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The Best Garden Scooters of 2022

All backyard gardening enthusiasts know that nothing puts a damper on your fun like sore knees and a tight back. That’s why every home-gardener's favorite secret weapon is the garden scoot. Also known as garden cats or rolling seats, garden scooters are a cross between a chair, cart, and a wheelbarrow.

Why You Need a Garden Scooter

Not only do good garden scooters help lessen the amount of kneeling, stooping, and hunching you have to do, but they also help by keeping the tools you need within arms reach. Garden scooters make it easy to fly down rows of plantings without filling your arms with gear, making your job quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Our 5 Favorite Garden Scooters of 2022

Without any further ado, here are some of our favorite picks for garden scooters to compliment your green thumb this year.

Kicking off this list we have an all around classic. The Pure Garden brand Garden Scooter has everything the everyday gardener is looking for at a reasonable price tag. This garden scooter comes complete with a handy under-seat storage tray allowing you to roll your tools along with you.

Materiality of this model is a blend of plastic and stainless steel. This means that this garden scooter is durable enough to stand the test of time, without becoming incredibly heavy or unyielding. This is our preferred combination.

The seat of this model measures 11×11.5 inches, meaning it is large enough for use by both adults and children. The only downsides of this garden scooter are potentially found in the wheels. While the plastic will never deflate or go flat, they aren’t incredible for uneven terrain or very large gardens.

If the last pick wasn’t heavy duty enough for you, we’d like to introduce a model that can take on anything. The pick up truck of garden scooters, this model by A.M. Leonard is sturdy enough for the biggest gardens, with rubber, cushioning wheels that are able to take on even rough garden terrain.

The pivoting seat means you have a 360 degree range of motion, and the easy-pivoting handle makes steering a breeze. Find extra storage in the trunk-style basket which is large enough to store a 5 gallon bucket for yard scraps. Place small tools and items in the under-seat storage.

This model can hold up to 400 pounds and adjusts at a height between 16 and 22 inches. The seat features a series of holes to increase airflow, and allow rainwater to drain.

The only downsides? This model is bulkier and heavier than other options. Additionally, extra features translate to a higher price, with this model currently listed on the A.M. Leonard website for just over $130.00.

Put comfort first with this garden scooter model by Vertex. Featuring a fully padded seat, this model is great for gardeners who don’t want to spend longer stretches of time on smaller metal or plastic seats.The plastic wheels of this garden scooter are designed to provide excellent durability while gliding over most terrains.

This model can be used for gardening, but its comfort makes it great for a range of projects including detail painting, car work, and more. The seat of this garden scooter is adjustable between 11 and 14 inches, and the entire unit is lightweight and easy to store.

Drawbacks of this Vertex model include a lower weight limit, and a lack of storage when compared with other models.

Need more storage? This multipurpose piece from Pure Garden is here to solve your problems. If you have a lot of tools of the trade, regular garden scooter storage might not cut it. This dual-use model provides easy rolling wheels and a large comfortable seat for gliding down garden rows.

When you need to change tools, simply lift the seat lid and find what you’re looking for inside of a spacious storage card. This cart and scooter combo can support up to 220 lbs, which is decent, but isn’t the most accommodating of models on our list.

Furthermore, users may not like the need to get up to access a tool. However, for those of you with a lot of stuff, being able to take your gear with you can be a valuable asset.

Looking for something more tactile? You can really get a handle on things with this Gorilla Carts model. This garden scooter features a swiveling seat that adjusts to heights between 12 and 16 inches. The rubber and plastic tires provide durability and stability, ensuring balance, while the steering handle is easily accessible above the front wheel.

If you need extra support, the seat handles provide stability while in motion or while turning, and also provide an obvious carrying mechanism. Storage for this model comes in the form of a back loading, corded bucket holder, as well as two hanging canvas side pockets.

Made from steel, this garden scooter is extremely durable. However, this construction also adds weight. Reviews have noted that this model is bulkier and harder to move than some comparable models on the market.vy to move

Other Great Garden Scooter Picks

If none of these options fit your purpose, here are some other great finds, easily to our readers for purchase on Amazon.

Heavy duty, robust, durable, and easily steered. This model carries up to 300 pounds and features capable, rubber tires.

Storage, mobility, affordability, and two cup holders? We’re sold.

Swivel seat, extendable steering handle, and ample storage. This is a great, higher end option. 

What To Look For In a Garden Scooter


Above all else, garden scooters are designed to keep you more comfortable while flexing your green thumb. Prioritizing seat comfort means looking for a product with an adjustable seat height, padded seat cushion, and a design that keeps your body in mind.

Size & Portability

The balance between the size and portability of your garden scooter is important. You want to look for a model that is big enough to give you room to sit comfortably. However, too large of a seat or frame may make your garden scooter difficult to transport or store.


After size and comfort, the customizable features of a garden scooter are what really sell it. Some models feature fully swiveling seats, adjustable handles, and customizable seat setting. Good garden scooter models will feature easy, smooth steering capabilities.

Weight Capacity

The average garden scooter is really made for all gardeners. Look for models that support a wide range of weights, between 100 to 400 pounds.

Materiality & Wheels

Other than size, the biggest factor that affects your garden scooter’s portability and durability is its materiality. Solid steel frames are strong and resistant to rust, but can be heavy. Plastic scooters are lightweight and affordable, but may become flimsier over time.

Finding the right wheels for your garden scooter is a similar balance. While Air-filled tires are great at taking on rough or muddy terrain, they need to be refilled. Plastic or resin wheels do not go flat, but may not navigate bumpy terrain with as much as. What works best for you is dependent on how large your garden is, and its terrain.

Accessories & Ease of Assembly

Garden scooters offer a range of accessories. You can choose from models with attachable baskets, trays, ropes, handles, and more. The more robust the list of features, the more customizable your scooter will be. However, adding accessories will also drive up the price and assembly time of your garden scooter.

Assembly of models can range from no assembly required, to more complicated instructions. Make sure to read the fine print before buying to know what you can expect from your purchase.


Finally, garden scooters vary widely in price. A simple, cheap plastic garden scooter can sell for as little as $20-$40. Larger, steel, customizable scooters can go for as high as $200+.

At the end of the day, the best garden scooter is the one that fits your needs, and makes your life in the garden easier.

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