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6 Places To Buy Outdoor Cooking Utensils

As summer heats up, so do our outdoor kitchens. Whether you’re determined to master the perfect ribeye, or are looking to throw a few veggie burgers on the grill, every outdoor cook has one thing in common--they need the right tools for the job! So where do you go to buy your next set of outdoor cooking utensils or accessories?

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite places to find great tools for your outdoor kitchen. From tongs and thermometers, to protective gloves and spatula sets, here’s where to head to find everything you need for your next backyard barbecue.

Starting out our list is Nordic Ware. In business since 1946, Nordic Ware is based out of Minneapolis. They offer a range of high quality cooking wares for both indoor and outdoor purposes. While their online offerings are not as extensive as their store stock, you can still find much of what you’re looking for online.

Nordic Ware’s outdoor cooking gear features baskets, tools such as tongs, and fun items like taco holders and tortilla bowl makers. Prices are middle of the road, with products such as a two pack of aluminium serving trays going for $20.

Nordic Ware offers more than just outdoor cooking accessories and utensils. They also sell a few cooking apparatus such as personalized kettle smokers. If you’re not close to a brick and mortar location, they have purchase available from their online shop, as well as from convenience retailers such as Amazon.

2. Misto

While some may not consider this a grilling utensil, creating a nonstick surface on your grill is very important. Not only does this prevent food from sticking, but it makes cleanup easier as well. Many traditional non-stick sprays may have a chemical quality or flavor. Not all may be compatible with your grill.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than straight up oil. Misto allows you to fill their canister with the cooking oil of your choosing, and spray down your surface. This gives you greater flexibility and is also eco friendly. Instead of purchasing a rotation of aerosol cooking sprays, keep one and refill as necessary.

The Misto can be sprayed on grills, pans, or even directly on food before it is placed in a shaker basic or a skewer. While this may not be the most exciting product on our list, it is bound to become a staple in your outdoor kitchen. Mistos can be purchased online on Amazon, as well as in a variety of big box stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.

Safety is an essential part of grilling. Whether you’re using propane or charcoal, proximity to heat means a possibility for accidents. The best way to avoid accidents such as burns is to take measures to prevent them entirely. 

Grill Armor is a brand that exclusively sells heat resistant grill and oven gloves. Where oven mitts can decrease dexterity, the glove design allows you full use of all of your finger. This makes handling sheet pans and items such as skewers far easier.

The brand boasts that their gloves are heat resistant up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that whether you’re pulling a pizza out of your outdoor pizza oven, or flipping a charbroiled steak, you’re safe.

Grill Armor products can be purchased directly from their site. The brand offers both the classic, and waterproof iterations of their gloves. 

If you’ve spent any time cooking, you’ve likely heard of Cuisinart. A juggernaut brand in the world of kitchen appliances and outdoor cooking utensils, the brand also sells a great range of outdoor cooking equipment. From full on smokers, to grill cleaners, baskets, and pizza peelers, if you can dream it, you can buy it from Cuisinart.

While variety doesn’t always guarantee quality, Cuisinart is well regarded by outdoor and indoor kitchen enthusiasts alike. Their products are widely available on both their website and in many local stores.

Standout products for your outdoor kitchen include their 3 Piece Grilling Set and the TriTip Grilling Set. Both offer great value for money and have garnered great reviews. For those looking to do more with fewer tools, Cuisinart offers a large range of multipurpose solutions.

Perfect for novices and professionals alike, this brand is easy to buy, and has a dedicated base of satisfied customers.

Dedicated grillers know the importance of an accurate temperature reading. Not only does temperature maintenance result in great food, but it keeps you and your family safe as well. Undercooked meat, especially chicken and fish, can contain harmful bacteria. The last thing you want to do is send guests home from your barbecue with food poisoning.

However, not all food thermometers were created equal. Faulty readings, poor durability, and bad battery life can render your thermometer useless. ThermoPro is a brand dedicated to selling reliable food thermometers.

ThermoPro has a range of dedicated thermometers available for purchase. Those with a penchant for smoking will appreciate their dedicated long-range Smoker Thermometer. For grillmasters looking for a great, all-around option, their Bluetooth Meat Thermometer sells for 60 dollars, and boasts nearly 5 stars with over 300 reviews. With a range of up to 495 feet, you can leave your meat to cook outside while you tend to other dishes indoors.

ThermoPro offers customers a three year warranty, and is known for their reliability. While you may be able to find ThermoPro products in grill shops near you, online purchase through Amazon or their dedicated website is a simple way to find what you’re looking for. 

6. Weber

We’re rounding out our list with a brand synonymous with outdoor kitchens. Weber has been manufacturing grills, smokers, and other outdoor BBQ equipment since 1952. Regarded by many as a mainstay in outdoor kitchens, it only makes sense that their product range extends to accessories and utensils as well.

Unlike many, more niche competitors, buying from Weber comes with a variety of perks. Not only is their stock incredibly large, but it is well trafficked. This means you have the benefit of browsing reviews in much the same way you would on sites such as Amazon. With hundreds of items of feedback on many items, your chances of risking your money on a dud product are slim.

Whether you’re looking for an apron, a rotisserie, or a great pair of tongs and spatula, it’s available straight from the Weber site. Prices range from high end to more accessible. Most utensils and accessories fall between $15 for small tools, to well over $100 for premium grates and griddles.

Overall, the quality and accessibility of Weber products is a winner in our book. If you’re hunting for a niche tool and have been unable to find it in stores near you, perusing the Weber website could bring you one step closer to your perfect outdoor cooking utensils. 

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