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The Best In-Pool Furniture for Baja Shelves

So, you’ve decided to incorporate a baja shelf into your inground pool. Great choice. Not only are baja shelves or sun shelves aesthetically appealing, but they open up new functionality for your pool space. For many families, these ledges offer a space to relax without ever leaving the water. But in order to make the most of your baja shelf, you’re going to need some in-pool furniture.

From stools, to lounge chairs, to tables, create a sun bathing oasis at home. We rounded up a great selection of in-pool furniture that is baja shelf compatible. So crack open a cold beverage, and swim up to any of our following in-pool furniture picks.

Why is in-pool furniture necessary?

If you’re looking to outfit your baja shelf with furniture, you may be wondering why you can’t simply use the furniture that surrounds your pool. If your wicker or plastic pieces withstanding adjacent moisture from your pool, why can’t they be submerged?

While this line of thinking makes sense, it is flawed. Companies design pool deck furniture to resist repetitive exposure to moisture from splashing as your body. However, it is not designed to withstand repeated submerging in standing water. Over time, wood or wicker furniture will begin to rot and fall apart. Metal will be corroded by chlorine and quickly start to rust.

Even plastic pool deck furniture is unlikely a great substitution for in-pool furniture. The last thing you want is to stand up from your chair and watch it float away into the deep end of your pool.

The solution to this problem is simply to invest in a set of in-pool furniture pieces that are designed not only to stay put, but to remain submerged for as long as they are being used.


It will quickly become apparent that there is a front runner in the in-pool furniture space. As of 2021, Ledge Loungers is one of the only companies dedicated to making furniture pieces meant to live in the water. And as the name suggests, they specialize in lounge chairs for your sun shelf or baja shelf.

Ledge Loungers offers a variety of different lounge styles. Homeowners can find a style that fits their aesthetic and their needs. Find a chaise lounge that allows you to remain partially submerged. Or pick from a high riser style lounge that allows you to dip your toes, while keeping the rest of your body dry.

Ledge loungers offer a wide variety of finishes and colors. Whether you are trying to keep things neutral or add a pop of color, there are options for all styles and spaces.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when picking a lounge chair for your baja shelf. Most prominently, homeowners should consider the depth of their pool. The depth of your pool will determine how the lounge you buy functions. Deep shelves may require higher risers to keep sun bathers dry. However, if you’re looking for a partially emerged lounge, a lower chair may be necessary depending on your pool’s dimensions.

Chairs and Barstools

It can be tempting to bring your closest folding chair into the pool with you. However, there are better options on the market. Now, you can elevate your next drink without the hassle of instability or compromising your favorite lawn chair.

Ledge Loungers offer several classic chair and stool styles to fit your space. These models are also designed at differing heights. Whether you’re looking to create affordable, movable seating at your swim up bar, or simply create a better in pool dining experience, chairs and barstools can be a game changer.

Not ready for a premium option? Stool options are also available on marketplaces such as Amazon. The Envy Pool Stool fills with water and sinks firmly to the bottom creating seating in both deeper water, and shallow sun shelves.

While this option may not offer the sleek appeal of a Ledge Lounger chair, it does offer functionality, convenience, and a more affordable approach. While the Ledge Lounger signature chair can easily run upwards of $450, the Envy Pool Stool can be purchased for $229.


It may be called a sun shelf, but sometimes a day at the pool could use a little shade. When it comes to in-pool umbrellas, the market is small. In fact, it may make more sense to invest in a pool umbrella that anchors to the pool deck, and casts targeted shade towards your baja shelf.

Versions such as the wikiwiki hanging umbrella allow affordability and durability. Installing outside of the pool extends the life of the piece, and allows users to move as needed. Companies such as SR Smith also offer a variety of in-pool furniture, including the table and umbrella set as pictures above.

Still, if you’d like a shade attachment that comes with you, Ledge Loungers has an option that does just that. Their shade attachments for chairs and loungers allows pool goers to relax in full sun or full shade in just a few minutes. These attachable canopies come in a wide range of fun colors and patterns, letting you decorate your space while keeping cool.


Naturally, if you have a set of chairs on your sun shelf, the next step is to find a table to go with it. Ledge Loungers offer dining tables for use in pool water up to 16 inches in depth.

Choose from a taller, classic dining table, or opt for a lower profile coffee table design as pictured above. Whether you’re gathering the kids for a quick snack, or just need somewhere to place your drink while you read, an in-pool furniture set isn’t complete without a reliable, flat surface.

Slides, Sofas, and More

If you’re looking to maximize your in-pool experience, the sky is your limit. Again, Ledge Loungers has cornered the market on luxury in-pool furniture. From daybeds, to sectional sofas, and even small slides, most everything your sun shelf needs is available on the site.

Still, other options do exist. Those looking to spend less for a fun and functional experience may go for floating rather than anchored options. Choose from buoyant cards tables, or squishy floating lounge chairs. While these options don’t have the benefit of staying in one place, they still offer a relaxing experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional furniture pieces.

Whether you’re looking to create a sunbathers paradise at home, or simply give the kids somewhere to gather, proper in-pool furniture is a must. While expensive, the extra money is an investment in pieces that won’t rust, crack, or deteriorate over time. Overall, it’s worth spending the money up front to avoid the headache of replacement furniture down the line.

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