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The 5 Best Backyard Mosquito Sprays and Foggers

We are all for all-natural. But sometimes, you just want to enjoy your backyard without spending most of your time swatting mosquitoes or worrying about your kids and pets getting attacked by flying pests. If you truly want to enjoy an evening drink on the patio at dusk without that buzzing in your ear, you’re probably going to want to consider a mosquito yard spray or fogger.

Yard sprays and foggers both have the same end goal–to make your yard a more pest-free place. However, the two products operate differently. 


Yard mosquito sprays are designed to assist in concentrated areas. For example, spraying the vegetation at the edges of your lawn, or zapping mosquitoes that love to form in the vegetation and damp areas around your pool or birdbath. 

In contrast, foggers are meant for treating larger spaces, or entire yards. They do this by emitting a low volume pesticide repellent over a bigger amount of space. This means you can get some level of protection over your entire property.

Should you use a yard mosquito spray, or fogger?

Now, there are benefits and drawbacks to both yard sprays and foggers. Both products will give you some level of protection, but not every solution is right for every situation.

Foggers are great for yards with a big pest problem that need a strong level of protection. They can be refilled as often as possible, and provide coverage all season long. However, you are committing to covering your entire space in pesticide. For many eco-friendly homeowners, this is not an appealing process. Additionally, foggers can be more expensive, and many require an electrical hookup to function.

Mosquito yard sprays are quick to use, and function well when the pest problem is lighter, or you want to give high coverage to smaller areas. Say you’re just trying to keep your patio bug-free. Spraying around your porch, deck, or patio can give you the sanctuary you’re looking for without covering your entire yard in bug spray. Still, you will need to maintain this protection with reapplications.

The Best Backyard Bug and Mosquito Spray and Foggers

Let’s get the big guns out of the way, first. When you have a serious mosquito problem, sometimes natural repellents just won’t do the job. If you need to bring in pesticides, we like this option from Cutter.

Formulated with tetramethrin and phenothrin, these common synthetic ingredients kill adults and larval insects alike. They work to damage the nervous system of pests, so your infestation is stamped out at all stages of maturity.

Of course, those choosing to use pesticides need to consider basic guidelines. Do not treat an area more than once daily. Avoid spraying before or after rainfall. Rain can mix with pesticides and create toxic runoff that can harm local ecosystems.

This Cutter mosquito spray will work to combat flying and stinging insects for up to 10 hours hours, and can cover up to 1,200 square feet, making it great for daytime use. 

Lucky for you, our favorite mosquito spray option is a more natural alternative to the previously mentioned Cutter fogger. Wondercide uses cedarwood oil, sesame oil, and sodium lauryl sulfate to keep infestations at bay. Together, these three plant based ingredients kill 98% of common yard pests, including mosquitoes, ants, and ticks.

To spray your space connect to the garden hose. One 32 ounce bottle covers up to 5,000 square feet. We love how effective this option is while remaining safe for kids, pets, and plants alike.

Affordability matters. Get the most for your money with this Terminix solution. This spray coats foliage with a formula high in garlic oil. This baits mosquitos and then kills them in 24-48 hours. Overall, you can expect around a 90% reduction in pests.

As mentioned, sprays are best for small area applications. For the best results, identify the source of your infestation before application. Terminix is non-toxic and safe to use in homes with pets and kids. One can of spray should last multiple applications, depending on the amount of space treated.

Foggers have eco-friendly options, too! This EcoSMART Mosquito yard spray and fogger is versatile. It can be used inside and outside homes due to its more natural formulation. Containing water, white mineral oil, wintergreen oil, and other natural ingredients like geraniol, rosemary, and peppermint oil, it’s safe around kids and pets.

One can contains 14 ounces of product. While this fogger shouldn’t be counted on in cases of extreme infestations, it’s a great option for killing mosquitoes ahead of parties and gatherings. Effective for eight hours, EcoSMART kills on contact.

Rounding out our top five list is Cutter Backyard Bug Control. Sometimes you want a solution that will last more than a few hours. That’s when spectrum sprays like these come in handy. Best for treating smaller yards with targeted nesting areas, this spray can guard against future infestation sites for up to 12 weeks.

This spray is not a natural option, and is formulated with lambda-cyhalothrin. Apply by first connecting the nozzle to the garden hose. As water is pushed through the Spectrum nozzle, the solution mixes. This means you don’t need to worry about measures or checking for ratios before treatment. Simply screw on, and get to work making your backyard a more peaceful, buzz-free space.

The Best Bug Spray or Fogger is Different for Everyone

Before we sign off, it’s important to know that not every homeowner is worried about the same things when it comes to pest control. For many readers, finding more natural solutions is top of the list, even if it comes at a compromise in overall efficacy. For others, some chemicals in their yard are worth the environmental drawbacks.

When deciding what spray is best for your space, take all factors into account. How large is the area of treatment? How long do you want coverage to last? Is natural formulation important to you? Do you really need to treat your yard at all, or can you get away with a topical bug spray?

Answering these questions honestly will help guide you to the right picks for your backyard living space, and help you enjoy your summer evenings without the sweet sounds of mosquitos in your ear.

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