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StruXure Pergolas- Are They Worth The Money?

Homeowners looking to create more usable outdoor living space during all seasons will quickly turn to a pergola as a great way to improve backyard livability. Still, traditional slatting in most pergolas means they may shade you from the sun, but do nothing to protect you from rainy weather. StruXure is a company that is addressing this problem.

StruXure pergolas are one of the loudest voices in the marketplace for a more luxury pergola experience. But what are they, and is it worth the money to invest in a StruXure pergola for your own backyard living space?

What is StruXure?

Founded in 2011 by Scott Selzer, StruXure is a company bringing the term “smart pergola” to the backyard living conversation. StruXure specializes in louvered pergolas that aim to blend style and functionality with cutting edge technology. Self pivoting and rain sensing, a StruXure pergolas job is to adapt to your surroundings while allowing you maximum control.

Homeowners can open and close their pergola’s pivoting roof in seconds manually, or by using an app on their phone. For a bit more money, homeowners can take the “smart” experience even further. By integrating technology from tech company Somfy, some models allow users to take convenience a step further. Instead, the structure will sense when it is raining and begin to close the louvred roof all on its own.

For the last decade, StruXure products have slowly been gaining buzz and traction in the marketplace. In 2016, the company opened a manufacturing plant in Atlanta. Since then, the demand for intuitive technology outside the home has only grown. This demand has made StruXure a real player for those looking to take a basic structure to a new level.

StruXure Products

The company offers two main product lines, with a variety of versions within each line. Their classic pergola line, called Pergola X, is the most popular. More recently, the StruXure team has introduced a line of cabana products called Cabana X. Additionally, the company recently introduced their new tracking system called TraX, which allows for a higher level of custom modification for lighting and other accessories.

Pergola X

The Pergola X is the company’s original product line, and remains their most popular. This line includes 4 variations of their pergola design. These include their most sought after model, the Pivot 6, as well the Pivot 6 XL, Pivot 6 Slide, and Pan 6.

The Pivot 6 is StruXure’s most popular design, offering their classic smart roof technology in a size that fits most residential homes. Those looking for something bigger can upgrade to the Pivot 6 XL. For even more impact, the roof of the Pivot 6 Slide not only has adjustable slates, but slides open and closed akin to a sun roof on your car.

Finally, the Pan 6 allows homeowners to purchase a pergola where only isolated sections of the roof are automatic. Some areas of this model feature the signature louvered slating. However, some are inlaid with pans to provide constant shade and shelter.

Cabana X

Those looking to take the concept of indoors/outdoors living to the next level may be interested in the Cabana X. This structure utilizes the same technology of the Pergola X to create a cabana style room. Smart data technology and adjustable sensors reinforce the walls of the Cabana X.

This provides homeowners with the option of more shelter, privacy, control, and an even more luxury feel to their space. The Cabana X is available in a more standard model called the Core, or an upgraded version called the Tech. The tech offers users additional technology in the form of controllable LED lights, weather sensing settings, and more.

Is StruXure worth the money?

A luxury pergola experience is perhaps not something you had previously considered. However, once most people find out about great louvered roofing systems, the appeal becomes obvious. Whether you live in a seemingly always sunny city in Florida, or want to get outside during a rainy spring, upgrading your covered outdoor living area can make a big difference in how you use your space.

But is a Struxure system worth the money to install?

StruXure Competitors

Of course, StruXure is not the only automated or louvered pergola system on the market. Competitors such as Equinox and Solara also offer louvered residential pergolas. When browsing for the best option for your yard, consider elements like durability, quality, aesthetic. Watch for additional services or clauses such as limited or unlimited warranty policies. Overall, it’s important to shop around before deciding which system will best transform your space.

What matters most to you?

Overall, investing in a product that is “worth” your money can be a bit of a process. Like all things, the value of investing in this type of system is dependent on several factors. How much do you believe you will use the space? How much do you value convenience? Is using your outdoor space rain or shine truly a priority for your family? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then it may be worth to find or contact a StruXure installer near you.

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