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Laura Osteen owns Secret Garden Landscapes in San Francisco, California. Her work champions sustainability, and integration with local ecosystems.



About this Designer

Landscape designer, Laura Osteen, has nurtured her profound connection with the great outdoors since a young age. Growing up amid the captivating landscapes of the San Francisco East Bay, her childhood was marked by hours spent in gardens, hands buried in the earth, planting vibrant flowers, and exploratory hikes through the picturesque hills. This early immersion in nature instilled in her a deep appreciation and understanding of the natural world that surrounds us every day. What sets Laura apart in her field is her background in environmental science/engineering, which serves as the foundation for her landscape designs. Her creations not only exude aesthetic beauty but also champion sustainability, water efficiency, and harmonious integration with the local ecosystem. Clients often find themselves pleasantly surprised by the vibrancy and allure of their completed gardens. Laura's design philosophy is deeply client-centric, emphasizing collaboration to ensure that each garden reflects the individual's style and personal connection with nature. This personalized approach ensures that each garden is a reflection of the client's preferences and serves as a meaningful space for them to connect with the outdoors. Beyond her profession, Laura revels in outdoor adventures with her husband and three children, aged 11, 14, and 16.

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Laura can't wait to connect with you over video and discuss your project. She can support and guide your design decisions and direction, and answer all of your questions!
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Hardscape Selection

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Client Experience with Laura

“Laura created a custom design for my backyard recently and I couldn't be happier. She came up with multiple concepts after interviewing me about what I envisioned for my yard. Her turnaround time was quick and she had no problems editing based on feedback I provided. Her ideas were creative and the final product she provided was clear and easy to follow.” – M.E.

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Book Your Video Chat with Laura Osteen today.

Frequently Asked Client Questions

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