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Best Poolside Chaise Lounge —Best Pool Furniture 2022

Sleek, Modern Poolside Chaise Lounges

If you don’t use your pool furniture all that often, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that you care more about the look of your pool furniture than the true comfort. Afterall, while tanning is about relaxation, you’re probably not aiming to curl up and take a nap in your chaise lounge.

Here are some style-forward picks for those on the hunt for modern minded outdoor pool furniture.

Looking for your pool chaise lounge to make a style statement? The cool, structural lines of this chaise are distinctive enough to add an artistic pop to any backyard. The welded, powder coated steel of this piece means your investment will last you years. Find the Palissades chair online starting at just under $800.

Crate and Barrel has been a go-to source for indoor and outdoor furniture picks for years. This Lanai Aqua Mesh model features a minimalistic, sleek design that is perfect for refined outdoor living spaces. This mesh seating is pulled across a durable aluminum frame, and will hold up against rain or shine.

This model comes in two colors. Choose a striking bright blue, or go with a classic, neutral charcoal gray. Available on Crate and Barrel starting at $499.

Most Comfortable Poolside Chaise Lounges

In direct contrast to our last two picks, these next few selections put comfort first. Featuring adjustable reclining positions, cushiony pillows, and fewer hard edges, these pool chairs are perfect for tanning or an accidental nap in the summer sunshine.

Feel like one of the cool kids—one of the comfortable cool kids, that is. The Riviera Outdoor Chaise Lounge by Urban Outfitters features a fully cushioned structure in a classic striped print. The fabric brings a breath of color and life to any outdoor space, all while providing enough support to keep you comfortable poolside or on your patio.

The price of this piece is also attractive when compared with others on the list. THis model can be yours starting at $400.

Galpin Whisper Gray Lounger by Article

If you’re looking for a chaise lounge that’s more cushion than chair, look no further than the Galpin model by Article. This poolside chaise is more similar to your standard bean bag than your hard reclining poolside furniture. Like a beanbag, the chais is filled with polyester beads. While getting it damp won’t ruin it, we advise strongly against submerging the chair or leaving it in the rain uncovered. Comfort doesn’t come cheap with this chaise lounge. You can grab your own over on Article for around $700.

Who says that you have to go solo when relaxing poolside? We think anything worth doing is worth doing with a friend. This double reclining lounge chair allows you and your guest of choice to relax in complete comfort.

The breathable fabric and cushions will keep you cool and comfortable, while the adjusted sun shade will keep the summer rays out of your face. The best part? You don’t have to trade comfort for style. The sleek design of this double chair can be yours on Wayfair starting at $700.

In Pool Chaise Lounges

Take your lounging into the pool this summer. For our readers with baja shelves or pool stairs, getting your toes wet while getting comfortable is not possible. In-pool furniture has been growing in popularity in recent years, and several brands are getting in on the action.

We’ve talked about the Ledge Lounger Signature Chaise a few times on this blog. This brand led the charge for in-pool furniture, and most models copy their now iconic chaise shape. Just as iconic as the design is the price, which is notoriously high.

Still, many find the investment worth the money. These chairs are durable, UV-resistant, and fit almost any modern layout. They come in a wide variety of colors, and can be purchased at the Ledge Lounger website for $699 per unit.

Another reappearing product on this blog is the Aqua Chair. The direct competitor to the former product, the Aqua Chair is similar to the signature chaise from Ledge Lounger in most ways. From its materiality to its overall look, a lot of customers will find what they are looking for in an in-pool chaise lounge in this product.

The main difference? The price. While the color selection is reduced and Aqua Outdoors has fewer years under its belt as a company, an Aqua Chair will run you significantly less per unit than their competitors. Shop starting at $550 on the Aqua Outdoor website.

Wicker, Bamboo, or Wooden Chaise Lounges

If you’re looking to mix up the standard steel or plastic blend, it’s worth looking into a poolside chaise lounge in a more natural finish. Rattan has been trendy in the last few years both in indoor furniture and outdoor sets.

Wicker, cane, and rattan all give a similar beachy, boho feel, and are great choices. Other natural finishes like wood can play up other natural elements of your outdoor design, and tie in seamlessly with hardwood decks or pergola accents. Here are a few of our favorite wicker and wood picks.

Pop on over to Amazon to check out this beautiful, natural wood chaise lounge, starting at $170. Made of acacia wood, the tone of this chair compliments a wide range of outdoor spaces. Wide slats offer comfort while allowing air circulation, and reviewers rate the sturdiness highly on this piece. The best part? This chaise lounge comes fully assembled so you can skip right to relaxing.

Quality wicker furniture can cost you a pretty penny, but sometimes the investment is worth it. This piece, being sold on Frontgate for over a thousand dollars, will cost you a pretty penny. But what you get in return is a timeless, gorgeous poolside chaise lounge that your family will love and your guests will envy. The all-weather wicker is woven over an incredibly durable aluminum frame. Meaning, unlike many cane pieces, this natural wicker beauty will last you years if well taken care of.

If you love an organic, bamboo look but aren’t willing to spend thousands, there are still plenty of options on the market. The Bayou Breeze Bamboo Chaise is available on Wayfair for $550, and is a gorgeous, sleek option for homeowners who want to incorporate more natural finishes in their outdoor space. The bamboo finish claims to be weather resistant year round, and claims to be incredibly durable while remaining lightweight and portable.

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