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Inspiring Landscape Design Projects from Mike Pyle

From designing incredible outdoor spaces and his own line of custom fire pits to starring in a brand new HGTV television show, Mike Pyle is an industry force to be reckoned with. Working as a a landscape designer and consultant based out of Orange County, CA, he is the mind behind breathtaking backyards ranging from small, intimate spaces to modern, sprawling outdoor escapes.

Despite his wide range of projects, you can see Pyle's signature time and care in all of his designs. Today, we thought we would slow down and take a look at some of the timeless landscape design projects that continue to make Mike Pyle one of the industry's most sought after design minds.

At the end of the day, your outdoor living space should be a reflection of your day to day life. Mike Pyle knows that life doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Above, you can see an example of how Pyle uses smart design choices to create a cozy, functional space even after the sun has set.

Outdoor lighting is critical to both the functionality and ambience of a space. In the landscape design project above, Pyle has employed a blend of lighting styles to create a warm fluidity throughout the backyard. From twinkling string light along a warm wood fence, to practical spotlighting at the bar and outdoor dining area, each lighting activation serves a distinct purpose. The finished effect is a backyard that draws you in well after the day has come to an end.

Hardscaping is one of the most basic pillars of landscape design. However, not all hardscaping is created equal. Done right, it goes beyond basic functionality and can offer striking design impact to an outdoor living space. above, you can see how Pyle elevates simple concrete paving to create a striking and inviting outdoor living space.

Surrounding a custom fire pit feature, geometric concrete pavers are bisected by organic lines of grass and stone. Slotted together, they create a large and functional concrete patio space the extends from an outdoor bar and kitchen to a seating area around a flickering outdoor fire pit. Finishing the space is a warm wood privacy wall that compliments the wood accents on both the custom fire pit and the outdoor bar.

Mike Pyle's talent extends beyond hardscaping to encompass a wholistic approach to planting as well. With a skill for blending color and texture with native plantings, Pyle creates landscapes that are both sustainable and beautiful in equal parts. Above, you see how flowering plants and grasses create organic lines, color, and texture that soften the modern architecture of the client's home and concrete hardscaping. Targeting spotlights showcase the property's trees while lighting the perimeter of the yard.

In his landscape design projects, Mike Pyle's attention to detail stands out. Take the space above. A custom pergola casts shade over a modern outdoor seating area. The custom, square fire pit makes the most of the space while creating a central covered living space for homeowners and guests to gather all year round. The wood finish on the fire pit ties into the wood paneled accent wall at the perimeter of the space, and is echoed in the custom finishing on the yard's outdoor kitchen and grill.

Finishing the space is custom outdoor lighting that not only increases visibility, but highlights the lush bird of paradise plants along the privacy wall. Setting the covered living space apart from the rest of the project are pebbles that create organic texture and contrast against the clean concrete patio space.

A custom pool can be hard to get right. Inexperienced designers sometimes create beautiful pools, only to realize that they are at odds with the rest of the space. Mike Pyle is able to seamlessly blend pools, spas, and other water features into his outdoor designs to create spaces that feel both distinct and harmonious. Above, you see a custom modern pool that is complements the rest of the space with concrete coping and a modern tanning deck.

Running parallell to the pool is more outdoor seating and living space, including a customfire pit, outdoor kitchen and dining area, and more. From custom lighting, to expertly blended materials, the finished effect is a functional space that has something for every member of the family, and is a shining example of the innovative design that has earned Mike Pyle his place among the best landscape designers in the business.

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