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Aqua Chair by Aqua Outdoors vs Ledge Lounger

Winter is taking its sweet time wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking forward to the long, sunny days of summer. And what better time to start preparing for summer weather (pool weather!) than with some brand new in-pool furniture. You may remember last year we talked at length about the luxury in pool furniture brand Ledge Lounger and its possible alternatives. There are a few on the market worth looking at, but none more popular than the Aqua Chair by Aqua Outdoors.

There are a lot of reasons people are interested in Aqua Outdoors furniture. Namely, it is more affordable than other comparable options on the market. But for those of us who are interested in both a bit of bargain and quality, here is the rundown on these pool shelf favorites.

What is the Aqua Chair by Aqua Outdoors?

If you haven’t caught on, the Aqua Chair, and Aqua Outdoors brand is a line of pool furniture that is designed to live inside your pool. Perfect for those homeowners who have a pool shelf, also known as a baja shelf or sun shelf, in pool furniture allows you to relax on furniture without getting out of the water.

On face value, this might not seem like a groundbreaking development. Couldn’t you just throw a plastic beach chair in there and call it a day? Well, we guess you technically could. But a lot of people value the durability and the aesthetic of their space. Many are looking for a long-term solution. If that's the case, then chaise furniture for your tanning ledge is a must for a lot of people.

The Aqua Chair is a standard chaise design. White with long lines, it looks an awful lot like its main competitor. Aqua Outdoors claims their products accommodate all shapes and sizes, and are resistant to sun, water, wind, and more. To place in your pool, simply fill with water and set it in place.

What is the Ledge Lounger?

If you haven’t read our previous article, there’s a chance you’re a bit lost at this point. Let us catch you up to speed. Ledge Lounger is best known for their luxury in-pool furniture. A single chaise lounge from the brand will run you nearly $700 dollars, and prices can reach well over $1,000 for certain items from the brand.

Many have lamented that it often feels as though the business has cornered the market. Many people aren’t thrilled about the idea of shelling out an arm and a leg to lay out in their pool. This is why alternatives like the Aqua Chair and the Aqua Outdoors brand are significant.

What is the difference between the two products?

So, what exactly are the main differences between a chaise from Aqua Outdoors and a chaise from Ledge Loungers? There are a few main points.


The most important difference between the two brands is their price points. While a classic Ledge Lounger chaise will run you about $700, Aqua Outdoors provides a savings of nearly $150. On a single chair, this might not be enough to convince you. But if you’re buying multiples, this can begin to add up quickly. The Aqua Outdoors website pointedly references their aim to provide high quality products at a “more affordable price”. While $550 isn’t exactly bargain bin status, it’s up to you to decide if the savings are worth it.

Color & Style

While both brand’s classic chaise loungers are strikingly similar (see earlier photos), they diverge when it comes to customization. There is a notable difference between the two are the color and style options available. The Aqua Chair offers customers a single, classic style that is pretty close to the Ledge Lounger design and comes in five, mostly neutral color ways.

Ledge Lounger, on the other hand, comes out far ahead when looking at variety. You can get a LL chaise in twelve different colors, including a good balance of neutrals and bright colors, like the lime green in the photo above. So if you’re looking for something a little bit out of the box, this might be a deal breaker.


If you’re wondering, “how does the Aqua Chair quality stack up?”, we are in the same boat. The general online consensus seems to be that they are good quality for the money, and comparable to their pricier alternatives. Of course, the website features only five star reviews. If you’re a regular to the blog, you’ll know we don’t encourage readers to put too much stock in website sponsored reviews, as it’s impossible to know how they are filtered, approved, or even whether or not they are fabricated entirely.

At the end of the day, Aqua Chair reviews do seem to be largely positive and consistent across several platforms. So if you are looking for an upscale alternative and want to save a little bit of money, we are giving you the green light to go ahead and try it out.

Does Aqua Outdoors sell anything else?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for much more than a good in-pool lounger, you’re probably going to need to look elsewhere. Currently, the company’s line includes only their classic chair design, a small, cooler-style table, and some small accessories like a pool umbrella, pillow, and riser to elevate your chair. As we mentioned, this is another main drawback between Aqua Outdoors and its main competition. While Ledge Lounger offers an extensive and seemingly unlimited range of pieces and styles, the Aqua Outdoors line is limited. Still, if you are simply looking for a great, affordable chair alternative, this could be a perfect place to start.

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