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Mike Pyle has spent over 20 years working in the landscaping industry in southern California. Today, he owns his own design firm, and co-hosts HGTV’s Inside Out.



About this Designer

Mike Pyle has been in the landscape industry for over 20 years. Specializing in all areas of landscape from design to construction, to outdoor furnishings and firepits. Mike spent many years in Palm Springs, Ca. running his own landscape construction company gaining hands-on experience of the necessary elements to build a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Now residing in Orange County, Ca., Mike owns a Landscape Design firm managing his team of designers and projects all across the US. Gathering knowledge from a variety of climates has allowed Mike to create a very unique and drought tolerant landscape aesthetic for his clients. For the past two years, Mike has co-hosted HGTV's Inside Out where he works with clients on their home renovations, balancing their priorities and budgets to create a stunning space.

1:1  Virtual Video Consultation

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Mike can't wait to connect with you over video and discuss your project. He can support and guide your design decisions and direction, and answer all of your questions!
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Client Experience with Mike

"Mike Pyle is an ideal partner. Not only are his designs amazing, but he also incorporated all of our needs and requests on our entire construction project, he was the only sub to be on schedule, and was flexible when other subs delayed his part. Without compromising creativity, Mike saved us money by planting intelligently and being resourceful. We are thankful for everything he contributed and can't wait to work with him again."

-Kim Castellano

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Book Your Video Chat with Mike Pyle today.

Frequently Asked Client Questions

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