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Must-Have Pergola Accessories and Add Ons

Custom pergolas have come a long way in the last few decades. While simple designs are still popular, more and more homeowners are outfitting their pergolas with pergola accessories. From ceiling fans to heaters and lights, putting that comfortable indoor feel into your outdoor living space has never been easier.

Here are some of our favorite pergola add ons and accessories for your next outdoor project.

Pergola Lights

Outdoor lighting can make or break your backyard space. Not only does good lighting bring a space to life, but it also ensures that your outdoor living areas are functional and safe to navigate after dark. When it comes to pergola lighting, there are countless options on the market. Whether you’re looking for sleek, streamlined can lighting, or ambient string lights, matching the lighting of your project correctly will help bring your vision to life.

Can Lights (Built-In)

One of the most polished ways to add lighting to your pergola is to use built-in lights, or can lights. These are lights that are seated within the actual structure of the pergola itself, similar to lighting you would see inside of your home.

Can lights can be built into the roofing structure of your home, as well as other areas of the structures. A qualified landscape designer can tell you what is possible within your structure. It’s good to keep in mind that integrating lighting will be the most expensive option. Knowing your budget will help you keep your project within the scope of your financial constraints.

Credit: Struxure

Bistro (String) Lighting for Pergolas

A more affordable form of lighting is string lighting. String lighting is popular throughout outdoor living spaces for several reasons. Not only is it a great way to bring ambience to your yard, but it’s vastly less expensive than built in lighting options. It also is easy to install, and requires little coordination with a professional landscape designer or contractor.

Available in big box stores such as Home Depot, or at most related online retailers including Amazon, great options can be found for under $50. When choosing string lights, or bistro lights, for your pergola, consider several important factors. How long does your string of lights need to be? What type of lightbulbs are in use?

Type of bulb is critical when making decisions regarding any lighting, but is especially important when it comes to string lighting. Make sure you are purchasing LED bulbs as opposed to incandescent. LED bulbs generate less heat, making them safer, and are far more energy efficient. This means that you won’t need to replace bulbs nearly as often.

Pendant Lights

Another popular lighting style for covered outdoor areas are pendant lights. Whether you’re suspending them above a kitchen island or an outdoor bar, they bring a sophisticated look to the space.

Pendant lights have a wide range of designs, and can be used to truly hone in on your personal style or aesthetic. Choose a sleek, modern fixture to bring updated sophistication and match a modern outdoor design. Or, lean into a more whimsical aesthetic with a beautiful stained glass option.

Like built-in can lighting, pendant lighting can range from easy DIY options, to more involved installations. If you’d like your pendant lighting wired in, then you will need to discuss available options with your designer and contractor.

Pergola Heaters

Not all of us are lucky to live in a climate that accommodates outdoor living all year long. Even those readers in sunny Southern California may find themselves in a position where nights are becoming just a little bit too chilly. When that happens, outdoor heaters are your best friend.

With the rise in outdoor living, these powerful heaters have slowly made their way out of pure commercial use and into the mainstream as common pergola accessories. Today, you can outfit your pergola with heaters to extend comfortable use past the summer months. Heaters are available at a range of prices.

Buy a set online from places like Wayfair, or locally from retail stores stocking landscape and home improvement items.

Pergola Fans

Pergolas are designed to bring reprieve from the harsh summer rays. But what about when all you want is a nice, cool breeze? For homeowners who want more, pergola fans are a great way to bring additional comfort to your back patio. Outdoor fans are essentially the same as indoor ceiling fans, which means they will need to have a certain degree of wiring in order to work.

If you’re interested in adding a fan as a pergola accessory, talk to your landscape designer or a contractor that you trust. A good contractor will be able to advise you on cost, feasibility, and help integrate a fan seamlessly into your pergola design.

Pergola Misters

We’ve talked about heat and wind, but what about water? Today’s pergola accessories have new, innovative ways of keeping you and your family cool. Pergola misters are just another one of the latest ways to increase the comfort of your outdoor living space. Previously popular in hot-weather amusement parks, misters are an effective way of beating the heat during the hot summer months.

Like fans or built-in lighting, this pergola accessory will require more involved installation than simple string lights or covers. To function correctly, pergola misters require multiple parts. The misters must be installed, but parts such as pumps and filters are also required to keep your mister working correctly. Paired with a fan, there’s on cooler place to be on a hot, summer day.

UV Screens

Everyone loves summer, and everyone hates sunburn. Shade from a traditional pergola can help block the brunt of the summer sunshine, but powerful UV rays can still filter in. This is where UV screens come in. There are several approaches to purchasing a screen for your personal outdoor set up.

You can buy a typical UV-treated sun shade from a big box store, or get a custom install done from a team like Struxure. The direction you pick will determine the cost point of the project, and the overall finished look. However, knowing you can relax outside without worrying about potential sun damage is a definite perk.

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