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Molly owns Spell Garden Design, and is a VSLD certified landscape designer committed to blending sustainability and functionality within her design.



About this Designer

Molly is a garden designer and horticulturist known for her thoughtful approach to curating plant communities. With a keen understanding of her clients’ gardening abilities and budgets, Molly creates gardens that beautifully blend sustainability and functionality. Each garden plan she develops focuses on selecting plants that work harmoniously to enrich the space. Having spent a decade maintaining gardens, Molly has honed her hands-on approach to plant selection, ensuring optimal growth and health. She enjoys teaching about plant care, empowering others to recognize the signs of distress and take proactive measures for healthy gardens. She offers tailored solutions to help maintain plants successfully. After graduating with a fine arts degree, Molly became interested in gardening and pursued horticulture and landscape design education, leading her to start Spell Garden Design. Currently residing in Virginia with her husband and two boys, she brings her knowledge and artistic vision to transform garden spaces and to guide others in creating sustainable and stunning gardens.

1:1  Virtual Video Consultation

with Molly Spell

Molly can't wait to connect with you over video and discuss your project. She can support and guide your design decisions and direction, and answer all of your questions!
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1 hr


Private Consultation

Areas of Expertise 

Plant selection and placement


Outdoor Living

Diagnosing and treating plant ailments

Pruning techniques

Maintenance recommendations

Edible gardens

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Client Experience with Molly

“Molly ensures that she knows both her clients’ taste/ style and their individual garden needs. Her research on plant varieties is impeccable. I appreciate how she includes native plants and pollinators in creating her landscape designs.” – Leigh F

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Frequently Asked Client Questions

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