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Building a Backyard Basketball Half Court

Ball is life! If your love for the game grows stronger all the time, why not bring the basketball court to your own backyard? For decades, people have assumed that backyard basketball courts are reserved for estates and mansions. But nowadays, that doesn’t have to be the case. Building a backyard basketball half court is an attainable outdoor living project that brings recreation to you.

Great for kids, families, and ultimately providing hours of entertainment value, the case for the backyard basketball half court is compelling. From the benefits to frequently asked questions, here’s everything you need to know about installing a court in your own backyard:

Benefits to Building a Backyard Basketball Half Court

Great Alternative to Traditional Hardscaping

The idea of adding hardscaping to your backyard living space is a good one. Not only does it create visual interest and segment the space, but more permeable or draining hardscaping can reduce water consumption in yards. After all, the less lawn you have, the less you will need to water it.

But if you have kids, then then a fancy auxiliary patio might not seem like the most functional use of your space. Instead, a backyard basketball half court can be a great alternate option. Not only will it come with a similar or lesser price tag, but it can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Promotes Healthy Activity

If you have trouble dragging yourself to the gym, you aren’t alone. The trip from your own house across town to the public gym can be frustrating. If your family also lives a distance away from the nearest park, then at-home recreation space is invaluable for both you and your kids.

A backyard basketball court offers at home recreation space not only for you to shoot hoops, but also to do other activities. Jump roping, four square, HITT workouts–having private space in your backyard to get your sweat on is a big perk.


As we just mentioned, backyard basketball courts aren’t limited just to playing basketball. Participate in other physical activities, or use the space as something completely different. Extra backyard seating, picnicking, and tables and chairs are all easily assembled on top of a backyard court.

It Costs Less Than You Think

As outdoor living projects go, pouring a basic backyard basketball court isn’t the most expensive thing you can do. Generally speaking, you will spend far less installing a half court than you would installing something like an inground swimming pool.

While the type of materials, size, features, and design will all impact final costs, you are likely to spend right around $11,000 for a basic backyard basketball court. When you think about the years you and your family will spend enjoying the court, the investment might be worth the money. That brings us to our next point…

Good for Resale

Outdoor living spaces matter a lot when it’s time to resell your home. While your mind might go immediately to upgrading with features like swimming pools and fireplaces, something as straightforward as a basketball court can have big appeal when reselling a family home.

Not commonly seen, families who are sports fans or who have kids learning to play will love the idea of such an easily accessible rec area. And if they do not, basketball courts are easier to remove than other outdoor living renovations, making them less of a deterrent or maintenance hazard than pools or water features.

Flooring for an Outdoor Basketball Court

All this talk about the benefits of hardscaping by adding a backyard court, but what is that basketball court actually made of?

Typically, at home basketball courts are made of one of three materials:

  1. Concrete

  2. Asphalt

  3. Compacted Stone

All of these options come at different price points and have their benefits and drawbacks. Talk to your contractor to find out what flooring makes the most sense for your backyard half court. In general, pavers and stamped concrete are not good options for basketball courts, as their joints and uneven surface make dribbling and running more challenging.

Backyard Basketball Court Size

We’ve talked a lot about backyard basketball half courts, but how big is that exactly? To maintain a full range of the three-point shoot line, you will need to make your court a minimum of 45’ wide. However, courts can be smaller or larger depending on your needs and preferences.

Can you DIY a backyard basketball court?

Yes, you can DIY a backyard basketball court, but it will take some skill and know-how. You will likely need to flatten your space, and pour, smooth, and set concrete or your material of choice. Beyond this, you will need to install the actual basketball hoop and paint the appropriate lines. While this is all well within the realm of possibility, it is easier to contact a professional to help you out. 

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