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Laminar Jets For Backyard Pools

For homeowners with backyard pools and spas, finding ways to elevate these water features without incorporating incredibly expensive designs or undergoing invasive construction can be tricky. Adding layered visual interest or dimension to pools and spas can be even more difficult. Many homeowners prefer a simple pool layout, or don’t have the space for complex pool shapes in their backyard. If this sounds like a familiar dilemma, it may be time to take a closer look at a less commonly considered water feature called laminar jets.

When it comes to pools, many add to the visual appeal of their existing water feature by adding another water feature on top of it. Many homeowners choose to add waterfalls to their pool and spa design. These addition add a heightened ambience to the space through the sound and look of falling water.

However, some may find the constant noise of a waterfall to be overwhelming. Additionally, designing your pool and spa space around the integration of a waterfall feature can be difficult and disruptive to the existing space. Laminar jets offer solutions to several dilemmas presented by other backyard water features.

What Are Laminar Jets?

Laminar jets arc over an outdoor swimming pool display.

Laminar jets, also known as laminar flow jets, or even jumping jets, are fountain head nozzles designed to provide continuous, clear jets of arcing water. Originally invented in the United States, these nozzles work by straightening turbulent water molecules to create a glassy, clear effect.

Laminar jets operate at low velocity and use technology that straightens the flow of the water. This technology provides the classic, “laminar”, appearance. This appearance is unique to laminar jets. Jets operating without laminar technology would provide choppy, rough flows akin to a garden hose under pressure.

This smooth and uninterrupted flow allows for these jets to operate far more quietly than other water features such as waterfalls or circulating fountains. For those who want the appeal and grandeur of moving water in their space, but find a constant sound of falling water to be irritating, laminar jets can provide the best of both worlds.

This style of pool jet is most typically seen in use in large resort pools or water shows. These jets of water are designed to arc over pools and fountains. Used on a large scale, laminar jets can be huge and powerful. Often they are part of grand, timed displays of jumping water for resorts, casinos, and theme parks. In recent years, however, laminar jets have been making their entrance into the backyard living scene on a more refined scale.

Laminar Jets For Backyard Pools & Spas

Incorporating the fun and visual interest of laminar jets into your backyard pool or spa is less complex than you may think. Laminar jets designed for backyard use are predictably scaled down from their showy Vegas counterparts. Backyard features often arc roughly 7 to 8 feet into the air before landing on the surface of your pool or spa. Forward projection is typically 7 to 8 feet.

The fountain nozzles for these jets can be designed by your contractor to originate from your pool deck or hardscaping. Some designers may even choose to hide the nozzles. Designers will often incorporate them into the surrounding landscape design. Though the process may sound straightforward, it’s important to hire a contractor or pool professional that you trust. Incorrect installation can result in choppy or dysfunctional jets.

When done right, laminar jets can be almost invisible in your space until they are turned on. This allows you to enjoy the effects when you want to, but set and forget them when not in use. Unlike waterfalls, very little adjustment to the layout of your space is needed. This means construction is typically less invasive.

Add LED Lighting

In addition to water movement, a trademark of this type of pool jet is their versatility in offering homeowners additional lighting elements to their backyard space. Creating visual interest in your backyard after the sun goes down is largely dependent on how well your space is lit. Laminar jets allow you to create colorful lighting designs that not only create amazing ambience, but allow your pool to remain functional during nighttime hours.

These displays integrate LED lighting into the nozzles to create illuminated, glassy streams of light. Those looking for something unique can opt for color changing bulbs. These bulbs create rods of neon color extending over the length of the pool. This will disperse colored light that streams directly through the fountain jet, and then scatters beautifully over the surface of the pool as well.

This set up allows homeowners to get two outdoor design elements combined into one minimally invasive installation. LED lighting for this feature is highly customizable. Set color changing tables to a timer for your own backyard light show, or choose white light for an understated and elegant effect. All of this lighting can be controlled from panels included with the installation.

Price Point and Installation

Laminar jets range in price according to the number of jets you’d like installed, and the quality of the product. Originally designed as luxury-geared additions, the cost of installing these jets is often not cheap. For premium quality products, homeowners may be looking at a valuation that averages to roughly 1k per jet. However, for those looking to create tiered visual interest that adds to both daytime and evening ambience, they can be well worth their price tag.

Depending on the number of jets required, installing these nozzles can be a more affordable approach to elevating a water feature. This is especially true when comparing this feature to other additions. Waterfalls or fountains often require breaking significant ground and may compromise your existing pool or spa layout. Laminar jets, on the other hand, can be customized to fit your existing space without significant disruption. The addition of two or three laminar jets may total under 3k. In comparison, a full waterfall installation can be more costly and take longer to complete.


Compared to other water features, maintenance of laminar jets is almost nonexistant. Waterfalls and fountains will require regular cleaning, upkeep, and changes to filters and lining. Jets are largely hands off. If installed by trusted professionals, they can provide uninterrupted function for years with very little interruption.

Repair and replacement of laminar jets is a more approachable project, as each unit functions independently. If one breaks, it can simply be assessed and repaired or replaced without interrupting the use of other jets. This makes laminar jets a largely one-time expense when compared to other water features for pools and spas.

If you’re looking to take your pool or spa space to the next level with a feature that is highly customizable and more unique than other design options on the market, laminar jets may be the right fit for your backyard.

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