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Matt Hiner is the founder and CEO of Hiner Outdoor Living, a multi-million dollar design/build firm in Colorado Springs.



About this Designer

Matt Hiner is the founder and CEO of Hiner Outdoor Living, a multi-million dollar Design/Build in Colorado Springs. Matt is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and designer. His company is internationally recognized with multiple awards and magazine features. He’s done work for high-profile clients like Logan Paul and the world-renowned Denver Botanic Gardens. Matt is an expert at leveraging social media presence to attract quality clients and create unique opportunities. This process has led to rewarding experiences like being flown to the United Kingdom to film a landscape design competition show. Matt has been a Social Media influencer with major brands including John Deere. In addition, Matt hosts the Yardist podcast, co-produces his YouTube series, Hiner Outdoor Living, and publicly speaks to contractors across the nation. Matt was also the youngest President to serve the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado back in 2018 and is a current board member of Goodwill of Colorado.

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Matt can't wait to connect with you over video and discuss your project. He can support and guide your design decisions and direction, and answer all of your questions!
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Areas of Expertise 

Natural Water Features


Outdoor Kitchens

Fire Features

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Client Experience with Matt

“As an architect, design and integration of landscape with the structure it surrounds is very important. Hiner Landscapes is outstanding in accomplishing this. Their design, execution and professionalism throughout the progression of a project is also excellent. Particularly in the area of creation of a water feature. Matt has a zen-like gift for creating water features that are truly natural and restful. Matt and his team have assisted me in both personal projects and projects for my clients. Both me and them are very satisfied with Hiner’s work and price.” -Ron Conder -

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Book Your Video Chat with Matt Hiner today.

Frequently Asked Client Questions

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