provide a festive pop of color to your lawn without being a pain to put up.

Feeling particularly flashy this year? Kick it with the best of them and opt for larger statement decorations such as statues or inflatables. We're picturing a large inflatable dreidel hanging out right next to your neighbor's 8 ft, blow up Santa Clause.

Shopping The Off Season

No matter what holiday decor you're looking for, the best deals happen right after the holiday fun is coming to a close. For discounted decorations from online and in person shops, start your browsing the week after the holiday season comes to a wrap. If you've ever browsed the Halloween candy aisle on November 1st, you understand the sort of deals we're talking about.

Again, it's important to reiterate the difference been taking advantage of a perfect deal, and trying to find an excuse to buy something you don't need. Help us help you, and think before you make that final order. Even if you have an affiliates account or code, a good deal isn't a reason to have bags of Hanukkah decorations taking up valuable space in your front closet.

To Decorate or not to Decorate

At the end of the day, whether you decorate or not is up to you. We understand that not everybody feels secure or comfortable celebrating their faith, and how much you share about your holiday season is contingent on your neighborhood. Privacy is valuable, and doing what you need to to ensure you feel safe and comfortable in your home is always at the forefront.

But if you're tired of the Christmas lights, then don't hesitate to join in on the holiday fun. It's easy to transform the outside of your space with just a few small items and some determination. Shop the decorations on our page, or take your search to individual artists on sites like Etsy.

Great Outdoor Hanukkah Decorations

LED lights

Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights. Go beyond candles on your menorah this year and illuminate the front of your home, too! String lights come in all different colors, including a vibrant blue and white. For the best bang for your buck, look for strings that use LED bulbs.

LED light bulbs are more energy efficient, longer laster, and will pop against any house. For more information on LED light vs incandescent lights, check out our post here.


Decorating the outside of your home isn't complete with many people without a fun holiday inflatable. Show your joy for the season with a fun inflatable menorah or dreidel. If you're having difficulties with an in store search, plenty of options are available online for a competitive price.


Who said decorating needed to be hard work? If you think the way to improve the decorating experience is to cut your set up efforts in half, and ensure that you won't need to call for help halfway through, we're on the same page.

Instead of standing on a ladder for hours on end, allow us to introduce you to one of the most overlooked items in outdoor holiday decorations: the sign. Spell out "Happy Hanukkah'' in individual letters, or fit it all onto one well-placed board. Whatever way you do it, this is a simple way to bring color, and order to your decorative scheme.

Signs are a good option for families not interested in the higher price of some lights or inflatable decorations.


Less expensive than lights, garland is wonderful for homes that may not have such easy access to power sources. Even better, garland is easily accessible in a variety of shops, and helps bring color and personality to both your indoor and outdoor space during the daylight hours.

Metallic Hanukkah Felt Ball Garland Blue White and Silver image 1

Etsy can give you fun and unique options at a competitive price. Plus you can feel good knowing you are supporting small businesses during the holiday season.

Silver blue Hanukkah Decor Chanukah Decoration Blue Star of image 1

It's easy enough to find a way to make your house sparkle, and string lights are so often considered the go-to method. Go simple, or pick something a little more fun. You and your kids will love the way garland looks in the sunlight.


Hanukkah wreaths? You bet. We love this fun take on a traditional winter wreath. Featuring blue and silver ball ornaments, Amazon advertises this as a Christmas wreath. But you can play by your own rules!

Place on your front door for a pop of cheerful color before your guests enter the home.

Wreaths are also a great DIY craft for children. Visit the craft store to search for foam ring and appropriate bobbles. Break out the hot glue gun, and have yourself a fun and creative afternoon. Because no matter how the final product turns out, we love anything that gives you more quality time to connect with the kiddos.


Many Christian families grew up collecting ornaments to put on their tree each year. Jewish children don't have to miss out on the fun. Ornaments are a fantastic way to bring indoor, traditional design elements to an outdoor space.

Shop for wholesale selections at a good price on sites like Amazon. If huge online retailers aren't your style shop homemade by supporting a small business on Etsy. Or, get crafty and create your own, unique ornaments with your kids for a fraction of the price. All the items needed to create homemade ornaments with your kids are available at your local craft store.

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