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Best Outdoor Furniture Cushions

As the old saying goes, “comfort is key.” You wouldn’t settle for uncomfortable couch cushions in your own living room, so why be uncomfortable on your outdoor furniture? Whether you have a set of less than cozy wicker chairs, or a wooden patio sofa you’re trying to curl up in this summer, great outdoor furniture cushions and pillows are an essential part of your outdoor living space.

There are a lot of options on the market, but how do you know which outdoor furniture cushions are right for your outdoor furniture set? Specifically designed to endure through all kinds of weather, pets, kids, and wear and tear, the best outdoor cushions are ones that serve both style and function.

From removable cushion covers to finding the right fill material, here are our contenders for the best outdoor furniture cushions.

The Best Outdoor Cushions

Let’s start simple. If you’re looking to add support and comfort to both your indoor and outdoor furniture, these tufted Pillow Perfect cushions are ready for the job. Filled with 100 percent recycled polyester fiberfill, they’re soft enough to snuggle up to, and firm enough to offer a good buffer against the arms of chairs or couches.

These pillows are perfect for homeowners looking to add a splash of vibrant color to their outdoor living space or seating area. The fabric is made of a durable, water and fade resistant polyester. Their larger size (19 by 19 inches), make them great for larger chairs and couches. However, they might feel too oversized on outdoor dining chairs or smaller benches.

These cushions feature tie attachments, so while they aren’t going to blow away, you may be wiggling a bit in your seat. These Pillow Perfect cushions are great for color lovers, but provide limited options for those of you looking for a more neutral effect.

Pivoting to a pricier option we have the Deep Seating Chair Cushion by Quality Outdoor Living. This option offers comfort and support to larger outdoor patio and dining chairs. They measure at 26 inches from front to back, and include 4 inch-thick seat cushions. The fill on these is made from a polyurethane foam on the seat, and a synthetic stuffed backing. 

In terms of fabric, this option offers great fade and wear resistance. Olefin fabric is UV and water resistant. To clean, remove the seat’s foam insert and wash with soap and water. This cushion is more expensive than other picks on this list, available for almost $100 a cushion. However, reviewers love the comfort, durability, and wide neutral and bright color range available from the brand.

Fell in love with the structure of a chaise, only to realize that natural bamboo or wrought iron isn’t exactly the ideal surface for sunbathing? We have have you covered. This Montlake Outdoor Chaise Cushion is loved by customers, boasting an average of 4.7 stars from over 1,000 reviewers. Unlike some other cushions, this model is available in three different sizes and 10 different colors. Small and large chaises like can get a comfort boost from the high-density foam cushioning. To clean, simply remove the internal foam pad and wash with soap and water.

This cushion sports a solution-dyed exterior fabric that is weather resistant and fade-proof, making it perfect for lounging on the deck or by the pool. Attach with adjustable belting and clasping straps for extra security.

If you have a lot of outdoor furniture or are looking to update an entire outdoor set, then buying cushions one at a time isn’t exactly economical. Here’s a great option for buyers looking to cover a lot of ground in one purchase. This 11 piece outdoor cushion set by Baner Garden is sleek and simple. Featuring both seating and lumbar support pillows, this cushion set comes in a few neutrals and brighter colorways.

Seat cushioning is made up of a poly-fiber wrapped foam fill, and is a comfortable 4 inch thickness. 100% linen covers zip on and off and keep you cool and comfortable during hot summer months. To wash, simply remove the seat cushions.

This set comes with 5 seat cushions, 5 back cushions, and 1 additional small backing cushion, making it a more economical choice for some buyers.

Color, comfort, and eco-conscious design merge in this option designed by Wade Logan. Made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled water bottles and upholstered in water-resistant polyester, these cushions are kind to your back and the planet. Select from five beautiful colors to add a little bit of life into an otherwise neutral outdoor seating area.

These cushions attach with ties and are reversible. The synthetic fabric makes these cushions fade and weather resistant. However, unlike the above options, the color is not removable. This means cleaning is limited to spot and hand cleaning, which can be difficult for families with kids and pets.

Not everybody is looking for large-scale cushions. If you only have a few small chairs, or are just looking to add some style or comfort to your outdoor dining area, small seat cushions may be more than enough. These Greendale Home Fashions cushions feature a vibrant floral patterns and organic round shape. At 15 by 15 inches, they are made from recycled materials and heavy duty outdoor polyester fabric.

The cushions are stuffed with a soft, recycled poly fiberfill and tacked in the center. Attach to chairs with string ties and spot clean by hand with mild soap and warm water.

What to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Cushions


Before you ever begin your search for patio furniture, it’s important to have your measurements ready. Take the length and width of your seat and seat back. Then, use these measurements to narrow down your shopping list. Also pay attention to the thickness of the cushions. Deeper cushions will give a softer, cozier feel, while thinner or firmer cushions can offer a comfortable buffer while allowing for more stability or support.

Cushion and Cover Material

There are a range of materials commonly used on outdoor couch cushions. Each has their benefits and drawbacks. No one material is perfect for every family or lifestyle, so take your own home and family into account when making your choice. Common materials include:

  1. Polyester

  2. Vinyl

  3. Textilene

  4. Sunbrella

  5. Polypropylene

  6. Cotton Canvas


The filling of your outdoor cushions determine their level of support, comfort, and durability. The most common fills are polyester and foam. Polyester is softer, but tends to flatten over time. Foam comes in varying densities, and is less likely to flatten with use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

We’re guessing you don’t want to spend money year over year to replace outdoor cushions that have flattened out or molded in a year's time. This is why durability and ease of maintenance is key when it comes to finding the right cushions or covers for your family. The best way to maintain your cushions is to wash them when needed. The easier the cushions are to clean, the more likely you are to do it.

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